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Phish 08/06/96
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary Microtech > Tascam DA-P1; DAT > Cool Edit 96 > SHN; Seeded by M. Stern 
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08-06-96 Red Rocks Ampitheater, Morrison, CO

DAT-Tascam DA-P1

DAT>Cool Edit 96>shn

Disc 1:

Makisupa Policeman
Suzy Greenberg
Theme From the Bottom
Dinner and a Movie
Run Like An Antelope

Disc 2:

The Curtain->
Prince Caspian,
A Day in the Life,
Big Black Furry Creature From Mars,
Purple Rain,
Harry Hood#->
Tweezer Reprise

E: Johnny B. Goode

*Contained "This is Red Rocks, This is the Edge" (referring to U2's live album "Under
a Blood Red Sky"), by Trey.
**With "Norwegian Wood" jam.
#First appearance of the "Hood!" chant after the band sings "Harry," which was initiated
by flyers passed out at the show.

Feel free to send email concerning these recordings to mike at [email protected]
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dbb21e495e05febcd95948d38bdd4b94 *ph8-6-96d1t05.shn
d8abf9f5c899b6c9c77bba08a6f63f00 *ph8-6-96d1t09.shn
b0a28332179e4191ca5286798a3f9d2f *ph8-6-96d1t01.shn
59cd4ee978c38f8904c133765bd77dfd *ph8-6-96d1t06.shn
8e9b6a6d60cae47babae4ec360cd4a12 *ph8-6-96d1t02.shn
7ec44d2e5e5361c084caaa7b38e55a05 *ph8-6-96d1t03.shn
84963b431c5c2b106dfa95135fcb815b *ph8-6-96d1t04.shn
b432af6a4c628f506ac4dda76fe8de27 *ph8-6-96d1t07.shn
c728dafc9a9f7a94621ff8e03c13e02f *ph8-6-96d1t08.shn
27d06cb35acdbb929a90f63075e61958 *ph8-6-96d2t01.shn
45f361bdcf9880064aee524a79a92546 *ph8-6-96d2t02.shn
f59b415f3b2e72d1542612c29d2694f7 *ph8-6-96d2t03.shn
799508645bba6eb13985d6f1cbfe81d3 *ph8-6-96d2t04.shn
0abb3a349d97f97f84681cf362750857 *ph8-6-96d2t05.shn
88122c192f62da39ac1ddb4351a0443b *ph8-6-96d2t06.shn
34f865e778eada5a0624afaca6a74178 *ph8-6-96d2t07.shn
ea915750c3819a7dd970d6326fae7f87 *ph8-6-96d2t08.shn
ab5d74a93d4cb1ff707961b03ae80ec5 *ph8-6-96d2t09.shn
3f76bc866e86e8ec3a98099fd4a07ecd *ph8-6-96d2t10.shn

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Date User Comment
04/10/2001 Jud These shns are not split on sector boundaries :(
I suggest if you plan on burning audio copies of this source you use shntool to fix the tracks so you don't get pops between tracks.
"shntool fix *.shn"
"shntool fix *.wav" if you have already decompresed.