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Phish 06/06/96
Joyous Lake, Woodstock, NY
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Source # 633 Other Sources
Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary "Third Ball" Pre-FM SBD:D> CD> EAC> SHN; missing Jim from DAT source; via E. Levy; see public comments for flaw notes 
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Joyous Lake, Woodstock, NY

Pre-FM SBD:D>CD>SHN(via EAC by [email protected])

Set 1
01 Split Open and Melt
02 Poor Heart
   (Runaway Jim missing from DAT source)
03 Funky Bitch*
04 Theme From the Bottom
05 Big Black Furry Creature From Mars
06 Scent of a Mule**
07 Highway to Hell
Set 2
08 AC/DC Bag
09 You Enjoy Myself

01 Chalk Dust Torture
02 Sparkle
03 Stash
04 Waste#
05 Character Zero#
06 David Bowie
07 Fee->
08 Sample in a Jar
08 E: Ya Mar ->
10 E: Fire

Unannounced show billed as "The Third Ball," played for locals in the area where "Billy Breathes" was recorded.
*With Wilson tease.
**With "Sunshine of Your Love" (Cream) tease and keyboard work by Trey.
#First time played.
Show Checksums
dd9aad03749d27c87c289e7557537af9 *ph6-6-96d1t01.shn
db209f76d01dffc7fe43bb2bc0ca160d *ph6-6-96d1t02.shn
d241395ff7eaeaf4006fd230795624a7 *ph6-6-96d1t03.shn
7f871440d8341fbeaa796bb7beacb7ad *ph6-6-96d1t04.shn
085dfe4214b86b9a9b4337f324704efa *ph6-6-96d1t05.shn
cff61918433314cfca9de6d603c7313d *ph6-6-96d1t06.shn
c7894b0955f094d4029fc8a004ea61b8 *ph6-6-96d1t07.shn
3ab25362d27aeda731782828981d71f7 *ph6-6-96d1t08.shn
a5b435de820fdb48def50916c8643a98 *ph6-6-96d1t09.shn
d1f06f5542346422b01273501f064626 *ph6-6-96d2t01.shn
df550509a59aa3ea19c90b05af31c2f5 *ph6-6-96d2t02.shn
477852a013019e576f074528445b1ffa *ph6-6-96d2t03.shn
aa6d715772f4c6a1931c2fabffcd8e51 *ph6-6-96d2t04.shn
274ee038008edb69b0ff9fed11a962e0 *ph6-6-96d2t05.shn
9805b7f72f8eacb81754fa8c60f54153 *ph6-6-96d2t06.shn
ce1fdc4f394a28e06ce9a871bd47c43f *ph6-6-96d2t07.shn
ce63b5af313eed6a0ada9a4da6678c16 *ph6-6-96d2t08.shn
1ddb03de9fdc57993998455f454f1723 *ph6-6-96d2t09.shn
2099bce8e8ec5d6971517478bd4de297 *ph6-6-96d2t10.shn

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Date User Comment
08/04/2000 Tim [tmo] There are two glitches I have found in the source .SHNs of this show.

Disc 1/Track 8 - AC/DC Bag
There is a digi-pop at around 7:20-7:25

Disc 2/Track 2 - Sparkle
There is a "skip" at around 2:02-2:05
02/27/2002 Mike In addition to the above...where's the YEM vocal jam?? The YEM music stops, a short vocal by trey is cut and chalkdust begins. Otherwise it sounds great!
04/25/2002 Bob YEM is vocal jam-less on all copies I've heard. Just a brief "ruff" from Trey.. Didn't attend the show, though- anyone?
06/03/2002 Mike Charlie's review of this YEM includes comments on the Vocal Jam, so it must be cut. Oh well... great seed though.
06/27/2002 Curt I have doubts that this is a soundboard. If so, it sounds like it has a very heavy mic mix in it.
08/25/2002 macdaddy The source I found recently on gdlive has the vocal jam (as far as I can tell). I also don't hear a skip in sparkle. And the .md5s don't match these...

It sounds very good to me...
08/25/2002 macdaddy I stand corrected-the aforementioned errors are present in my copy as well. My sources must have (at least) one extra DAE step in their lineage :-(
12/20/2002 John Beatty This show is definitely a soundboard. The show was in a small bar, and the high vocal levels on the tape is consistent with that.

I think these discs are all sourced off of a bootleg CD. Since no one with a better source has come forward, I've been working on a better version of this show, with the Jim, YEM vocal jam and the intro to the second set sourced off of a third gen cassette. I need to fix one more small thing and it will be ready to seed.
03/21/2003 shuka I was at the show at the lake, ( I live in Woodstock), and yes it is from the soundboard. I was with my friend when try gave him permission to plug into the soundboard.