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Grateful Dead 04/18/71
Lusk Field House, S.U.C.N.Y, Cortland, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary SBD : MR > RR > DAT > CD; Extraction, editing and .shn encoding by Alan J. Fink, from John Valter seed; patch in UJB; see info file for additional notes 
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Grateful Dead
Lusk Field House, State University Of New York, Cortland, NY


SBD : MR > RR > DAT > CD
From: John Valter
(Extraction and .shn encoding by "Alan J. Fink, MCP" )

Disc 1
1. Cold Rain And Snow                                 [6:44]
2. "Fred Burns, come up here to the stage..."         [0:20]
3. Me And My Uncle                                    [3:28]
4. Bertha                                             [5:51]
5. Me And Bobby McGee                                 [7:41]
6. "You want the lights off, is that it...?"          [1:24]
7. Next Time You See Me                               [5:02]
8. "I see you're creepin' back up with the lights..." [1:24]
9. China Cat Sunflower >                              [5:30]
10. I Know You Rider >                                [4:58]
11. Casey Jones                                       [5:36]
12. "We're gonna take a five minute break..."         [0:26]
13. / Sugar Magnolia                                  [6:17]

Disc 2
1. I Second That Emotion                              [5:54]
2. Truckin'                                           [9:15]
3. Hard To Handle                                     [8:18]
4. Loser                                              [7:44]
5. Playing In The Band                                [4:50]
6. Around & Around                                    [4:34]
7. Good Lovin'                                       [24:32]
8. Uncle John's Band                                  [6:32]

d1t11 Casey Jones splice at 4:20, missing a couple seconds
d1t13 Sugar Magnolia missing the opening notes
d2t8 Uncle John's Band 3:20 - 6:32
patched using Cool Edit 96 from higher gen cassette and
increased 86 hz by 14.9
increased 172 hz by 8.5
increased 344 hz by 6.1
increased 689 hz by 4.1
increased 1.3 K by 6.1
increased 2.9 K by 8
increased 7.3 K by 10.5
increased 22K by 12.9
by "Alan J. Fink, MCP"
Show Checksums
c6c1f0a2610bd2f8201b97622ec91b16 *gd71-04-18d1t13.shn
b82ee1811c3c351b4da8f62dd0fd0613 *gd71-04-18d1t02.shn
0b71a2daaba7e07f679b17244ea077cb *gd71-04-18d1t03.shn
edf732e519ef720bd302de2256124ece *gd71-04-18d1t04.shn
93b0c1167298cc797cee67a711729f19 *gd71-04-18d1t05.shn
ae9280a5db5c17f49f66088ff28a4898 *gd71-04-18d1t06.shn
9ed8267282cd7bb14b23c4a815dacd1e *gd71-04-18d1t07.shn
e3d8003f1b71e3c5a7e04e5cdda347f4 *gd71-04-18d1t08.shn
c3e9f71aa2b634c03b8ea82ce8d31577 *gd71-04-18d1t09.shn
e900d659bb14dace1e01d13f21766b29 *gd71-04-18d1t10.shn
84d57f8cf86b46339d56b292a65f773e *gd71-04-18d1t11.shn
f637950eb3062420c2536a7cb96b5e04 *gd71-04-18d1t12.shn
731413dd7bcd9892ece313861e663bd5 *gd71-04-18d1t01.shn
269b76f8b92f1f254e4c0d474d710c5a *gd71-04-18d2t08.shn
f2d8fb60bdf5b82b6161aeb10fc25bee *gd71-04-18d2t02.shn
994eac01fb4793c3a616fe279709a11a *gd71-04-18d2t03.shn
6ae599ca17cd6547ae4fa73d2bb7d8ab *gd71-04-18d2t04.shn
e9d438e5f80b8370cc86a1733ce82325 *gd71-04-18d2t05.shn
0fef9550bec50a4de0d948f7769ebfdc *gd71-04-18d2t06.shn
4b7729afac84e1fd1b7e93845e67db3d *gd71-04-18d2t07.shn
355da41c8e92a1183ef5bf13ccb24599 *gd71-04-18d2t01.shn
8f9a8693cceb31bb294f00ea1e1641e7 [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t01.shn
c6508806301708beeaf4555ef98287f0 [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t02.shn
2df7ffc9678c3a671c9666c1a93cae7e [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t03.shn
5f9407801831db49e41c0d380b3f474b [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t04.shn
70e6ee5be217fa7f7c1e5bc38c911ffc [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t05.shn
67e287c7d54938420c140f521b66260e [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t06.shn
fbb6032885898eece2e26b01319fdcc4 [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t07.shn
db5425b71929e9ce41d251476b493f5f [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t08.shn
3d1756667cbcadecc66a8150ab90e703 [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t09.shn
a773d2131cf0fe3313c989648b7cfbf9 [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t10.shn
9ecd8d96129d90f661abb83f58ebf206 [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t11.shn
51a4f297ef33a1d9cad2b3ba57055bf3 [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t12.shn
538c82b2b91dae407d2c0f33e146e561 [shntool] gd71-04-18d1t13.shn
9248f3a1d0769e19c37bc63b5bed37aa [shntool] gd71-04-18d2t01.shn
20d53ce331f58f0fcf8f9748ec9b876b [shntool] gd71-04-18d2t02.shn
114a10b4d76a3f240d4a37f52bca8c34 [shntool] gd71-04-18d2t03.shn
c416310dd3803662ea92be0c901b3114 [shntool] gd71-04-18d2t04.shn
07536221e041fd159e70dc62eac19ade [shntool] gd71-04-18d2t05.shn
ab4ba6c123762071ed9faf194c6f4e1e [shntool] gd71-04-18d2t06.shn
4061d86e0e3a5a46a58bcfadab978de4 [shntool] gd71-04-18d2t07.shn
5ea9e64b1e9bbdd651522dde754c9185 [shntool] gd71-04-18d2t08.shn

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10/06/2010 RoyMartin Setlist

Cold Rain & Snow, Me & My Uncle, Bertha, Me And Bobby McGee, Next Time You See Me, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Casey Jones Sugar Magnolia, Second That Emotion, Truckin', Hard To Handle, Loser, Playin' In The Band, Around & Around, Good Lovin'-> Drums-> Good Lovin', U


July 08, 2004
Reviewer: beckettwatt
Subject: Average 1971 Jaunt
Overall an unnoteworthy show, especially coming on the heels of the incredible Princeton University concert from the night before (maybe they were tired?). Most of the numbers find the Dead in their bar band mode, with prominent, loud guitars, demonic bass lines from Lesh, steady drumming, and virtually inaudible organ. Highlights include "Hard To Handle", with the climax occuring around the 7:30 mark, and "Good Lovin", which has a good jam and a somewhat incomplete "bidness man" rap from Pigpen-the band continued to jam for a while and played the reprise without bringing the story to a conclusion.

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SBD : MR > RR > DAT > CD; Extraction, editing and .shn encoding by Alan J. Fink, from John Valter seed; patch in UJB; see info file for additional notes