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Phish 12/12/97
Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann U87> Sonosax SX-M2> DA-P1; DA20mkII> ZA2> Sound ForgeXP; via E. Scott 
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12/12/97 - Knickerbocker Arena

Albany, NY

Origin: Neumann U87->Sonosax SX-M2->DA-P1. DA20mkII->ZA2->SoundForgeXP.

Length: 3 CDs

Sets: I/II/E


Disc 1:

   1.(Set I) Funky Bitch-> (6:30)
   2.Also Sprach Zarathustra-> (11:14)
   3.Camel Walk (5:18)
   4.Taste (11:11)
   5.Bouncing Around the Room (4:37)
   6.Tweezer (15:03)
   7.Train Song (3:50)
   8.Character Zero (7:29)

Disc 2:

   1.(Set II) I Saw It Again-> (12:28)
   2.Piper-> (18:57)
   3.Swept Away-> (1:57)
   4.Steep (3:02)
   5.Prince Caspian-> (10:01)
   6.Izabella (12:58)
   7.Tweezer Reprise (3:48)

Disc 3:

   1.(Encore) Guyute (11:39)
   2.Run Like An Antelope (14:29)

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dae0f4e6431749eeb60dec6d8d30e33a *ph97-12-12d1t1.shn
1c65827c97d9973abc018e7da94a97a3 *ph97-12-12d1t2.shn
4836c6014a462f3007fff47b1ed5a042 *ph97-12-12d1t3.shn
a1adeb0c306b7f0b7755e44252453324 *ph97-12-12d1t4.shn
d3bb4af1c3ef6fca8a2496b6cb1a8c1a *ph97-12-12d1t5.shn
04bca6642af82a1f45b299b934abca00 *ph97-12-12d1t6.shn
1b844ee7c76b3b3d8661711457e712ce *ph97-12-12d1t7.shn
61282e944bcc65898b5f0536d6c5761b *ph97-12-12d1t8.shn
eea345db8b84d6f072ff563ac26acbd0 *ph97-12-12d2t1.shn
3080b26d751ef376042860d354be29ee *ph97-12-12d2t2.shn
ce46fc2268aae6ee5de585d0f458d1bd *ph97-12-12d2t3.shn
c691bbc74e69de7e27f6695485a0cb3c *ph97-12-12d2t4.shn
ccae8fe7230e0c08a17c2bd5620cca08 *ph97-12-12d2t5.shn
85da3303f6cd64b13fd058661a84f3d5 *ph97-12-12d2t6.shn
fc9a21f6fe879ebea7ddc3c50235b8cc *ph97-12-12d2t7.shn
c8af72dcc78e70def5195f49f1007136 *ph97-12-12d3t1.shn
bfcfff7a816ededd134549603d8a0a0e *ph97-12-12d3t2.shn

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