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Drive-By Truckers 02/23/06
Hampden Sydney College, Farmville, VA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary [16 Bit] DPA 4011 > V2 >AD2K > SD 722 (Mark Lynn) 
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Drive By Truckers
Gammon Gym,Hampden Sydney College
Hampden Sydney, VA

cd # 1
Folsom Prison Blues Intro
Zip City
John Henry
Putting People On The Moon
Daddy\'s Cup
My Sweet Annette
Tales Facing Up
Feb 14
Marry Me

cd # 2
Sandwiches For The Road
Goddamn Lonely Love
18 Wheels Of Love
Carl Perkins
Never Gonna Change
Lookout Mountain
The Living Bubba
Women Without Whiskey
Let There Be Rock

FOB DFC DPA(B&K)4011s->Luminous Monarchs->V2->Luminous Synchestra Signature XLRs->[email protected] 24/96->722. SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) -> Wavelab 5(edit/resample/dither)-> FLAC. Recorded and transfered by Mark Lynn([email protected]).

DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t01.flac:92098f22e6f3c446acd27a27ee4e014c
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t02.flac:859464a38290d39a6636c16149c0089e
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t03.flac:4e818074d8cc871376a7203c752913c1
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t04.flac:82d9d023e5b0ca16da74026d2af92000
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t05.flac:3e66987f9a836381a8b7ccb669775802
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t06.flac:3966d5e41fd1afeb014be803c31ac732
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t07.flac:f41129c7cc688e3510074f093a8f8143
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t08.flac:1714024b5922ff36771c528e84679ae8
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t09.flac:98a30d927c2286268586617032508237
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t10.flac:6777a083b013e826eb7bb255d0a5cf0c
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d1t11.flac:52ea0f623005ab43117f7afd16a7f070
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t01.flac:106e5ed9b4549ee79669b37b5379a6fd
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t02.flac:c6be7d001e6f6b3c4d6593ddf9353bd8
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t03.flac:52059fe62a98f5c7e31e2b4b0dfb9ff7
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t04.flac:c9fae81f040c3ef5330ff6fd558b56fa
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t05.flac:ca3fb67e5dd5ff23f8ab3b558f9d4f4d
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t06.flac:31468b9c768ffbb1a93f676f3a0427b9
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t07.flac:c7cb95330b4be84e5cfb9bc027030e8c
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t08.flac:c2364acc611f5eacff7db24e9cc4bbb8
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t09.flac:4d3dc1d27b0dc4a92831014e454db06d
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t10.flac:e9fb558970b7890cceccc1abafd2930f
DBT 2006-02-23 4011s d2t11.flac:ab816d2b9d9ed4f373e238ab27ff4002
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