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Zwan 05/29/03
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
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Source Summary CSBmod>Sharp MD-MT190H(S) > Sony Deck MDS-JB980>Digital cable>WAV>Cool Edit>CDWave>wav/cue>bchunk>flac 
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Ancienne Belgique; Brussels,BE

Taper: Brewer
Source: CSBmod>Sharp MD-MT190H(S)
Location : 10 meters from left stacks
Conversion: Sony Deck MDS-JB980>Digital cable>WAV>Cool Edit>CDWave>mkw>SHN
Editor : Brewer
Editing: EQ, Normalize, Fade in/out  
Flaws : Three dropouts that were removed (you can barely hear them).  

Disc 1 (72'32''):
1. Mary Star Of The Sea
2. Endless Summer
3. El Sol
4. For Your Love
5. Lyric
6. Declarations Of Faith
7. Jesus, I > God's Gonna Set This World On Fire
8. Band Introduction
9. Heartsong
10. Honestly
11. Settle Down
12. A New Poetry

Disc 2 (16'48''):

1. Riverview
2. 'Billy's riff'
2. Baby Let's Rock
3. Of A Broken Heart

There is some static/crackling for a very short period of time. That's Jimmy's "speakers" that broke down.

Enjoy this great but short show and share it!!
Listen to what Billy says about the Square in Brussels (quite funny ;) )
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8bedaf44297918be4027f58a512127d1 *zwan2003-05-29d1t01.flac
ab3777efa07c1a0f03940f0b90c2df57 *zwan2003-05-29d1t02.flac
aa51d274216921c4db65172aa591e4a5 *zwan2003-05-29d1t03.flac
e89f6aa3b1104eeba7aa467a3fee8e62 *zwan2003-05-29d1t04.flac
33b252310daeeab27a53e5c117d27012 *zwan2003-05-29d1t05.flac
7fc9d55426c4c603207ecf77bb985ad7 *zwan2003-05-29d1t06.flac
1c2183ea2685ca41fb23fd09d285a444 *zwan2003-05-29d1t07.flac
35201fa594b9eaad51688be5e385780f *zwan2003-05-29d1t08.flac
90fe2a7236582adb7808d1cdbf6ee6ec *zwan2003-05-29d1t09.flac
3532c9e53f318c5ebfbd8f0e3d330a1a *zwan2003-05-29d1t10.flac
e9175db52649a3689ff4c7f8bddbc30e *zwan2003-05-29d1t11.flac
fe9e46cea356c89f0d88bc8de7dc6d9e *zwan2003-05-29d1t12.flac
d1a2b4fcb2028ee2924e90d8ed5bb749 *zwan2003-05-29d2t01.flac
0f292543b550274103f3f54f088f5f9d *zwan2003-05-29d2t02.flac
e8f63eb55cef36ffaff5cd52fcb63f13 *zwan2003-05-29d2t03.flac
2ea939e07f42589ad3647ea6ae883403 *zwan2003-05-29d2t04.flac

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