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Phish 07/24/92
Jones Beach Music Theater, Wantagh, NY
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Source # 7098 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5-48kHz , wav-md5-48kHz , shn-md5-44.1kHz , wav-md5-44.1kHz , st5-48khz
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Source Summary Note: Original seed was 48kHz, updated version available 2/5/02. Please verify which version you have! (all md5's provided for reference); SBD > DAT; Tascam DA-20mkII > RME digi 96/8 PST > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN 
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Jones Beach Music Theater
Wantagh, Long Island, NY

Source: DSBD
Transfer: dat clone in tascam da20mkII ->
RME digi 96/8 PST -> CDwav -> mkw -> .shn
(no editing except tracking)

RESEED: Original seed was in 48kHz format.  Resampled to 44.1kHz using
CoolEditPro on the maximum quality setting.

1) My Sweet One, 01:28:69
2) Foam, 07:14:14
3) Tweezer, 10:54:68
4) The Squirming Coil, 07:31:66
5) You Enjoy Myself, 17:03:47
6) Tweezer Reprise 03:19:10

Opened for Santana.

*7/21/92 and 7/24/92 .shns will fit on one [email protected][email protected]:P
Show Checksums
169442ad9675de4da6cf4fa91b126baa *ph92-7-24t01.shn
9ff8c2ae428c5a7fc820278e5dd21208 *ph92-7-24t02.shn
626cd4fd5e87650d08623e2549f41efb *ph92-7-24t03.shn
80abc02e46901b4e441549c7d74c9e2b *ph92-7-24t04.shn
539f87764c3b5e6e64ca790d692fbe79 *ph92-7-24t05.shn
962636355cdb29a5c747653c08ae098d *ph92-7-24t06.shn
1f226e8b72bf4ab73552f593bbcb9c95 *ph92-7-24t02.wav
72c53743afb9d5c1061360512e54d304 *ph92-7-24t03.wav
34b9ba66166f594aa4e3829ce70c9980 *ph92-7-24t04.wav
622a752d9cce55e19c1e459480f33695 *ph92-7-24t05.wav
8db34a0b36b63bf360503903a056b022 *ph92-7-24t06.wav
aa3922fea0030e1bae7035f8b69ada50 *ph92-7-24t01.wav
2d0f83d53c4cbaf5e9a0c3883c5ad9b6 *ph92-7-24t01-fixed.shn
38af0142cfa890abc98dac3ce1f1fc93 *ph92-7-24t02-fixed.shn
2a79bada95d553dec779586c465f3cc4 *ph92-7-24t03-fixed.shn
4b2b159e8c3adc119be5a8f4c3c752fa *ph92-7-24t04-fixed.shn
3c787ee792a495461040eb3161369f79 *ph92-7-24t05-fixed.shn
9f0294b7a0b23d04aec0856f63e9f363 *ph92-7-24t06-fixed.shn

5362641ce9e8898684043c36552dfc85 *ph92-7-24t01-fixed.wav
b3a33bb75c323c99002dcf8b398496d2 *ph92-7-24t02-fixed.wav
6c5b07097b7e959dda34bf819d038a14 *ph92-7-24t03-fixed.wav
c1f85b070fcaeebee807eebda5b76ab3 *ph92-7-24t04-fixed.wav
8f8e03dba3911694512350c28c5cfd38 *ph92-7-24t05-fixed.wav
30468eea6b6803bc313de0f0da23b7bf *ph92-7-24t06-fixed.wav

89383acad6e3f1b562c3b85c3d6a6212 [shntool] ph92-7-24t01.shn
fc7ffcef707a8a6109aad34503373b1f [shntool] ph92-7-24t02.shn
095ce9efb724cecce2f2dc4106204f46 [shntool] ph92-7-24t03.shn
da72b30fb2852d20279f7ed13b804a6f [shntool] ph92-7-24t04.shn
a074ad96247eb3d5e8bfd80ec68ede6a [shntool] ph92-7-24t05.shn
d925a57e6ccd816b4382e410a83115ef [shntool] ph92-7-24t06.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
DSBD > DAT; DA-20mkII >... (0) flac16 48kHz SBD;... (0)
Date User Comment
01/29/2002 Ben Mohr In the previous seed, MSO is cut. On this seed, MSO has the shorter track length (01:28) than the previous seed (01:37). Though, I have not listened to this new version, it would seem as though MSO is cut on this seed as well.