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Grateful Dead 04/26/69
Electric Theater, Chicago, IL
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Source # 71 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary updated source: cassette master> 1 cassette generation> DAT> CDR (see pub comment); via Ben Yerys; (not T. Wulf's "de-noised" version?) 
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   The Grateful Dead at Electric Theater, Chicago, IL, April 26, 1969

Updated source: cassette master> 1 cassette generation> DAT> CDR
[had been marked:   SBD Reel > Cass Master > DAT > CDR]
   Seed supplied by Ben Yerys

CD 1:
                             Set I: [1:59:33+]
    1. Dupree's Diamond Blues [4:03]
    2. Mountains Of The Moon [3:55] >
    3. Dark Star jam [2:50] >
    4. China Cat Sunflower [5:51] >
    5. Doin' That Rag [6:37]
    6. It Hurts Me Too [5:46] >
    7. Hard To Handle [4:28]
    8. Cryptical Envelopment [2:04] >
    9. drums [0:58] >
   10. The Other One [7:27] >
   11. The Eleven jam [4:48] >
   12. The Other One 2nd vocals [0:43] >
   13. It's A Sin [4:11]
   14. Morning Dew [9:21]

    1. Sittin On Top Of The World [3:33]
    2. Minglewood [3:42]
    3. Silver Threads [3:17] (CUT)
    4. Baby Blue [7:34]
    5. St. Stephen [5:48] >
    6. Lovelight [32:37] (CUT)

