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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/24/01
University of Buffalo Center for the Arts, Amherst, NY
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1shn-md5 , d2shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary shn; Schoeps CCM4V (ORTF)-> V2-> A/D 1000-> PCM-M1->Delta Dio 2496-> Samplitude Project v 5.5-> Mkw Act-> Shn-> Uploaded to Mike BB-> Mkw Act-> Wav-> Cd Wave-> Mkw Act-> Shn; Taped by Paul DeLima; Mastered by Andy Gonzalez; Tracked & Shortened by Mike BB 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
University of Buffalo Center for the Arts – Amherst, NY
October 24, 2001

Source: Schoeps CCM4V (ORTF)->V2->A/D 1000->PCM-M1->Delta Dio 2496->
Samplitude Project v 5.5->Mkw Act->Shn->Uploaded to Mike BB->
Mkw Act->Wav->Cd Wave->Mkw Act->Shn

Taped by Paul DeLima
Mastered by Andy Gonzalez
Tracked & Shortened by Mike BB

Disc One – Set One
1- Improv > Improv [@4:47] > Improv [@9:57] >
2- Start/Stop > Drum Solo [@11:45] >
3- Hey Hee Hi Ho >
4- Think > Buster Rides Again [@6:55] > Think [@8:52] >
5- Philly Cheese Blunt
6- Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus

Disc Two – Set Two
1- Fire >
2- Smoke >
3- Big Time > Bass Solo [@9:07] >
4- Shacklyn Knights > Drum Solo [@7:04] >
5- The Dropper >
6- Dracula >
7- The Lover >
8- Note Bleu >
9- Blue Pepper
10- Chubb Sub
Show Checksums
0d4f573d4fe09c3c04df25184400dca0 *mmw2001-10-24d01t01.shn
f160daebe5f4e61bc8efa220df69f93f *mmw2001-10-24d01t02.shn
88ef8d5317d23b38ce887d954d60c233 *mmw2001-10-24d01t03.shn
b6d7c08554e77e86d0b72c7e7f6b64b0 *mmw2001-10-24d01t04.shn
60a9eb8a218292b8f8d94bf287c2c664 *mmw2001-10-24d01t05.shn
1eae20c39515651f7e1ab37acb379e7c *mmw2001-10-24d01t06.shn
c92eb1879466af94bded430eb0255e6a *mmw2001-10-24d02t01.shn
ff78be4a1b86598a9cfc62483bb00d68 *mmw2001-10-24d02t02.shn
f7602a7d6cf87c554c8cc0d2e78f3eae *mmw2001-10-24d02t03.shn
1f8e12df326bfee4fff394891d10d773 *mmw2001-10-24d02t04.shn
6f9bddd86d01e2650bf7c6be4ebd8cbd *mmw2001-10-24d02t05.shn
cf35d344e9f14f2fbb4d51acbb5288c4 *mmw2001-10-24d02t06.shn
a3bfce1d6497def39abfe4124abf0438 *mmw2001-10-24d02t07.shn
384bf5e2766d5c382a3321d621129612 *mmw2001-10-24d02t08.shn
2eb8a141dd221ab17871bebd9aafeb9a *mmw2001-10-24d02t09.shn
f46c0d9884d9e6d4a5cae99f8517b388 *mmw2001-10-24d02t10.shn

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12/05/2001 shortround killer! highly recommended! also the show was taped by Paul De Lima, transfered & tracked by Mike BB. the second set supposedly fits on a 80 minute, but i couldnt overburn by a few seconds on my burner so i had to put the encore on its own disc. ill shortly have photos of this show if anyone is interested!
09/03/2002 Hamilton, Diana I replaced the previous txt file here with a more detailed one that I noticed circulating with these shns. If there is a separate shn set going around for this date (with different md5s), please send txt/md5s to me for listing here. Thanks!
05/02/2010 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, etc.)

Last tune of Set II was previously listed as Swamp Road, but it is actually Blue Pepper.