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Greensky Bluegrass 06/02/05
Bell's Brewery Garden, Kalamazoo, MI
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Source Summary Neuman diaphragm mics > CD-R > EAC > WAV > Flac FrontEnd 
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Greensky Bluegrass

Bell's Brewery Garden
Kalamazoo, MI

1.  Wheel Haas
2.  Tuesday Letter
3.  Steam Powered Aeroplane
4.  King of the Hill
5.  Through the Trees
6.  Doin' My Time > Clinch Mountain Back-step
7.  Less Than Supper
8.  Runnin' the Briers
9.  Little Red Corvette
10. Mama Tried
11. Dancing in the Dark > White Water

Recorded and transferred by Ian Gorman
Source: Neuman diaphragm mics
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6cf795f700b386e22d769ea50e0403d1 *gsbg2005-06-02d1t01.flac
193c25b948cd75a39981c47a6749ec66 *gsbg2005-06-02d1t02.flac
7bd998bdfd2b1fe75b83feee25cd6557 *gsbg2005-06-02d1t03.flac
0a866d103ee596306f21c8cabf30680e *gsbg2005-06-02d1t04.flac
ed9754592c57d243b07b8b1f770297f8 *gsbg2005-06-02d1t05.flac
f7f00ee942f45f878c8befe6f11e453b *gsbg2005-06-02d1t06.flac
b815a2fd5d4ca5650820df536beebaf1 *gsbg2005-06-02d1t07.flac
7edbe62695893656c97d67937f158a19 *gsbg2005-06-02d1t08.flac
24adf9289586fbc00858c4ca4e4ed2c7 *gsbg2005-06-02d1t09.flac
6e6e7a03749c6e4b8763f5edb5ea3b1e *gsbg2005-06-02d1t10.flac
84ca7ca97cb143342ca0e8e50175f48c *gsbg2005-06-02d1t11.flac

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