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Grateful Dead 09/13/93
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary SB> DAT> CM> DAT> CD; via Charlie Miller; Chris Frisco; Steve Barbella 
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The Grateful Dead

Philadelphia Spectrum, PA  

Sept.13, 1993

Lineage: SB> DAT> CM> DAT> CD

disc one: [65:58]
-set 1-
01. Hell in a Bucket>
02. Jack-A-Roe
03. The Same Thing
04. Stagger Lee
05. Black Throated Wind
06. Dire Wolf
07. Let It Grow
-set 2-
08. Scarlet Begonias>
09. Fire On the Mountain

disc two: [77:13]
01. Playin' in the Band>
02. Dark Star>
03. Terrapin Station>
04. Drumz/
05. Space>Tubular Bells jam>
06. Easy Answers>
07. Days Between>
08. Good Lovin'
09. e) I Fought The Law

drumz notes:
-tape flip splice in drumz @ 8:46
-portion of drumz is missing

seeded by Charie Miller
spread jan 2002 by Chris Frisco

EAC>.shn transfer by Steve Barbella
EAC=secure test and copy 100%, no errors, offsets config'd
shns via mkw v.97 (seek enabled)
sectors confirmed via shn tool

notes for burning audio:
If 80's are unavailable you can burn on 3 x 74
per the suggested layout below.

3 @ 74

disc one: [45.35]
01. Hell in a Bucket>
02. Jack-A-Roe
03. The Same Thing
04. Stagger Lee
05. Black Throated Wind
06. Dire Wolf
07. Let It Grow

disc two: [62.32]
01. Scarlet Begonias>
02. Fire On the Mountain>
03. Playin' in the Band>
04. Dark Star>
05. Terrapin Station>
06. Drumz>

disc three: [35.00]
01. Tubular Bells jam>
02. Easy Answers>
03. Days Between>
04. Good Lovin'
05. e) I Fought The Law
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b8a11fb88a5d52f6c2c4e5a66e625154 *gd93-09-13d1t06.shn
c4da930e2eb5b708e19a7efef6e72151 *gd93-09-13d1t02.shn
60e1e1b74bb14763fe71013c79f44717 *gd93-09-13d1t03.shn
7aa51b717f92e4e8bc1092e0d7f3f723 *gd93-09-13d1t04.shn
889c2c586d54fd3ea3185fd2a9163ff9 *gd93-09-13d1t05.shn
144a2ef460f3522ca057ecb5fc3edbb9 *gd93-09-13d1t01.shn
d639b758252630ddf1e0cc0dd02f21cc *gd93-09-13d1t07.shn
192a19b216266223583d287073286f4a *gd93-09-13d1t08.shn
1d84131d4ef572ddb095f8eb17cdafd4 *gd93-09-13d1t09.shn
3eeb1ec5853d770fd10603f8c5dc1990 *gd93-09-13d2t01.shn
1cc1d2e5065022ba87568736b5a2b994 *gd93-09-13d2t02.shn
87518d6ae6a4bb70392c96bdef5b866a *gd93-09-13d2t03.shn
2dc534adc6455e4488f48f07f3a50d1d *gd93-09-13d2t04.shn
87808aaf33246339f70cc001b7400989 *gd93-09-13d2t05.shn
aa074da9a09a71255a677e18d0aa1e6d *gd93-09-13d2t06.shn
14f66a141438a026bbfd186e8ae60c5e *gd93-09-13d2t07.shn
da1c0a87c5ab8c1bd3af71f078171cd6 *gd93-09-13d2t08.shn
24a5a74d11085835be61306000d93e8b *gd93-09-13d2t09.shn
b58afb04ca4a7ee9af42d731b375ab78 [shntool] gd93-09-13d1t01.shn
0d55b22221e423e69f4d7fe6b4523f5b [shntool] gd93-09-13d1t02.shn
dbfe7e73b82bd72c3f0a3226023bd293 [shntool] gd93-09-13d1t03.shn
94ac8f8d2a0df5330901bf18a2ff8741 [shntool] gd93-09-13d1t04.shn
27ef1d832b29dc2f80665288e92d5709 [shntool] gd93-09-13d1t05.shn
fdb366db1502fbb43e18d99b94e2658a [shntool] gd93-09-13d1t06.shn
86e631e863d4ba6d166f00c5cf4df814 [shntool] gd93-09-13d1t07.shn
6ddcab7eb0c54e9cac6f894e94500fbe [shntool] gd93-09-13d1t08.shn
ff487628521458e954ee29c8d9df38ef [shntool] gd93-09-13d1t09.shn
3270a9718906e518f3f967aa0ca5441c [shntool] gd93-09-13d2t01.shn
cf971f823b0a084dadc4615f7e206182 [shntool] gd93-09-13d2t02.shn
60ddd9da6e217d98ad73f8ed9b85451b [shntool] gd93-09-13d2t03.shn
bc0e2111b88df51062cbc0cd0cb4d3ac [shntool] gd93-09-13d2t04.shn
0ca2f35dcca1376ed838fdc6c84ddd14 [shntool] gd93-09-13d2t05.shn
b0f2573af8bdfa0bc5e7690006f76d6c [shntool] gd93-09-13d2t06.shn
3ba693659a07f4346139373d3a48a2e0 [shntool] gd93-09-13d2t07.shn
426f22f4f7478c215ad4ae6b98adeef9 [shntool] gd93-09-13d2t08.shn
d63118db63b85191abb3ce2f798dab6e [shntool] gd93-09-13d2t09.shn

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