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North Mississippi Allstars 02/22/06
The Dame, Lexington, KY
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Entered by vanark
Checksums flac.ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AKG ck63>A61>JWmod c460b>Lunatec V3>Hosa ODL-312>JB3>wav(16/44.1)>firewire>flac Microphones ROC, 40' from stage at 8' DIN-A 
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North Mississippi Allstars
The Dame
Lexington, KY

AKG ck63>A61>JWmod c460b>Lunatec V3>Hosa ODL-312>JB3>wav(16/44.1)>firewire>flac
Microphones ROC, 40' from stage at 8' DIN-A

Taped and transferred by John Wilson (

One Set
Disc 1:
1) Intro
2) Stompin My Foot
3) Run On>
4) Goin' Down South
5) Ship
6) Moonshine
7) Georgia Women>
8) Poor Black Mattie>
9) jam1>
10) Skinny Women>
11) jam2
12) Poor Black Mattie
13) Chew Talks
14) No Mo
15) Bang Bang Lulu
16) Shake 'Em On Down

Disc 2:
1) Circle in the Sky
2) Mean Ol' Wind Died Down
3) Snakes in My Bushes>
4) Sugartown
5) Mississippi Bollweevil
6) Psychedelic Sex Machine
7) Goin Home

Disc 3:
1) Horseshoe#
2) Freedom Highway
3) Po Boy>
4) Snake Drive
5) Crowd
6) Stay>Lord Have Mercy>Stay
7) Shimmy She Wobble>Station Blues

# Saint's Go Marchin In tease

Thanks to vanark for the setlist corrections and help

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0ddc63b56b68bb33a40958d3bb2bdb53 *nmas2006-02-22d1t01-Intro.flac
aadf2c30946254e80a3b08b9fe16fd8f *nmas2006-02-22d1t02-Stompin My Foot.flac
cfa647052174cab1d8dcc4b4fe144d33 *nmas2006-02-22d1t03-Run On.flac
1ef687fc9880de054a4686a1d3710eb5 *nmas2006-02-22d1t04-Goin Down South.flac
b42f73362938ab7ed14dbe4366fc3cc2 *nmas2006-02-22d1t05-Ship.flac
a28369ad5cddd1d7630667cc157fe7ba *nmas2006-02-22d1t06-Moonshine.flac
afffb50f36beb02521476dbd9b12f2bb *nmas2006-02-22d1t07-Georgia Women.flac
4d774365e55b9794a08d4f444fe22603 *nmas2006-02-22d1t08-Poor Black Matie.flac
21c8620b004810a2c360706a88ba6295 *nmas2006-02-22d1t09-jam1.flac
b98fb40971cb6d8d1eeef6846904255f *nmas2006-02-22d1t10-Skinny Women.flac
926210a8661a0bbd88b750dc1f246f89 *nmas2006-02-22d1t11-jam2.flac
6de1afb8be2f11478437efc7fdc90ae8 *nmas2006-02-22d1t12-Poor Black Matie.flac
51c74ba41bf9d28d1dcb58619970b89c *nmas2006-02-22d1t13-Chew Talks.flac
150a6a6fa657a1ec5eb6f614cf3f67b5 *nmas2006-02-22d1t14-No Mo.flac
eb7784a3364a6c1b8c0c178253d1a677 *nmas2006-02-22d1t15-Bang Bang Lulu.flac
6439fb5e76d3678a5e1f9b20157f2f22 *nmas2006-02-22d1t16-Shake 'Em On Down.flac
597bec006cf1c5422d8c67051bd7689a *nmas2006-02-22d2t01-Circle in the Sky.flac
65f2e6e57685c172dea0619eedac5a88 *nmas2006-02-22d2t02-Mean Ol' Wind Died Down.flac
30492c8339f6247cc2160de3f2968e51 *nmas2006-02-22d2t03-Snakes in My Bushes.flac
23ff926e15e3d5e70edce1eea0c46975 *nmas2006-02-22d2t04-Sugartown.flac
8dd91a328b0dc5b43e4a92aac307bb6f *nmas2006-02-22d2t05-Mississippi Bollweevil.flac
77af79d2f93c39b31a76f8b203b29609 *nmas2006-02-22d2t06-Psychedelic Sex Machine.flac
211a8a7af5e13ea659bedea6e390f07e *nmas2006-02-22d2t07-Goin Home.flac
5d4fea9c080983486c3f45314f0d7c5d *nmas2006-02-22d3t01-Horseshoe.flac
d9e48ed9a76fa67fc6264ea6948fdb12 *nmas2006-02-22d3t02-Freedom Highway.flac
e862b4265a9a7f87cfc78ebe00adb59a *nmas2006-02-22d3t03-Po Boy.flac
9176d1a1528777b90b7498306aab587f *nmas2006-02-22d3t04-Snake Drive.flac
29f0a2c6c74b82d8df1659800327ffd7 *nmas2006-02-22d3t05-Crowd.flac
be66885628e69d849de05af24048108a *nmas2006-02-22d3t06-Stay-Lord Have Mercy-Stay.flac
016b390476cd3e9e75c5a1b7029119c6 *nmas2006-02-22d3t07-Station Blues.flac

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