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Animal Liberation Orchestra 03/21/03
Trout Farm Inn, Felton, CA
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Entered by ziko
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)


Trout Farm Inn
Felton, CA

Source: Minidisc

Posted By: ernestofealdt

Disc 1

01. Chilly Chile
02. Space
03. Mash Potatoes (Happy Birthday)
04. #2
05. Waiting for Jaden
06. Fly
07. Naive Melody (Talking Heads)
08. Girl (I Wanna Lay You Down)
09. Patter
10. Valentine's Day
11. Possibly Drown
12. The Spectrum

Disc 2

01. Aliens
02. Busy Killing Time
03. Reality Police
Show Checksums
2738285be59c66bea35dc46a86de025a *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd101chilly.shn
63aa4ef5523abd390d8394152d71f6ec *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd102space.shn
c69a70ec8ffb154d825cb332fb6cb25e *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd103mash.shn
3fb7a37582e91cc2db0559981627ac7f *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd104no2.shn
23e75850dcddd7181871c88d4a054109 *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd105jaden.shn
cac26ae5086c5663df11d95fc6688f0b *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd106fly.shn
67c4ad289c794aa1cc7d5b1866f9994e *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd107naive.shn
9dca257cf9f17da5b9eaf0b94962ba5b *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd108girl.shn
8e7ee3835a1a93b35551385c9693f870 *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd109patter.shn
331ffb13ea9a97cd5129c85278803938 *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd110valent.shn
17832591bb9cfa7b1c53a894a61939d4 *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd111possibly.shn
60fe424f6d71c5a16273d5e2d7a65f37 *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd112spectrum.shn
504c5d8020ecd112b4c546f599f66f54 *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd201aliens.shn
22991ddc57d74fa30d8da3531ed17ad4 *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd202busy.shn
fc7d1650b087e2a2c691b6fdf64c32ad *alo2003-03-21_troutfarmd203reality.shn

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