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Grateful Dead 12/18/93
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA
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Source # 7277 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Unknown FOB aud (likely Neumann KM-140, see user comments)> DAT(s) > CDR via Ryan Varum; Matt Vernon 
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BAND    Grateful Dead
VENUE   Oakland Coliseum Arena
CITY    Oakland
DATE    12/18/93

Source: Unknown kick-ass FOB aud > DAT(s) > CDR
Conversion: CDR > EAC(secure) > Cool Edit (cleanup digital errors) > mkwact(seekable) > shn

conversion by [email protected]
cdr's provided by Ryan Varum

Disk 1 [69:39]
01. [06:22] Jack Straw >
02. [07:21] They Love Each Other ;
03. [06:24] Spoonful ;
04. [09:05] Friend Of The Devil ;
05. [05:11] When I Paint My Masterpiece ;
06. [08:10] Tennessee Jed ;
07. [06:14] Easy Answers ;
08. [09:44] Deal

09. [04:35] crowd/taper banter - "balls"
10. [06:30] Way To Go Home ;

Disk 2 [71:14]
SET2 continued
01. [07:30] China Cat Sunflower >
02. [05:57] I Know You Rider ;
03. [09:56] Playing In The Band >
04. [11:22] Uncle John's Band >
05. [11:37] Pre-drum space jam >
06. [24:50] Drums > space

Disk 3 [31:41]
SET2 continued
01. [05:03] I Need A Miracle >
02. [10:12] Stella Blue >
03. [06:56] One More Saturday Night
04. [06:01] Box Of Rain
05. [06:28] crowd/taper banter - "Crunchy tapes"

1. The placement of Way to Go Home on disk 1 was done so the long space/dumz sequence was not cut.
2. Audio compression is present on this source (NOT the mp3 variety)
3. This is an under appreciated show especially for the pre-drum space jam in set 2.

up'd to etree ~ 2/2001
Show Checksums
258b77337c1114f740abac8508eef530 *gd93-12-18d1t01.shn
ba830a37ed141913e9672ca3a1b7b603 *gd93-12-18d1t02.shn
759ccc0760e14f59111fada6444420d8 *gd93-12-18d1t03.shn
04ff3d54aed7f22ad109a4e7034c4b66 *gd93-12-18d1t04.shn
85732b4734e48c7bf4ff5531ed40e3f9 *gd93-12-18d1t05.shn
c0d8e6ef95e07d8d685b33d43e02737e *gd93-12-18d1t06.shn
424f9be39da21f6ef2f3783c80be26a8 *gd93-12-18d1t07.shn
20bd34169c6fe09b496cc3f6d962730a *gd93-12-18d1t08.shn
70f0e4127d22d34eaa1cda21efd62dc5 *gd93-12-18d1t09.shn
09da7e56279e46b1ab403a511df9225d *gd93-12-18d1t10.shn
5323a748ff3b8e031bece80269c8c46c *gd93-12-18d2t01.shn
eb7c66893c11d60ab806d53c7a69f396 *gd93-12-18d2t02.shn
e14337949466fae66eef7e071e43efc1 *gd93-12-18d2t03.shn
3db71b7f84dc9001502923a87a0f9827 *gd93-12-18d2t04.shn
c44b50ee78e017ecdc7aee8ded70857a *gd93-12-18d2t05.shn
1532877cc8bb2bd3705a2b38ca2f1f05 *gd93-12-18d2t06.shn
9fd63da931afde1d888e479e51102b71 *gd93-12-18d3t01.shn
202cd687d7f7c922d37bdc0896296dcc *gd93-12-18d3t02.shn
cc9e015286707522148046ffc3b6e56a *gd93-12-18d3t03.shn
d2c65ea7a5fff46b3c4248b7c1058d67 *gd93-12-18d3t04.shn
6113a424137571c688f288ada0125803 *gd93-12-18d3t05.shn
77642b8bb94ec1c7e592483873e7d90c [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t01.shn
d1f21b4d27a058aeb0ede93500763132 [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t02.shn
138fc7d0af0ac6c240fcc5cad0d7cf31 [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t03.shn
ac166430047164eebd05d4fe7fa6f613 [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t04.shn
885bdf65601229446cf58b82b1ae5e4b [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t05.shn
48e49575c10fe29ae836480089c0097b [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t06.shn
2ba616316305718a96abf138458d4f21 [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t07.shn
e1a8e8c119003020d8d0a997bbaf84c2 [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t08.shn
e4c58d169ff56264e6b13ddd3521e668 [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t09.shn
ae6d796ba650226b7d0dffb46732ae7c [shntool] gd93-12-18d1t10.shn
9c832ad8f1a88a7f632ff4dfe171cece [shntool] gd93-12-18d2t01.shn
645da81dae0f6779322d37dbb9006d94 [shntool] gd93-12-18d2t02.shn
9a04d926169a0957060b6492bbde27b3 [shntool] gd93-12-18d2t03.shn
9665530054f98fec495efbd3003bce8f [shntool] gd93-12-18d2t04.shn
909a6e12bf021810dce2f9838856b88b [shntool] gd93-12-18d2t05.shn
a75a661c13da17e1b6f41788b166bf97 [shntool] gd93-12-18d2t06.shn
8ab56b46ef7c3e70ec15c362d1aaf5d1 [shntool] gd93-12-18d3t01.shn
a39080943d38347c88f701edbd5107df [shntool] gd93-12-18d3t02.shn
b300fa1bbc9add5ba68580f45eab6346 [shntool] gd93-12-18d3t03.shn
763ca26b97909fd16525f8b0cecc789b [shntool] gd93-12-18d3t04.shn
9ba6753a1ba40665c3a521924b2e3db0 [shntool] gd93-12-18d3t05.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
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Date User Comment
03/03/2002 Nick some gear notes:
d1t09 taper banter
The tapers are talking about their gear. I heard mention of a neumann power supply, this would probably be the 48i. I also heard talk of active capsules, and this does not sound "schoepsi" to me.
I would bet DATs to donughts that this (and the following night) were done w/a Neumann KM100 kit.
03/03/2002 Paul Bottiglio I have a copy of 12/17/93, also from Ryan Varnum, and it is from a Neuman-KM 140 source. It seems likely that both shows are from the same taper.
05/16/2002 Nick Holy crap!
what an ear!
02/16/2009 wklitz Schoeps MK4's>Reutelhuber preamp>Sony TCD-D10PROII Recorded by Keith Litzenberger (me!)

I was unsure on wheter or not this was my source or Dom's Neumann source until I listened to the crowd track at the end with me and Dom talking....but then no more Dom and it's me talking with my other friends who were in a different spot.