CD 3:
                              Encore: [38:55]
    1. drums [0:45] >
    2. Viola Lee Blues [9:29] >
    3. Caution jam [8:18] >
    4. Viola Lee Blues [1:39] >
    5. feedback space [4:43] >
    6. What's Become Of The Baby [8:05] >
    7. feedback space [2:18] >
    8. We Bid You Goodnight [3:38]
   COMMENTS Total time [2:38:28 +]. Dwight Holmes points out that the splice after
    Silver Threads is the likeliest place for a set-break, if there was
     one. Before Baby Blue Bobby says "This is the home stretch for us.
    Because we're goin' home." What's Become Of The Baby was played back
        from studio tape while the band played space live on stage.
Show Checksums
0f1eab95cbf6222bc4a861069d463b79 *4-26-69d1t01.shn
dfaf170d89dfef51e43618dbf1600b2c *4-26-69d1t02.shn
40d271076c8dfe1357f5191ee062c69d *4-26-69d1t03.shn
f1f3873c5470b51f6d1d91c773aac2ce *4-26-69d1t04.shn
c12f333340ee81477c67a253a847a9f8 *4-26-69d1t05.shn
27cc993610f2aa1acf35085dfc0b6618 *4-26-69d1t06.shn
b8397bcb1c2740bbecf27778b45fcdef *4-26-69d1t07.shn
6b9cf2d44804671e8a06dd35aae7a2ef *4-26-69d1t08.shn
d01bffacd1f9fb79861073a02ef1fd90 *4-26-69d1t09.shn
82d818f91db8c9a29d0568bc4b557422 *4-26-69d1t10.shn
6473619bb4afa6810611288754381a9f *4-26-69d1t11.shn
af2e5d4d1bab6a07dd1572ebc748aadd *4-26-69d1t12.shn
7522044c8bf2752064f631bb6b580881 *4-26-69d1t13.shn
13b8b2bba529b52895492bec16661b14 *4-26-69d1t14.shn
be1c034cb850d3eeb3b1550a847755a2 *4-26-69d2t01.shn
804c40782d54288cc764a017786feeba *4-26-69d2t02.shn
47fa936ed931b8f44e1796b3da561413 *4-26-69d2t03.shn
7afb43dc50ab2f88f75da021a601363e *4-26-69d2t04.shn
fca94c7d5ef642d706bd3adf9eec194d *4-26-69d2t05.shn
dd3390561f09b79b67b0533863b452fe *4-26-69d2t06.shn
22ccbd680eec5318fbb4d6e08b2b51d1 *4-26-69d3t08.shn
122002ad7fa753babb93eb3b7ddc7bc7 *4-26-69d3t05.shn
b846c0ad5c01bd066fd7b4bfb1cc0ef1 *4-26-69d3t06.shn
6bd67d2648e8daba1f3d0d0cfa1bd2cb *4-26-69d3t01.shn
03c5fe78b7fd20a50a4fa3f64c072802 *4-26-69d3t02.shn
8261d84c12617ff4d6a8543681ab3484 *4-26-69d3t03.shn
57d461cd1a195b7df3d99fe5664191eb *4-26-69d3t04.shn
41210f30f095e8223bb19297bdfb2b59 *4-26-69d3t07.shn
2444837cd7c8bcf7231e806f8fadf903 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t01.shn
a31a552fd2347669b330f6fd5f958c36 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t02.shn
53a7124e19a9d2a4e99a4725393cc7bc [shntool] 4-26-69d1t03.shn
b5544142ca08f36032538fb1145065a9 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t04.shn
d0bb75bc2e3d9bff4f560a4ffdd84a99 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t05.shn
016fd130d28a75a12043e96b19164609 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t06.shn
77894412743b91bd3b89c9c2913b448a [shntool] 4-26-69d1t07.shn
ef70720865ac11d8f060385daecfd5c7 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t08.shn
137816a79d7b0e5a3e337d76d327a0b3 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t09.shn
c8ea5bdee89f6acc60e0cc895fffe920 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t10.shn
7c930aaa59d3ce83b97dae2378aad748 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t11.shn
eb45f6f39b5372b8843581c2865b5410 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t12.shn
9a682bce72cddaadd7143e3d20a21666 [shntool] 4-26-69d1t13.shn
c8557a4a0d3a48fc32ee515ffb41647e [shntool] 4-26-69d1t14.shn
e27c083b30b44d7bef45945bb8a2da11 [shntool] 4-26-69d2t01.shn
b00882cdd21414a2f6cec162ace08112 [shntool] 4-26-69d2t02.shn
44da9a674c0df307a0c6d2c9b6aceebd [shntool] 4-26-69d2t03.shn
2937f83687ea01f9d2cef2d07ac8152f [shntool] 4-26-69d2t04.shn
4a887921533e7deb4a00ed805a8d8d91 [shntool] 4-26-69d2t05.shn
5c409d2e696c6dd8b26d1b7a97fa1b0e [shntool] 4-26-69d2t06.shn
da6a3a79925bb5071f019a7ea2680240 [shntool] 4-26-69d3t01.shn
7738e902d4f78808f73507d949bc1857 [shntool] 4-26-69d3t02.shn
609a3fc39212b29de0abf76e5ae58f2b [shntool] 4-26-69d3t03.shn
67550e082d9bcfdc372bfca7c85a46a5 [shntool] 4-26-69d3t04.shn
22953ff1e97155f1e5f789806137a17d [shntool] 4-26-69d3t05.shn
50f5ad886ced505ee9f7d49f90fcf961 [shntool] 4-26-69d3t06.shn
e01f11a83151157bcc92082ec949d073 [shntool] 4-26-69d3t07.shn
7390f8768d26ca6b547c2b090c4546cc [shntool] 4-26-69d3t08.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
08/22/2001 Hamilton, Diana I've updated the info file here based on Jeff Tiedrich's Tapes in Circulation and his additional comments to a mailing list, including:
"In the vault is the reel master, which does not include the encore.
It does not circulate. The encore was unknown for years, until Bear
added his personal cassette masters to the vault."
03/18/2006 Chuck Frolio The shn set I have matches the md5s here, but my track timings are mostly different from those listed in the text file.
11/19/2007 Grateful Darkstar the following tracks have non-canonical headers

d1t02, d1t03, d3t01 - d3t07
02/04/2009 charlie miller Someone did a horrible job of noise deduction on this.