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Wilco 03/16/06
Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN
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Entered by Tom Wilder
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Source Summary Wilco 2006-02-16 TN Theater, Knoxville TN 
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TN Theater
Knoxville TN

Source: AT853RX\'s>UA-5>JB3
Lineage: JB3>CDWave>Flac
Recorded and Transfered by: Brian Meccia

Disc 1

01. Airline To Heaven
02. Handshake Drugs
03. Shot In The Arm
04. Company In My Back
05. At Least That\'s What You Said
06. Hell Is Chrome
07. Spiders/Kidsmoke
08. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
09. When The Roses Bloom Again ??????
10. Forget The Flowers
11. Jesus etc.
12. Walken

Disc 2

01. Theologians
02. I\'m The Man Who Loves You
03. Encore
04. Hummingbird
05. Heavy Metal Drummer
06. War On War
07. Late Greats
08. Encore
09. Kingpin
10. Is That The Thanks I Get


I\'m kind of new at taping, this was an amazing show.  
I may have set my levels a little low, but if you turn it up it sonds great to me.
If you listen to this show please let me know if I should turn up the levels next time.


************************Flac Fingerprints****************************

LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1801.flac:38f3c4fb5f2ebd64bb5c64bc65d9ad84
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1802.flac:db9a9117fd6d3a11e69cc17f45ded618
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1803.flac:c430322ccd1764409e50bff237f53dbe
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1804.flac:d08c75aaf6cc25327eae9a611f953b6a
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1805.flac:2a85fb564af9dba06ee83fe06114a15a
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1806.flac:c640122284d18d76c7e858d9f2314b30
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1807.flac:ac395bb9512f20c637ecdcee6c41d2e5
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1808.flac:abcfa7b998db8c0f0337e8664ed98439
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1809.flac:6730bf02c5c1e7f9e2e45d93c7650f13
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1810.flac:d58db4581f1a8c954a9a5795fa7091de
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1811.flac:bff531bdcca487814ae6a112bc4f5521
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1812.flac:5b41465aeb807fcdd0425a738274c198
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1813.flac:dcca15dd46cd671f3a625761380bc3a8
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1814.flac:5f5944d9cd059ec8c7fa770aafa7fa71
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1815.flac:a3606be2a0c51f3b66275065a289eaa5
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1816.flac:35276cd5d8fab18ac76c78e08097359a
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1817.flac:84b6013824cf56208e1b8b4186518cd6
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1818.flac:58e896ec6e678693d114bc953820ce3c
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1819.flac:3ef3a85f04185c8fc0708d33f28972b6
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1820.flac:c431fa81f6c0b055a9afb31c43ed4f1b
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1821.flac:49cfdaf32f7809e7682404848ea00467
LINE 2006-03-17 01_16_1822.flac:658ef3409ff9c57c79a3b49bdafe04c0
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