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Phil Lesh & Friends 11/09/01
Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary 3 Nakamichi CM300 - 2 CP4 Shotguns, 1 CP3 Omni - XY pattern Recorded Rob R - [email protected] 
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Phil and Friends
Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO

3 Nakamichi CM300 - 2 CP4 Shotguns, 1 CP3 Omni - XY pattern
Recorded Rob R - [email protected]


Phil Lesh, Rob Barraco, Jimmy Herring, Warren Haynes, John Molo

Set 1 Disk 1
1) Jam
2) Unbroken Chain
3) Blt2Lst
4) Get Together
5) Celebration
6) China Cat Sunflower
7) I Know You Rider

Set 2 Disk 2
1) Jam
2) Golden Road
3) Jam
4) Doin' That Rag
5) And It Stoned Me

Disk 3
1) Lovelight
2) Cosmic Charlie
3) I am the Walrus
4) Cosmic Charlie
5) Rap
6) Not Fade Away

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8267a112f3e0a32af809b985afc8f1ba *PF01-11-09D1T01.shn
0d74b72263a7e1950d1c4df57171863a *PF01-11-09D1T02.shn
d49bbc681055ba7731e11d18dd71b94c *PF01-11-09D1T03.shn
8a2120896d2ecb370fa2e71e52da9313 *PF01-11-09D1T04.shn
445d229cf43b201fbad9efd3db541783 *PF01-11-09D1T05.shn
307780e75b6d7a0df82d5b3ff284aeea *PF01-11-09D1T06.shn
66e0f54175d757d22f7bb062efc6179a *PF01-11-09D1T07.shn
079c72ad5a6caea11cf821ab902583dc *pf01-11-09D2T01.shn
bf3512d287f40686bbdfd7f49a1a579e *pf01-11-09D2T02.shn
86726681bf1e3a2cb7e0cb6afeba78bb *pf01-11-09D2T03.shn
944ef0af51822502c0786a2e52349965 *pf01-11-09D2T04.shn
cdfdfa225c7d05b0e13f9cb8f39635fd *pf01-11-09D2T05.shn
849882928e67df445a748e552c425618 *pf01-11-09D3T01.shn
2e18f4f29d996ae843a60fae1d0bb343 *pf01-11-09D3T02.shn
a045335f07683cdffec314e7efb7ae18 *pf01-11-09D3T03.shn
7ca1f6a844e35008a7e3aa301f543f74 *pf01-11-09D3T04.shn
a3635bfe9bdf4e5398372ad3e817f64b *pf01-11-09D3T05.shn
a72285147d7b45dd1c1f79b0370272ab *pf01-11-09D3T06.shn
93e85ce6545d6a7fc3e10fd56e71e8e8 *PF01-11-09D1T01.flac
f0b3761c649f7db69cc3dde07814095d *PF01-11-09D1T02.flac
88445af175d0eecced35cfda9702fc41 *PF01-11-09D1T03.flac
14f59ec0bdcef3fc9b0d4362a8bd5bc4 *PF01-11-09D1T04.flac
268bb3a650132041930debc527c7add9 *PF01-11-09D1T05.flac
bc40438b1cf5fbea99ffae0aba494b72 *PF01-11-09D1T06.flac
a330a5f8660012c953d5ae07ea9bd257 *PF01-11-09D1T07.flac
d0e8e11858eff6e76ffe9a7dc595c69c *pf01-11-09D2T01.flac
42c29db716b1ba3dbbe83afff4c9341b *pf01-11-09D2T02.flac
cfaf41c4fcd8e13cf634acdeb216ff63 *pf01-11-09D2T03.flac
793724a524f0ba3e7577d635879a7529 *pf01-11-09D2T04.flac
4c2da0d6b5ad1cc53188a5baf5b5bb6a *pf01-11-09D2T05.flac
d595b4f01742b406d3b29b33730deb4b *pf01-11-09D3T01.flac
e62aec093b1d2f85fe0068b900b05db4 *pf01-11-09D3T02.flac
9dd453bcd8306116fa2af82bc44103e4 *pf01-11-09D3T03.flac
6db9893ff533267bfdf91b5395b77905 *pf01-11-09D3T04.flac
cf46682157b8463d7c6d6c9a18bf6f72 *pf01-11-09D3T05.flac
1fedea97388b1f2f5e1cfba85de4b6e3 *pf01-11-09D3T06.flac

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