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Garcia 09/16/89
Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Hoffman Estates, IL
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Entered by Brett Heald
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: Entire show with Clerence Clemons. Source:soundboard->analog->pioneer PDR-509->CDRW->audio catalyst 2.1-> wav->cool edit 2000->mkw audio compression tool->shn  
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Jerry Garcia Band
Poplar Creek Music Theatre
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
September 16, 1989
with Clarence Clemons

soundboard->analog->pioneer PDR-509->CDRW->audio catalyst 2.1->
wav->cool edit 2000->mkw audio compression tool->shn

   Disc One
   Set One
1. Cats Down Under The Stars
2. They Love Each Other
3. Let It Rock
4. I Shall Be Released
5. Someday Baby
6. Dear Prudence
7. Let's Spend The Night Together

   Disc Two
   Set Two
1. How Sweet It Is
2. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
3. Think
4. Waiting For A Miracle
5. Evangeline
6. The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down
7. Tangled Up In Blue

Show Checksums
6e5b4236dbccf7590e0f65e61f7f2760 *jgb89-09-16d2t3.shn
5937f693ced358042b45451a6588c012 *jgb89-09-16d1t2.shn
3cf559646080c07b20826e52dfe58699 *jgb89-09-16d1t3.shn
b7165ba0f4defa1bd9807ae7ac45e4f2 *jgb89-09-16d1t4.shn
42f4b3ce2aa666b8b5dbd111f612dc2e *jgb89-09-16d1t5.shn
9f0e988a0018da19d6623b47b8913deb *jgb89-09-16d1t6.shn
a931813b156d0af2a0bcfc6cd17835b1 *jgb89-09-16d1t7.shn
892e3126d0147e67b422f9d4f2a958c2 *jgb89-09-16d2t1.shn
97bb5cdb6ce5e274bb0b6a429076a4c9 *jgb89-09-16d2t2.shn
aed0837176533f4088c4018d5f4e1582 *jgb89-09-16d1t1.shn
dc095487937dd5c9783ed9656ec698d0 *jgb89-09-16d2t4.shn
2028a6283f0c8d6082d671501270297d *jgb89-09-16d2t5.shn
961cea14a5fae1ef7ff066287f85ff87 *jgb89-09-16d2t6.shn
06f23e3ce01b73e156720de2d222f3b9 *jgb89-09-16d2t7.shn

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Date User Comment
02/17/2002 Chris Perkins Sector boundaries are off. Fix with shntool. One listener has mentioned a high-pitched noise noticable between tracks. Personally, I found the noise to be barely noticable and not at all distracting. YMMV.
03/20/2002 Jake Mercatoris I second the high pitched whine. It's not just between songs, it's throughout the show and is strong enough to register in ShnAmp/WinAmp's rather insensitive spectrum analyzer. I would guess the source for this is a high generation analog cassette, and the high pitched whine is from poor (or high-speed) dubbing.
07/17/2007 btet Third that on the high-pitched whine. Usually I don't notice these things (surprising since bad brakes on a train will usually make me cringe in pain while others go about their business), but it's definitely audible and a distraction. Help! =:-0