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Drive-By Truckers 04/20/06
Charlottesville Pavillion, Charlottesville, VA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary [24 Bit] DPA 4011 > V2 >AD2K > SD 722 (Mark Lynn) 
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Drive By Truckers
Charlottesville Pavilion,Charlottesville,VA

Lookout Mountain
Where The Devil Don\'t Stay
Never Gonna Change
Feb 14
Marry Me
Easy On Yourself
Aftermath USA
Gravity\'s Gone
John Henry
Putting People On The Moon
Space City
Let There Be Rock

FOB DFC DPA(B&K)4011s->Luminous Monarchs->V2->Luminous Synchestra Signature XLRs->[email protected] 24/96->722. SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) -> Wavelab 5(edit)-> FLAC. Recorded and transfered by Mark Lynn([email protected]).

DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 01.flac:52e1a2ab7e6bac5a79a8b9c7fd722f20
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 02.flac:67c872670788c36988ac882a160f629c
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 03.flac:d06741c46cb21fa1f82b4d3c5329e21c
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 04.flac:1c3769d61ba245765d01f164e915fd43
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 05.flac:98dd9e01e050aba89fcc3a6faffdb95f
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 06.flac:3e087162720a58e6a1be562e2b717e97
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 07.flac:1f5f6422839b9e2ed1c5edce72ebc695
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 08.flac:5205492d9c9c38c284bdcddda7debf47
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 09.flac:d846790c37b62b6cb390575dae93aff4
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 10.flac:44dbee43b2a52b6ca38b2560b90fb495
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 11.flac:cc62a50800f3e978f194e9cc509ff39b
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 12.flac:3936a639780242f04f2726dfabd32795
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 13.flac:9dc9c9260642682e56c297a6b6ebc298
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 14.flac:676e01b745df08e8c7c5b2ccb2cb8ecb
DBT 2006-04-20 4011s 15.flac:fc273c3a097b10e109ea596098eb55ec
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