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Grateful Dead 05/13/73
Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA
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Source # 7270 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 5
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Complete; d1,2,3,5-SBD : MR > R > DAT > CDR via Paul B.; d4-SBD : MR > ? > DAT > CD > EAC > Cool Edit 96 (Resampled to correct pitch) > SHN via David Minches 
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State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA


Disc 1
SBD : MR > R > DAT > CDR
From: Paul B.

# Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
They Love Each Other
Box Of Rain
Beat It On Down The Line
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
El Paso
Row Jimmy
Me & My Uncle

Disc 2
SBD : MR > R > DAT > CDR
From: Paul Bottiglio

Don't Ease Me In
Around & Around

Set II
Tennessee Jed
Big River
Bertha #
Jack Straw
Looks Like Rain
Here Comes Sunshine

Disc 3
SBD : MR > R > DAT > CDR
From: Paul Bottiglio

# Playing In The Band

Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
Greatest Story Ever Told
Brown Eyed Women

Disc 4

SBD : MR > ? > DAT > CD > EAC > Cool Edit 96 (Resampled to correct pitch) > SHN
Extraction, SHN encoding, resampling & patches on tracks 1, 4, & 7 by Alan J. Fink
From : David Minches   

SET 3 Cont'd [76:33]

/He's Gone [10:10] >
Truckin' [10:36] >
Phil And Billy [2:55] >
The Other One [29:14] >
Eyes Of The World [15:45] >
China Doll [5:37] ;
Sugar Magnolia [9:13]

Disc 5
SBD : MR > R > DAT > CDR
From: Paul Bottiglio

Encore * Casey Jones *
(can be moved to d3, after Playing in the Band, to avoid a fifth disc)

