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Phish 08/13/97
Star Lake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d3 , d1 , d2
Disc Counts 0 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
9/15/98; 12/99
Source Summary Schoeps CMXY-4V > EAA PSP-2 > Tascam DA-P1 (48 khz) > 44.1 khz > CD; d1,d2 md5's added 11/6/00 
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Phish - 8/13/97
Starlake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA
Schoeps CMXY-4V -> EAA PSP-2 -> Tascam DA-P1 (48 khz) -> 44.1 khz -> CD

CD 1
Set 1
1. Amoreena
2. Poor Heart
3. Stash
4. Water in the Sky
5. Gumbo
6. The Horse->
7. Silent in the Morning
8. Beauty of My Dreams

CD 2
Set 1
1. Crosseyed and Painless
2. Wilson->
3. Little Drummer Boy
4. Sweet Adeline
Set 2
5. Runaway Jim
6. Ghost->
7. Izabella
8. Sleeping Monkey

CD 3
Set 2
1. McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters
2. Sample in a Jar
3. Intro ->
4. 2001
5. Golgi Apparatus
6. Frankenstein
7. Applause
8. Theme From the Bottom

Show Checksums
73ef0c237c94c45cdff1626bdf014759 *ph970813d3t01.shn
d28d905af2507517491f815c11fa4603 *ph970813d3t02.shn
bcde6b193a2a583ca8dd1ae2f4db266b *ph970813d3t03.shn
b5bd1d7df1ad75ff14a36bf285221ee0 *ph970813d3t04.shn
cea25fc58f89054370e741d644739e5c *ph970813d3t05.shn
926dc85be7bdb0bd3942e99e80ec2e23 *ph970813d3t06.shn
916455c6f038032638bca491ade753ac *ph970813d3t07.shn
fd00be0b1857bdf66275beeabe03c7f2 *ph970813d3t08.shn
6613964fd70ba3f5157962570f369eaa *ph970813d1t01.shn
704c7f4bf3b14f9680c6ce4f45771ced *ph970813d1t02.shn
25da13fd4ce94df6042310dafc48357e *ph970813d1t03.shn
b758ec39a0644284021ce6cf83b51c33 *ph970813d1t04.shn
aec692fd725bd8a28d7fe51e21925213 *ph970813d1t05.shn
4517100d128dbf921440f4a015a75a78 *ph970813d1t06.shn
1b15d4dda8ef56dde65e8c8641bec308 *ph970813d1t07.shn
ecfaf5296ced50d33e6945fbec8695dd *ph970813d1t08.shn
3b1b87404c94791fa614abf23ef6d7a1 *ph970813d2t01.shn
a5d51ffc057a921ee47c565bf7b6c050 *ph970813d2t02.shn
a8ee994a25a400aed73632c9e37baaae *ph970813d2t03.shn
29285ac779ae8d54b20d30e5dd699f72 *ph970813d2t04.shn
21ec4f111dfacbd6b0ddb202780a5594 *ph970813d2t05.shn
7e6316901f46752077c68f5f027a38a5 *ph970813d2t06.shn
191cd0d23ddf56bb994eb4b8a1c4511d *ph970813d2t07.shn
1bfbee7c4edbbd649ec0d87b0817c90d *ph970813d2t08.shn

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Date User Comment
02/08/2005 Bill Conrad This source sounds good...but has a few S.B.E's (pops between tracks) that shntool will not fix!
02/08/2005 twatts SBEs that won't fix in SHNTOOLs??? I wonder if that comes from silent blocks being introed to pad each track during the initial CD(m). When that was EACed (presumably), those SBEs may have been padded, resulting in technically good boundaries, but still carrying the SBE problem???

02/08/2005 Blane I've seen that before. The pops actually appear on the waveform for each track, and can be edited out that way though it's a huge pain in the ass.
02/08/2005 twatts Other than the bad track transitions, how does this one compare to the other SCH source, or the other sources???

02/08/2005 dylan aside from the minor SBEs I would say this source is exceptional....the CMXY4vs are phenomenal!

02/08/2005 twatts Thanks Blane, I'm sure it is good, but how compared to the other sources. I don't want to trade for this one when the others are may be as good or better. If this is the superior source, that's another thing altogether.
02/09/2005 dylan If the 4023 source doesn't surface for this show then I would recommend this source to the others. 02