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The Big Wu 11/02/02
State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN
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Entered by mark burnell
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary dpa 4022(x-y)>eaa psp-2>modsbm1 fob/dfc/40' 8' up. > fostex d5 > optical cable> hhb > CD > EAC > CDWav > SHN 
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The Big Wu
State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

Source:   dpa 4022(x-y)>eaa psp-2>modsbm1 fob/dfc/40' 8' up.
Transfer: fostex d5 > optical cable> hhb > CD > EAC > CDWav > SHN

Recorded and Transferred by: Marc Natelsky
Retracked and Seeded by: [email protected] on 12/18/2002

Disc 1
Set 1:
01. Make Beleivers
02. Julia
03. Oxygen >
04. Vocal jam >
05. Oxygen
06. Elani, Queen of Afghanistan
07. Irregular Heartbeat
08. Three Bennies
09. Chateu In The Know
10. King of Bass
11. Tell Me Something Good

Disc 2
Set 2:
01. Rhode Island Red
02. Dancing with Lula
03. Shoot The Moon
04. ** Us and Them >
05. ** Used Again

Disc 3
01. * Shantytown
02. * Kensington Manor
03. * Midnight Rudy
04. * Silcanturnitova

05. * Kangaroo

CD Release party for Spring Reverb;
* Frank Legonovich on Guitar;
** Frank Legonovich on guitar and vocals

There is one small dropout somewhere in the show but I do not remember where.
Go See Live Music!!!!
I do not remember where.
Go See Live Music!!!!
Show Checksums
9da8f6e0cbe1604599e8b9ef45f8d223 *wu2002-11-02d3t05.shn
bd2f9ab2e79c17e529b8a549bb057b91 *wu2002-11-02d1t02.shn
e5e3aec0df48e6d7764cbd98516cad85 *wu2002-11-02d1t03.shn
c6416326ce64ac215174007df12a14ea *wu2002-11-02d1t04.shn
7c4b5fce5bd841c1e7855d89925c74c0 *wu2002-11-02d1t05.shn
1a0e39019fc81f4dea80ee23ef51a112 *wu2002-11-02d1t06.shn
5d96372c71e683336457448e987fc483 *wu2002-11-02d1t07.shn
88f44e928d8e34426717b4497b120f7c *wu2002-11-02d1t08.shn
03114a48ab79ab93edeab692537993b5 *wu2002-11-02d1t09.shn
0c1ff5ef173db8e3d4fcd4bc36f8b7f6 *wu2002-11-02d1t10.shn
e892bbdb0212abe0a610980c9a288219 *wu2002-11-02d1t11.shn
47b0388999e7ad20403722caaedffc17 *wu2002-11-02d2t01.shn
9d7ae17ce6769006d8fd779c4bd310ef *wu2002-11-02d2t02.shn
46c420c9a8324b07c3d930fb4d7fe554 *wu2002-11-02d2t03.shn
cb23402dc57389fd82486a44c55fde2c *wu2002-11-02d2t04.shn
4568351f5e857e19e3b82e3fff00902a *wu2002-11-02d2t05.shn
7fcebcd36e2c5c8ecec6e1d700ea3025 *wu2002-11-02d3t01.shn
c5afb4f764822209b7dcada91d7bf93d *wu2002-11-02d3t02.shn
cba34456b9458ac664f26f17a5d95080 *wu2002-11-02d3t03.shn
d792e7bec1387e20f1a839b8299579ed *wu2002-11-02d3t04.shn
9aeb5090d2554042e9c1deb87bea9363 *wu2002-11-02d1t01.shn

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