Promised Land cuts in at "train ticket",
small splice at 9:16 of China>Rider,
Bertha cuts at 5:49,
small splice at 2:16 of LL Rain,
Playing cuts in at "once again now",
tiny skip at 7:13 of Half Step,
small skip at 0:19 of BE Women, missing about a second,
He's Gone - 0:00 to 0:25 beginning patched from higher gen source
The Other One - dropout @ 12:06 patched from higher gen source
Sugar Magnolia - dropouts @ 7:35 to 7:42 & 7:57 to 8:06 patched from higher gen source
Show Checksums
d953c087a93690260002424f6c5aee39 *gd73-05-13d1t11.shn
eefaed2ce8b30c5b30e6fb9becad5b1d *gd73-05-13d1t02.shn
ca5d898e1984984df15d7db7b92d091a *gd73-05-13d1t03.shn
d7d427a0e71c924225f675c4db7da178 *gd73-05-13d1t04.shn
66c5685a7ee7d7349a259ed20a7e37cb *gd73-05-13d1t05.shn
545edcbc6e27f8d3c7d98a078e89fb01 *gd73-05-13d1t06.shn
adb2084c2bd665f0986b292f4703a535 *gd73-05-13d1t07.shn
6ca0a02c55b5fba087402e416fe1f548 *gd73-05-13d1t08.shn
070abc969fb3e57d51de8e3b30f423fc *gd73-05-13d1t09.shn
667cb7d667c1d1c30bf29f8d1ecf1531 *gd73-05-13d1t10.shn
3b8be528720eecac90bfe6dd683d258b *gd73-05-13d1t01.shn
3f59ab3ca4f041dbfbef331334fa0f25 *gd73-05-13d2t09.shn
c4591aa85e98dd188ca83b22b90aeb82 *gd73-05-13d2t02.shn
68704ac4c2f226a3b1c7ebde1bd45be6 *gd73-05-13d2t03.shn
db265298f17ebb448b5d33bbee0998c4 *gd73-05-13d2t04.shn
f7660dd0daac48cb5d64b6a431d15c31 *gd73-05-13d2t05.shn
55af80d2705719467aa324098e77795c *gd73-05-13d2t06.shn
1cedbeddad82da8003ebdf5e6b5a24d9 *gd73-05-13d2t07.shn
a1e380ac8bb5fc2fbaa1552c2e8078bf *gd73-05-13d2t08.shn
681e5e1b20fd6ddf8453700292904f7c *gd73-05-13d2t01.shn
45958759e14cf40ad91708c95e6ddfcb *gd73-05-13d3t04.shn
0cc03d04f46cb7fcfd047d7e6da41dd5 *gd73-05-13d3t02.shn
a0ab3f4c996aec988ca806179da444ff *gd73-05-13d3t03.shn
8089c32c2b92b17f1970c21bc3e11193 *gd73-05-13d3t01.shn
1261abedd90fc5186940a01890531d35 *gd73-05-13d4t01.shn
3d1a9ef08d8a80c9ca6863048dfc79fb *gd73-05-13d4t02.shn
854eaddd267187c101073d38f9339fd1 *gd73-05-13d4t03.shn
b4b5bb4bc81f51fbdea1a56661629408 *gd73-05-13d4t05.shn
6671640ae7cefbe509d68387cc6664d6 *gd73-05-13d4t06.shn
12c06877a81e3003dbffbe0bd9eca9c6 *gd73-05-13d4t07.shn
bc2baa1ae59e10e48df624c2f575d2ef *gd73-05-13d4t04.shn
c9a0d08e1297f04e9c71f21085616e14 *gd73-05-13d5t01.shn
e48a71cf37f334250be89f54430984cb [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t01.shn
3716afb46598aa53a69018bbb41215b9 [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t02.shn
87d899c6e636bb8c97b36a52539e7771 [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t03.shn
3b1b581981266ef224d75e575a688b14 [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t04.shn
9d71887dde8dedc428301381aa591073 [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t05.shn
5d1d37555388d2a30e093050319fcde4 [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t06.shn
d63f0c51ce8211c8c29bf5fc7d85c26a [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t07.shn
5b809d5d4b872667fe97e6b99b161953 [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t08.shn
ffc7c26c83636d043e3b7d03fb3be937 [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t09.shn
7ed6ef609848670e2cdfe15da627a3a7 [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t10.shn
db62d00b004d1011166abb5f6aac1344 [shntool] gd73-05-13d1t11.shn
796ee4c6f2bab3a02aa205de77d825f2 [shntool] gd73-05-13d2t01.shn
0768cca4802bab327a08f2b6dd56ce59 [shntool] gd73-05-13d2t02.shn
5882528e5e4b7a4fc80938372ad80ecc [shntool] gd73-05-13d2t03.shn
59fd49dc012f48a54457bf48761f6c4f [shntool] gd73-05-13d2t04.shn
7f27051c9bd8cbc59cd83ad3b7cb5088 [shntool] gd73-05-13d2t05.shn
3e5352b871616a06a0e8017113dc9716 [shntool] gd73-05-13d2t06.shn
3f14b41f37b64222e82a7af5521c1186 [shntool] gd73-05-13d2t07.shn
9214a57123565fc7680675a0a2a62344 [shntool] gd73-05-13d2t08.shn
5eae598aa47223a293431d77027ead5c [shntool] gd73-05-13d2t09.shn
fdd29d36111ab0b11d92951fe7191f09 [shntool] gd73-05-13d3t01.shn
cf78d350d488e789e9042507960f49b0 [shntool] gd73-05-13d3t02.shn
c8bc36ea39727dff13d006d334e1e372 [shntool] gd73-05-13d3t03.shn
b17c207e03459156e6c43f3676f39efb [shntool] gd73-05-13d3t04.shn
1f14012aedbcf2854fa6a7ca2fd717c5 [shntool] gd73-05-13d4t01.shn
0c6df9720adb09f024dd405f001347a3 [shntool] gd73-05-13d4t02.shn
cce1feb7e494f817187124ffaeb2ada7 [shntool] gd73-05-13d4t03.shn
5dd68f47e8c545a5b2693c816a48ae21 [shntool] gd73-05-13d4t04.shn
f6e043ca10e28e2c96513252da2e99af [shntool] gd73-05-13d4t05.shn
f710cf0aaac04acdc4d862b0ef2a1627 [shntool] gd73-05-13d4t06.shn
3dd7cb7eda48ffd405c7442f4f9ee9ef [shntool] gd73-05-13d4t07.shn
657a803d72a9df85f1302444fc242751 [shntool] gd73-05-13d5t01.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Source:... (1) flac16;... (0) flac16; Set 3... (0) flac16; Set 3... (1)
Date User Comment
01/31/2004 Lewis/Klitschko I'm only on disc 2, but I think I speak for the Deadhead community at large when I say listening to this show is a chore.
02/05/2004 Jim If by "a chore" you mean that the SBD is degraded -- yes, this seems to be true of all circulating copies. If you refer to the performance, be assured that many think highly of this show.
03/06/2004 spacecadet The sound on this IS terrible. It sounds like it's in mono and the right channel is louder than the left. Garcia's guitar sounds ok at times but the bass is pretty muffled in a very unpleasant way. There's little trace of that velvety smooth '73 sound. Only the hiss sounds like stereo. I hope it's the "?" in the lineage that's the problem and that the MR isn't as bad as this. Does anyone know the story behind this?
03/09/2005 Lupe I have this show and The Other One only clocks in at about 19 minutes. Am I missing a good chunk of this? I don't know, I just listened to this the other day and I did not hear any audible splice in the recording. Does anyone know what is going on?