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Grateful Dead 06/12/80
Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary set 2; Master Audience Cassette; AKG SE-5 mics w/CE-1 cardioid capsules> Sony TC-D5> DAT> CDR; Shn'ed by Scott Clugston 
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Grateful Dead
Portland Memorial Coliseum
Portland, Oregon

Source: Master Audience Cassette;
AKG SE-5 mics w/CE-1 cardioid capsules> Sony TC-D5>DAT>CDR

Shn'ed by Scott Clugston

   Disc 1
   2nd Set
1. Drums>
2. Scarlet Begonias>
3. Fire on the Mountain
4. Estimated Prophet

   Disc 2
1. Drums>
2. Space>
3. Not Fade Away>
4. Black Peter>
5. Around & Around>
6. Good Lovin'
7. Johnny B. Goode
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cc6b029dbd8a3a1239c3ab4e0ca013af *gd80-06-12IId1t01.shn
47e0e311428dcd2e3bff1ff128d9ee30 *gd80-06-12IId1t02.shn
d0e1491f2e8e2dc840231aa410c513ec *gd80-06-12IId1t03.shn
d33feb05938f93cc26271f90869bc151 *gd80-06-12IId1t04.shn
d31b74ec812d6edccd17b64be87194f1 *gd80-06-12IId2t01.shn
95692d3631390e69ddce8fb04042bf24 *gd80-06-12IId2t02.shn
d0180a0a5377ffc2772b706c53e322c1 *gd80-06-12IId2t03.shn
3b1e5462c9f27438b3a18939b3aac532 *gd80-06-12IId2t04.shn
0405091c920a3036cd2a2f4280c16347 *gd80-06-12IId2t05.shn
fdc04473f45634edc4c8f0f9e1635082 *gd80-06-12IId2t06.shn
c689ba1e992d1c34b0982324997f272e *gd80-06-12IId2t07.shn
332c5ff1d1dde17f1e07f99b26a7131e [shntool] gd80-06-12IId1t01.shn
2823f08f7b7c3c7435e7735f6e9424d1 [shntool] gd80-06-12IId1t02.shn
9315ed83e237b49f3f60eb6b59b91800 [shntool] gd80-06-12IId1t03.shn
4529b6f253f3582e0e2c49378819843d [shntool] gd80-06-12IId1t04.shn
a2677d2b858fbceb6e4dd0c05655d8d6 [shntool] gd80-06-12IId2t01.shn
60e1ded8ecde6eece057320188ae0d79 [shntool] gd80-06-12IId2t02.shn
bf15efe4e19b259d2117954a4ea5f8ed [shntool] gd80-06-12IId2t03.shn
cf4f14a695b1dbc66170cf23e9fea669 [shntool] gd80-06-12IId2t04.shn
a9e1ee5615a1f6e65ba86a14e126ec6d [shntool] gd80-06-12IId2t05.shn
9536e4f747fab62265a3983c271aca93 [shntool] gd80-06-12IId2t06.shn
0588d2be635266d6f429cc0b1fc4aea0 [shntool] gd80-06-12IId2t07.shn

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AUD>MC>DAT>CDR; via Paul B;... (1) flac16; Sony ECM-990... (0) flac16; Analog... (0) flac24; Recording... (0) flac16; Recording... (0)
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