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Disco Biscuits 10/28/98
Higher Ground, Winooski, VT
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary DSBD; Transfer: DA20mkII>DIO-2448>Cool Edit 2000>CDWav; Transferred and Encoded by Daniel Ritchey 
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The Disco Biscuits 10/28/98
Higher Ground, Winooski, VT

Source: DSBD
Transfer: DA20mkII>DIO-2448>Cool Edit 2000>CDWav
Transferred and Encoded by Daniel Ritchey

Notes:  Level fluctuations appear in the source.  I damped one outlying loud segment
and normalized the entire show to 0db at once.  The cut in after d2t3 is on the source.

Disc 1 1x74
1. Magellan                              16:21
2. Mulberry's Dream                      06:58
3. Banter                                01:51
4. Voices Insane                         08:35
5. Banter                                02:26
6. Awol's Blues*                         08:46
7. Smoothie King*                        05:42
8. Banter                                02:25
9. Texas Pussy*                          07:16

Disc 2 1x74
1. Plan B                                05:56
2. Vassillios >                          16:21
3. Aceetobee                             13:14
4. Poncho The Cat                        08:36
5. Morph Dusseldorph                     08:16

*With Tony Furtado on Banjo
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badacd0663baf454da79edbb3813d822 *db98-10-28d1t9.shn
dcbb11e99ad8bd15019d6ee6edc0bb13 *db98-10-28d1t2.shn
f39e8b93033dcf0c50d012690a632c60 *db98-10-28d1t3.shn
9bbe58e91c89a85c469d8bb8c62af327 *db98-10-28d1t4.shn
e656eeda2a4a31abfb99d9954e88bf89 *db98-10-28d1t5.shn
c052648df086cf3eb0e3fa5f1cc901c2 *db98-10-28d1t6.shn
6a62ffef37c5e397e60ac16daf569e03 *db98-10-28d1t7.shn
5921aacc78e89c595f54d38d8288ef4f *db98-10-28d1t8.shn
29a998793fb1293bc6057ce52977c6a3 *db98-10-28d1t1.shn
1b65f2b38329b1521a0bf1fd500deed8 *db98-10-28d2t5.shn
cfb6dc10ccfdc87286cf878673484eef *db98-10-28d2t2.shn
c749cc3aad99344c01225d427d8ec81e *db98-10-28d2t3.shn
d2c33a0ddd76c509fff833b0b23adf6b *db98-10-28d2t4.shn
5597975d7175cdfcc11034bae5393c37 *db98-10-28d2t1.shn

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