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Disco Biscuits 04/30/06
Exit/Inn, Nashville, TN
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Entered by SailorSaint
Checksums flac.ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Peluso cemc6/ck4's(DIN,DFC,8',~40 from stage)>m-148>v3>d7>co2>m-audio transit>wavelab5>CDWave(tracking)> flac frontend(encoding) 
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Disco Biscuits
Nashville, Tn
April 30, 2006

Source: Peluso cemc6/ck4's(DIN,DFC,8',~40 from stage)>m-148>v3>d7
Transfer: d7>co2>m-audio transit>wavelab5
Editing: CDWave(tracking), flac frontend(encoding)
Taped and Transferred by Jon Buffington ([email protected])

*Thanks to Brian for the m-148 and v3 loaner

set 1 disc 1

1. Floodlights
2. Have a Cigar
3. Crystal Ball
4. Above the Waves>
5. Crickets*>
6. Above the Waves

set 2 disc 2

1. Story of the World>
2. 42*>
3. Story of the World
4. Barfly

set2 disc 3

1. Aquatic Ape>
2. Svenghali>
3. Safety Dance
4. crowd
5. House Dog Party Favor

*Inverted version
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Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d1t03.flac:d936798c3f68731d10454fdc02e5f8d4
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d1t04.flac:692ecb8470fe120deaa28088775337c9
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d1t05.flac:a19f6847b9eb2b82d538c37425bcb18a
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d1t06.flac:13f481ac0a1111661b3625754d17a001
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d2t01.flac:d14ec489ea02052f72030411a7027ce0
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d2t02.flac:bbf10f0f35c4fe1506953470c91b8750
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d2t03.flac:9edfcbd111b138babd1d3c820de5a6ca
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d2t04.flac:57e98bdb11dfad582f9cf699a559ef2d
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d3t01.flac:71222e16caa5b7989f8ce69c5ca8ba2d
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d3t02.flac:939c6d064d3325925b4be7b08532b77b
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d3t03.flac:030b295cf94278f2c9816730f1fbcc1a
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d3t04.flac:d7eb9b610449b91ad197a204c05412f5
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d3t05.flac:1d6785956a2c7d5a27a486f5d7450a1a
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d1t01.flac:d1d85117024a1eaab6604e7bb4782036
Disco Biscuits 2006-04-30d1t02.flac:0e7cfdaf7dc8c5764e67e1bba7250a12

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