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Spookie Daly Pride 03/24/05
Pickle Barrel, Killington, VT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums md5
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Source Summary Neumann SKM184's>Denecke PS-2>Denecke A/D-20>Sony MZNH-1([email protected]) > Sony MZNH-1>USB>Sonicstage>Renderer>WAV>Nero 6(Fades, Normalizing)> CDR>EAC>FLAC Frontend 
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Spookie Daly Pride
The Pickle Barrel
Killington, VT

Disc 1 (Set 1>Set2)
Set 1
01. Home Cookin'
02. Holy Rubbertramps
03. Go Get It
04. Cool Watershed
05. Since You're Around
06. The Personal Ad Song
07. The Bump
08. What Friend I Have In You
09. My Fancy Pants
Set 2
10. Pleasure Appointment
11. Birthday Song
12. Serotonin Bandit
13. Coffee And Pot

Disc 2(Set 2 cont.)
01. Lil' Red Ridin' Hood
02. Happy Happy
03. Tie Dyed Tan
04. Andrew Jones Ain't No Biggity Man
05. Karma Thunderbolt
06. Going To See The Governor
07. Marshmallow Pie

Recording Source(DAUD): Neumann SKM184's*>P/S-2>A/D-20>Hosa Optical>
Sony MZ-NH1([email protected])
*Audience mics were XY, FOB, approx. 8 feet high off dance floor

Transfer/Lineage Source: Sony MZ-NH1>USB>Sonicstage>Renderer>WAV>
Nero 6(Fades, Normalization>CDR>EAC>FLAC

This recording has quite a bit of low end so make sure you EQ it
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4791d52658a9107e1e552e033a945346 *sdp2005-03-24d1t01.flac
710c2d116d1b98110675e26e608ab085 *sdp2005-03-24d1t02.flac
2c32f19e85c9b80799e3f302aa176df5 *sdp2005-03-24d1t03.flac
c9762258b776d82044a5636183de7d35 *sdp2005-03-24d1t04.flac
df349572d656d0111b0437a8a3bda635 *sdp2005-03-24d1t05.flac
8aa1deee74e4112c6e8ebc7cf0e5ed51 *sdp2005-03-24d1t06.flac
89e23f496474ff34f04e4b22bb53fdbb *sdp2005-03-24d1t07.flac
fac3ca03782aa0899a8c8bda88b1291f *sdp2005-03-24d1t08.flac
cc1cc6b9995163822c65f79a155e3b5b *sdp2005-03-24d1t09.flac
7f4f04d909198dac50d1e823f63c4286 *sdp2005-03-24d1t10.flac
1ca10f9adf8431a49bc97c5c899b1525 *sdp2005-03-24d1t11.flac
188a212fcae59e95ba576f259b3cfe53 *sdp2005-03-24d1t12.flac
e3a993fcdb6c4b3f9f07c5110021eea6 *sdp2005-03-24d1t13.flac
e48aa153f36269a8c9487dacd9bb4ae2 *sdp2005-03-24d2t01.flac
d6aff804562ae9da23b0322b4bf8a4fa *sdp2005-03-24d2t02.flac
22164c1e39bc28aa9277d1dffe8bf0ca *sdp2005-03-24d2t03.flac
fd703b2de7e0d2889a765617c3d39a92 *sdp2005-03-24d2t04.flac
559081d25913c788c1212ea9aba9888d *sdp2005-03-24d2t05.flac
77016c1cb0324a96e9d3896dd7411fea *sdp2005-03-24d2t06.flac
5e126e58239b84866a44c5c4739ea1b8 *sdp2005-03-24d2t07.flac

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