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Phish 05/28/94
Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey, CA
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Source # 7068 Other Sources
Entered by Terry Watts
Checksums SHN , WAV
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; SBD > DAT; DAT(c) > Tascam DA-20 mkII > Audiophile 24/96 > Soundforge > CDWave > SHN; Transfer by Dan Marquardt; Note: missing YEM > Poor Heart 
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Laguna Seca Raceway, Monterey, CA
This show is included in the 1994 Phish Project.

Source:         DSBD>DAT (Unknown DAT generations)

Conversion:     Tascam DA-20 MkII-> Monster Coax-> M-Audio Audiophile 24/96->
                Soundforge 5.0b (48KHz->44.1KHz at highest setting [4 of 4],
                with anti-alias filter)-> CD Wave 1.61-> mkwACT v0.97
                **No DAE at all**

Minor Edits: Fades in/out at cassette flip, as well as the start/end of set.
Transferred by Dan Marquardt , please contact me with questions/comments.
There are also 48KHz shn's of this seed for archival.

CD/Set 1: 62:04
01. Rift 05:58
02. Sample in a Jar 04:51
03. Foam 09:55
04. Bouncing Around the Room 03:42
05. Stash 11:44
06. The Horse-> 01:45
07. Silent in the Morning 04:58
08. The Sloth 03:36
09. Maze 11:11
10. Cavern 04:24

CD/Set 2: 59:11
01. Axilla [Part II] 03:32
02. It's Ice 10:20
03. Tweezer 15:14
04. Lifeboy 08:25
05. Reba 12:21
06. Fee 05:24
07. Llama 03:55
You Enjoy Myself*
Dueling Bass Jam*
Poor Heart*

Laguna Seca Daze show.
*With Les Claypool of Primus, on bass. Not on DAT/CD because Claypool's recording lable
didn't allow taping of live shows.
Show Checksums
88fd5644ec0cecffc56dcb2e8743e918 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t01.shn
f5ee016cf8040935752da5a2df41e0c2 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t02.shn
e603d4660123b13d0b1cd0b17476e27a *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t03.shn
9a3266b5a4d2f963004ad7dbeb55dbeb *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t04.shn
2d1009b4a3834194ceb90e6565ce0b84 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t05.shn
1f691394ad2a3139e1a4be095764033a *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t06.shn
75c8c212f190363bfb5dabf85c918eb5 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t07.shn
076935177bc7db927cd3cd2a2e4ac930 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t08.shn
bfbe45d021c73f3459ba4d1832e6f0ab *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t09.shn
34208a2a6cb5964a42067d21e751d0a8 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t10.shn
f870c88c48441a6587f1a2dd1b7c8127 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t01.shn
2b32bb95de51cdde438c4272eda7de51 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t02.shn
285e3ba5b7bd7ba5bbc5e5bb1d8c2db1 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t03.shn
59d1d7d6a954417a998d88ae06beb5da *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t04.shn
12e8cc9be4e158969d0a78ff68633253 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t05.shn
dda4f72628c9d4a48c4a68e5a3d088e6 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t06.shn
2827a5649aceda0fd63e8ba36aa4eba0 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t07.shn
b25337b3badf6e738abc5c5a5857584a *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t01.wav
7731e0865a307a1b4eba0e957c82b96c *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t02.wav
11ed971964054789c586d704862802aa *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t03.wav
cdc17aecfe6fde6a21b1d6a9458e1fe1 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t04.wav
1cf1add1b1f2c9f8ab38af574ab47fbf *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t05.wav
0accc35bf7160abb0359ef04cac19bbb *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t06.wav
ab148744edeab8d878fa2bf68abbc34a *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t07.wav
471aa970d8cb581b1811c722b3973292 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t08.wav
a5676662a4e3b261ea50adc4f68b3692 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t09.wav
3edb22e3e32420678b3938a3ccb86d33 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d1t10.wav
746d003777c08ffd2a06050b31f962a4 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t01.wav
8db86d2dfc97d2302c83eb36ac3fb24c *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t02.wav
1317b2a24e1f81487d62c0f61a1da241 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t03.wav
aa36950deac2e6d7ddaad2d6ad8ddda4 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t04.wav
c7b99e177d7b99a094611b0cc799acf0 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t05.wav
6066650633f9109d2234dbd5e94c33a2 *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t07.wav
68243b3d34d1c8813620fafe982a74ce *ph94-05-28dsbd.d2t06.wav

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