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Phish 11/23/94
The Fabulous Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
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Source # 6770 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5 , wav-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary AKG C1000s > DAT > CDR > EAC > Cool Edit Pro > CDWav > shntool > mkwACT > SHNv3; SHN Conversion by J. Howe 
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The Fox Theatre
St. Louis, MO

source: AKG C1000's>DAT's>CDR's>EAC>Cool Edit Pro>CDWAVE>SHNTOOL>MKW (seek tables appended)
all tracks extraced 100% in secure mode (EAC V0.9 prebeta 11) log files included
(this was my first Phish show...i sat 2nd row DFC)
(shn's = 873MB 2 discs)

set I disc 1

1. Wilson ->
2. Sparkle ->
3. Simple ->
4. It's Ice
5. If I Could
6. Oh Kee Pa Ceremony ->
7. Suzy Greenberg
8. The Divided Sky
9. Amazing Grace

set II disc 2

1. Maze
2. Fee ->
3. Scent of a Mule
4. Tweezer ->
5. Lifeboy ->

set II, cont.
       disc 3

1. You Enjoy Myself
2. Tweezer Reprise


3. Sample in a Jar

i have no info on the taper or their rig other than the mic's.  i received the cdr's in a trade.

edits: (Cool Edit Pro 1.2)
gap in the middle of d1t04 ... chopped out
show was a bit quiet, peak level was around 30% for set I..... adjusted to 99% w/(Cool Edit Pro)
       and 40% for set II.... adjusted to 95% w/(Cool Edit Pro)
i bumped up the level of d1t09 + 75%
disc 3 seems to jump in quickly and may not match up with the end of disc 2

after editing i re-tracked the entire show with CDWAVE & checked boundries with SHNTOOL

* i have un-edited shn's available

Show Checksums
87abc1f50dab461ed32fcc3f680a3977 *ph94-11-23d1t01.shn
63e5379c4c0ff9e7bc7441550ad2c79f *ph94-11-23d1t02.shn
0185f3281dfa7d2c43dcb009878cf025 *ph94-11-23d1t03.shn
a33fb74362eb581633b6379da5bce395 *ph94-11-23d1t04.shn
5ba8f67da8f521cc7c696467f80ee8b9 *ph94-11-23d1t05.shn
e1931bf95f4eb0744a33ad891ae73793 *ph94-11-23d1t06.shn
36adc815fc6e6954ab98cab05ed7c522 *ph94-11-23d1t07.shn
db1c2981fd21673729093eb8953fc546 *ph94-11-23d1t08.shn
bdc84a8340f3d6b0ad921c52419aaf77 *ph94-11-23d1t09.shn
3dfe26a27014b58fe9b87fbd4fe683fa *ph94-11-23d2t01.shn
566c0640bd3ded5948a4087d8ab100b3 *ph94-11-23d2t02.shn
dd476d366f4e2110d3173447bd6ea264 *ph94-11-23d2t03.shn
8e819493deffcef974639f3d434c19fb *ph94-11-23d2t04.shn
fd7cd72633aeca7174d1c418e4a31548 *ph94-11-23d2t05.shn
fc47d2fedd4e92ec378b9c5872cb0169 *ph94-11-23d3t01.shn
889d3348223bc82d8b80ad9ee40eb3c0 *ph94-11-23d3t02.shn
c48c7851d84cd7f7e7b6d9edb9cf6d28 *ph94-11-23d3t03.shn
488c906ec3a1a6b3f45a65e0eb3e3c17 [shntool] ph94-11-23d1t01.shn
a390d1130834da4caa10e31f1a2c7294 [shntool] ph94-11-23d1t02.shn
0731855db40fdbb54b1b4876b083e4ba [shntool] ph94-11-23d1t03.shn
e4da688341a7b16ad4a700aad7f8b55c [shntool] ph94-11-23d1t04.shn
f6082befa8ac2051b63f6188c9d81274 [shntool] ph94-11-23d1t05.shn
0d1508b912955268c0a073c553dfd299 [shntool] ph94-11-23d1t06.shn
55e34a52685541afab7c5ab1724b870b [shntool] ph94-11-23d1t07.shn
d599a6d465bc969de1f5fb50a1d41a40 [shntool] ph94-11-23d1t08.shn
e1eca554481d4ba4a5fe3dcdeddd9f49 [shntool] ph94-11-23d1t09.shn
5e381985a8fc52c42e31508e5ab66964 [shntool] ph94-11-23d2t01.shn
9cc69f4d6bdd9039ad14863104912d06 [shntool] ph94-11-23d2t02.shn
9aa5cc74d0d72e2558a777e29dd1224c [shntool] ph94-11-23d2t03.shn
0b99b3bf7fddfc5b231cbe97020f48a5 [shntool] ph94-11-23d2t04.shn
9d1a4ee0d9ab216ff5a0c9cb355a1673 [shntool] ph94-11-23d2t05.shn
615338e20385626e567a76377f9a454e [shntool] ph94-11-23d3t01.shn
5d052da3a3bc8303b55b21cef33c92f3 [shntool] ph94-11-23d3t02.shn
e47540cecb2ec404d076c5e521a26413 [shntool] ph94-11-23d3t03.shn
ccae018183d1b695e0b07144a9ee0e05 *ph94-11-23d1t01.wav
b4be9e88dc16180c5ddd650be98dc0eb *ph94-11-23d1t02.wav
794fb73fad1fb02c7fe3ab421b0a46ad *ph94-11-23d1t03.wav
ca2e1c9b2d4c99d77ec07c23d9aff90d *ph94-11-23d1t04.wav
685d66465e0bfa4906267528918e86b9 *ph94-11-23d1t05.wav
cb56d154bfd772b5dc7de06293cc51da *ph94-11-23d1t06.wav
571ac6310591361b1dcf3c58ebe84fd5 *ph94-11-23d1t07.wav
9ecf37b0fce21a2c49db2f78c20a3f72 *ph94-11-23d1t08.wav
ecd579bf0302474104c2aa485d1af640 *ph94-11-23d1t09.wav
0ebd54739f20a185a60905011ab58374 *ph94-11-23d2t05.wav
be62ede6cc78982787bbb8d25d9f3c4e *ph94-11-23d2t02.wav
251ea942f5670c607d0ad72e7e49f2c7 *ph94-11-23d2t03.wav
1b3041e4601ebe80bd14881618fb74d6 *ph94-11-23d2t04.wav
dc34a227682ef09755dbfb1d651d6454 *ph94-11-23d2t01.wav
7d8fe7efeb294a74abf46c4f818fd7c2 *ph94-11-23d3t03.wav
d2b4e48a6f0b11b83890bbd0efd502f7 *ph94-11-23d3t02.wav
870d8da469837c617b4307b2dbd013ad *ph94-11-23d3t01.wav

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