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Grateful Dead 03/31/87
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary FM(AUD):MC> DAT> CD> AIFF> WAV> SHN; via Peter Braverman 
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Grateful Dead
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA

This is one of the best shows from a woefully neglected tour. Garcia's playing in the first set in particular (Jack Straw! Franklin's Tower! Mama Tried! Big River!!!) is absolutely frenetic.


Disk 1 (65:37)
1. Jack Straw >
2. Franklin's Tower
3. C. C. Rider
4. Ramble on Rose
5. Tons of Steel
6. Mama Tried >
7. Big River
8. Candyman
9. Desolation Row
10. Don't Ease Me In

Disk 2 (78:29)
*D2 requires an 80-minute disk, but can be split easily between tracks 4 and 5.
1. Touch of Grey
2. Estimated Prophet >
3. Terrapin >
4. drums >
5. space >
6. Uncle John's Band >
7. I Need a Miracle >
8. Stella Blue >
9. Around & Around
10. Turn on Your Lovelight
11. Brokedown Palace (E)

Known Issues:
Cassette flip between drums and space.

Patches from Stephen Porter's cassette, front row of the taper's section: AUD:Nak 300/Sony D5> Nak BX-300 playback> Peak> AIFF

1. d1t1: until the first verse of Jack Straw, comments from Weir welcoming radio listeners, the decision to play Jack Straw instead of Feel Like a Stranger, and correcting level variations in the first 0:30 of the song.

2. d1t6: the first two lines of the song. The first verse still contains minor level variations.

Thanks to Lee for the disks. Conversion, retracking, patching, and seeding by Peter Braverman ([email protected]).
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6e963753e030b106f09125d80e10d9c9 *gd87-03-31d1t01.shn
24b8800047769e5d8875e4fc231eee5c *gd87-03-31d1t02.shn
60742518b5d4b562a84182ee06f00eab *gd87-03-31d1t03.shn
ce9cb6d1ed5bff29891b7b73b709592f *gd87-03-31d1t04.shn
c73a94e1408c366c4527afd070d68da9 *gd87-03-31d1t05.shn
6513b863552c0e3beead73e971718973 *gd87-03-31d1t06.shn
271593d9813da02f400ae29d07beee7a *gd87-03-31d1t07.shn
7b8079b0830ded37c28cdeb0427b0f1e *gd87-03-31d1t08.shn
555429eaafabf979eef54bacf62eaca8 *gd87-03-31d1t09.shn
7d7580ef237674b7965fe01eda5b239a *gd87-03-31d1t10.shn
957949418a791ce90db13258f67f60b0 *gd87-03-31d2t01.shn
0f7b709ed6b68fcdf8bc82a1b5d6ca1c *gd87-03-31d2t02.shn
2dd51c3f166847ddaca044e041e21547 *gd87-03-31d2t03.shn
557524f1bf23afd194c66cc12ce6f70c *gd87-03-31d2t04.shn
6bc4073efec95358c0b04cade192043c *gd87-03-31d2t05.shn
17300732f7cdcb177b5b146f049df454 *gd87-03-31d2t06.shn
0cf5d6ed86cb0be294c4055eea68b145 *gd87-03-31d2t07.shn
eb994123ad329ce2fec21632951973b0 *gd87-03-31d2t08.shn
5ae3f788220dd3b060800aa8a0380021 *gd87-03-31d2t09.shn
9a68a8c4f124f13e4cce8adee1f4c50a *gd87-03-31d2t10.shn
38eca1725ab9a89a99d73b74a6d1a085 *gd87-03-31d2t11.shn
a58c4ab3d78381515a60c0978d55ae85 [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t01.shn
e00dcaff45e9b60608d21c6226ac063b [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t02.shn
828a1787b39ad13e4676ebed1fddcc47 [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t03.shn
80671f9c89fbe9534d98d2b4d097dd1c [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t04.shn
1b6a757725c07347c07424e8f3cd34ea [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t05.shn
21dd4fddeeef506ff71c5a6b701e4b4e [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t06.shn
7154f8ec6903f1176f34654436e82217 [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t07.shn
82acebb9b098a4e1dc7532765348e626 [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t08.shn
ffedf1c56b0f7bae3861705bc3c0612c [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t09.shn
fba67a9189d8936303fe16a217a25fa7 [shntool] gd87-03-31d1t10.shn
2b68ef7a6418edfbbb467c36c5e5a47d [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t01.shn
94af860b112ea34dfdc9112fcf71cfcf [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t02.shn
854268af0fe14f5fde070b8e916cd51c [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t03.shn
21fb3bbd9b00654bb70eaba1880e0d30 [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t04.shn
0e7fd707d624d9e2d48529f2dc0c162c [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t05.shn
5847dbc745c11884d1fe80f6fd43e218 [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t06.shn
575a6f8f5e09071fea0202c5aef0e32d [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t07.shn
ad699945efc65f4f6f81d181b5f2bd20 [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t08.shn
14a0dfef5d00feeff1e8e41f59570299 [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t09.shn
4f5991b2977333baf3e5b6437d3fc911 [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t10.shn
7dba7fc8b9f80be9fd76d7fc8c1073ab [shntool] gd87-03-31d2t11.shn

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