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The Big Wu 11/15/01
Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI
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Entered by Grout the Glitterman
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Source: SONY ECM-MS907 > SONY D7 DAT Transfer: DAT > Cool Edit Pro > SHN 
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The Big Wu
The Blind Pig
Ann Arbor, MI

Audience Recording..
SONY ECM-MS907 > SONY D7 DAT > Cool Edit Pro > SHN

-Disc 1
-Set I:
1.  Bloodhound
2.  Chateau in the Know
3.  Rhode Island Red
4.  Oxygen >
5.  Funky Bug
6.  Flatiron Suite
7.  Get Out of My Life Woman
8.  Angie O'Plasty
9.  Ray Charles Can See

-Disc 2
-Set II:
1.  Silcanturnitova
2.  Red Sky > Billie Jean > Red Sky
3.  Precious Hands
4.  Ballad of Dan Toe
5.  L.A.
6.  Jazz 88

-Disc 3
-Set II (cont):
1.  Minnesota Moon
2.  Dancing With Lula
3.  Half Past One
4.  Shantytown
5.  Allgood
6.  St. Stephen
7.  Three Bennies

Show Checksums
de3ed7b1a43f8a135fe0c00fed13d74c *wu01-11-15d1t2.shn
b42b53ee6b5db543b7e8faeb712fc926 *wu01-11-15d1t3.shn
e2b9927ca0069b5f4ec5bf4dfc59f008 *wu01-11-15d1t4.shn
dcb9e37dcbfb0b580beb10605a61744f *wu01-11-15d1t5.shn
f404c35e59d25ac244d05f72b9f2a441 *wu01-11-15d1t6.shn
143bf79390b890f361096a91fb47f4c8 *wu01-11-15d1t7.shn
69093741aa570eb41b28d7814b2a4f7a *wu01-11-15d1t8.shn
d1aca2f6b5fed29a9ecfe2ca8a291161 *wu01-11-15d1t1.shn
c14011afc00dc74825043986d90e1991 *wu01-11-15d1t9.shn
ab07cc1f5eed4f290dacdd2ae8c4f115 *wu01-11-15d2t3.shn
b5b61940e47a83e3afe940e38ad52606 *wu01-11-15d2t4.shn
504004b5051abaf2874f94f384bb1684 *wu01-11-15d2t5.shn
92b1b4acb848ba33b25a167018d63e40 *wu01-11-15d2t6.shn
5463140c994ece3853871d13866d78e6 *wu01-11-15d2t2.shn
eef1f2126b1fbc39cfcb17ed54b75640 *wu01-11-15d2t1.shn
2af522d49ac4c767e67059cd84b5165f *wu01-11-15d3t1.shn
1cea635c460ec07a25718aacc4471764 *wu01-11-15d3t2.shn
de4249c481e696ffade6bb8961ae797f *wu01-11-15d3t3.shn
5d08bdf3f3dbb39d66a6760dbdbcd74b *wu01-11-15d3t4.shn
ef70f31fbee4f4c162a85cb4399b4690 *wu01-11-15d3t5.shn
d67a0310122d978e25e616101911c7f9 *wu01-11-15d3t6.shn
d5a3ac517d0c862aa93f297e4f355c47 *wu01-11-15d3t7.shn

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