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Grateful Dead 12/07/69
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary SBD> MC> DAT> CDR> EAC> DCart Millennium> CDR; CD's From Julian Elliott; CD Editing and mastering by The Wizard - Owenbrothersvault; see editing notes in info file 
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The Grateful Dead - 07DEC69
The Fillmore West - San Francisco, CA
CD's From Julian Elliott
CD Editing and mastering by The Wizard - [email protected]

The was a C/C- very degraded SBD tape that had almost no high end and a few flaws.
The challenge was to bring up the top end without increasing the significant hiss above
acceptable levels. This required several continuous noise filters both before and after
equalization to bring up the lacking areas. This turned out pretty successful.
Several spots of static in Black Peter could not be totally eliminated but were reduced.
The cut at the end of Dancin' was cleaned up.
Several seconds of diginoise in Love Light was completely cleaned up.
All editing done with DCArt Millennium software.

Disc One  -  46:52
01) Black Peter (several spots of remaining static)
02) Hard To Handle
03) Cumberland Blues
04) Mama Tried
05) Easy Wind
06) Dancin' In The Streets / (End cut)
07) /Good Lovin'  (Very start clipped?)

Disc Two - 58:20
01) China Cat Sunflower
02)>I Know You Rider
03)>Saint Stephen
04)>The Eleven
05)>Turn On Your Love Light (Cassette flip)  (Diginoise completely corrected)
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31021eab672d2161dcaa7cbec40569c3 *gd69-12-07d1t1.shn
3aaffdecedb96d46d5c9e3d242c58130 *gd69-12-07d1t2.shn
459a6607ae5ec9545eeea6917acc3836 *gd69-12-07d1t3.shn
a2a4cb59b043c23c8cae9e99a347d61b *gd69-12-07d1t4.shn
b75e9b89a9d521e0a9491e3c8f500902 *gd69-12-07d1t5.shn
4c3fb4d25896d0e6bb0a10ae82d04d2c *gd69-12-07d1t6.shn
8e24e5deb2fc0a2d097c4dc55cae6b3b *gd69-12-07d1t7.shn
f86dcb86b7d329d28607b58bc499fa16 *gd69-12-07d2t1.shn
2554c3a0c8dd893189f7847829032508 *gd69-12-07d2t2.shn
19ec8b03e84258d36b75e5b19778b5ea *gd69-12-07d2t3.shn
93a87d5d89a561fc8b1c2b0dac82e427 *gd69-12-07d2t4.shn
453e15f82d2fa338f61fc00e9ace76cd *gd69-12-07d2t5.shn
76e23809a745495eab64f94164bbcf9d [shntool] gd69-12-07d1t1.shn
a1fa1ebbe6a85f1bf83361b7b5985bef [shntool] gd69-12-07d1t2.shn
99604a908e6f415dd0558f70d6cb1f8a [shntool] gd69-12-07d1t3.shn
83209523c0769048dfe661638191078f [shntool] gd69-12-07d1t4.shn
ed5f5799a79d87f408ec6ae75a7482f7 [shntool] gd69-12-07d1t5.shn
5b447f09a1331680da81509ff571853b [shntool] gd69-12-07d1t6.shn
8c0c8f7a2dbad50bcab717ce4528d4ec [shntool] gd69-12-07d1t7.shn
eec732758ead32f8da7dc0a33124d97b [shntool] gd69-12-07d2t1.shn
b4817ef018a65c41cec4b54f009d02eb [shntool] gd69-12-07d2t2.shn
9d8e41c977899faa322e5cc6ca4f52d4 [shntool] gd69-12-07d2t3.shn
ec17ee32abc6cd770c07ad510b0eb4a9 [shntool] gd69-12-07d2t4.shn
85a471eae8f446009174c55bdf169767 [shntool] gd69-12-07d2t5.shn

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