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Phish 06/22/94
Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d1wav , d2wav
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Source Summary SBD > Cass/0 > DAT @48kHz; Tascam DA-20mkII > Monster Coax > M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 > Soundforge 5.0b (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > mkwACT v0.97 > SHN; Transferred by Dan Marquardt; Note: Transferred to fix sector boundary issues of previous seed (different transfer) 
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Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH
This show is included in the 1994 Phish Project.

Source:         SBD>C0>DAT @ 48KHz (Unknown DAT generations)

Conversion:     Tascam DA-20 MkII-> Monster Coax-> M-Audio Audiophile 24/96->
                Soundforge 5.0b (48KHz->44.1KHz at highest setting [4 of 4],
                with anti-alias filter)-> CD Wave 1.61-> mkwACT v0.97
                **No DAE at all**

Minor Edits: Fades (in/out at beginning/end of sets and crossfades at cassette flips)
Transferred by Dan Marquardt , please contact me with questions/comments.
There are also 48KHz shn's of this seed for archival.

CD/Set 1: [58:43]
01. Llama [03:54]
02. Guelah Papyrus [05:44]
03. Rift [06:04]
04. Gumbo [04:32]
05. Maze [10:23]
06. If I Could [05:38]
07. Scent of a Mule% [06:54]
08. Stash [10:56]
09. Golgi Apparatus [04:37]


CD 2: (Requires an 80min CD) [77:05]
01. Also Sprach Zarathustra-> [04:21]
02. Mike's Song-> [06:23]
03. Simple-> [02:50]
04. Catapult-> [02:08]
05. Simple-> [03:33]
06. Icculus-> [03:54]
07. Simple-> [01:40]
08. Mike's Song-> [01:07]
09. I Am Hydrogen-> [03:06]
10. Weekapaug Groove [03:27]
11. TMWSIY-> [02:39]
12. Avenu Malkenu-> [03:04]
13. TMWSIY-> [02:46]
14. Fluffhead [14:11]
My Sweet One* (Removed, not audible)
15. Big Ball Jam [02:24]
16. Jesus Just Left Chicago-> [10:08]
17. Sample in a Jar [04:49]

Carolina (Not on DAT)
18. Cavern [04:30]


% Cassette flip
* Acoustic and without mics.
Show Checksums
8ae139aa641e55f177a01525bfd3b11d *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t05.shn
681ea0f0d3990247678c82e91e48fb8f *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t02.shn
a3a115232eebe5634fc4d3116807dd8a *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t03.shn
b51d3d191c1d099c2775c1660e6fc2ad *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t04.shn
49cb01ff1997b022d7f6c218c41c1ac8 *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t01.shn
86b6a7655d54ee4912a4952c931be4da *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t06.shn
e3ae194ead30887832d29aceb1eabf57 *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t07.shn
2284692d4ec28001ece7de9bac764b84 *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t08.shn
6d0d2f71905c1a47ad7332db1cc15eba *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t09.shn
c5d9eaf467a7f2241c642df1fce4c0e2 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t07.shn
2ea0f7b23905850a1854db554f084680 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t02.shn
e63a0ae870773e8f18507a3bf091e930 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t03.shn
62ef00177d0d486113cd3efd33b1d141 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t04.shn
15cbdd28e9ae33c223793110d1cae117 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t05.shn
673faa481b7aec3eb6eacb7bdbbdac79 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t06.shn
ab37722fc35ef10794c3b7c39a080fec *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t01.shn
792449a37ffb91ea2b5ea626872ff1f4 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t08.shn
4e7b2ac64e9076f2173e87a39fafab23 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t09.shn
63597f1aee6120ee04956c63f7b0ce4a *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t10.shn
ae21f846a9cdabbceee485da33d4de84 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t11.shn
7e4756691bf8ebc285a142a31b7b71e4 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t12.shn
1092bf82846bdc7a1dbeba2261a907b6 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t13.shn
10e7c0e7080e8a985e348d319a29ef06 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t14.shn
35fd4a84ed8f44532a009098bae307e7 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t15.shn
3db7b93465bcaed5132590c6b12949ef *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t16.shn
51456648242bda8f37bcb7aa270369f3 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t17.shn
97c692db5b6f9e0b30d0681473562c11 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t18.shn
2fc572efdfea4f525a46d0f27d6fca4b *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t01.wav
5531ae0c6b9ceb58ef20256efa5a332a *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t02.wav
c64988173cf8e2c1f024a9d069b2e7a2 *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t03.wav
1912b52db20c48c7a465c8ff6e5982f6 *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t04.wav
1687312c9381ab3e1c5d161cd85a81fb *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t05.wav
b3230d8f32e5c42e5bb7b2cfbfed9aa3 *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t06.wav
01d982c2ea423a9cc2c4bb0c8e727204 *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t07.wav
fb1dec82764d00a800cd7c0226c1ded4 *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t08.wav
1149dae7846868af2f62040586ee9c52 *ph94-06-22sbd.d1t09.wav
5d81fd75bb2dd9064e9d3e308126d14f *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t01.wav
270a216cbfb0f1da5347b22dc9913fcb *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t02.wav
4175341b11a536ec58a5a8d2445b9020 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t03.wav
a6f6baf1d392c2f35615713e4926f433 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t04.wav
4d855b29bde3f2b061eab5d85268a4b5 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t05.wav
5bd0c092f8c562206b6f79e38eebeae4 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t06.wav
a7c4a46fc37a569d33c263e9b16cbb61 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t07.wav
0e7c256d9db498f8b05a598dc3f85640 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t08.wav
970cbfe6b2ae1d70525293147db3ce4f *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t09.wav
7c26376416b6d47f288bac136c6db99f *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t10.wav
a4d3c9db0c37f41069a2df17f73e64d8 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t11.wav
fd8773e509d4c791911661ebb7619930 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t12.wav
3c9c5e2834b90958b99bc17916476fee *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t13.wav
93bbf44e65050af5265fd799737e2ff3 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t14.wav
c3c60de6ae736bb0c150361240904b83 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t15.wav
d293c5d455f1e7fa57f3efce155c0c43 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t16.wav
10c597d1d814b8dcc8443d41d9ae7a8f *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t17.wav
7bfd613b3ce1dd3bb78a7f4a127f86d5 *ph94-06-22sbd.d2t18.wav

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Other Sources (comments)
AKG 460/ck61; via M.... (0) AKG 460/ck61; re-extraction... (1) SBD > Cass/0 > DAT > CDR... (1) SBD > DAT > Cass/0 > DAT... (2) AKG 460b/ck61 > AKG b18 >... (1) flac16 48kHz; AKG... (0) flac16 48kHz Schoeps... (0)
Date User Comment
01/28/2002 shane Is this another transfer by Dan of the same DAT, but this time using a higher quality soundcard? Thanks for any info.
01/28/2002 Ben Mohr This is definitely a different and more recent transfer of the same show by Dan, though I don't know if it was the same DAT. The info given to me was that this was a fixed seed; however, I'm unaware of what has been fixed. Some people, though, do consider the Montego soundcard (previous transfer) to be inferior (ie, SBLive).
03/25/2002 Mike Wow, too bad they're releasing this as LivePhish 10... to buy or not to buy? This sbd is quite crispy...
03/25/2002 Jim Raras Crispy, but *hissy*! I'm sure the LP version will have no hiss--which makes it a must have for me. What a show! BTW-There are good daud's of this show as well, but I'm sure the release will trump those as well.