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Grateful Dead 07/16/94
Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary FOB AMS ST250 (ambisonic) >Modified Sony D10 pro2 > DAT > Tascam CDR 700; via Tim Wiley 
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Grateful Dead
RFK Stadium
Washington , DC.

Source:FOB AMS ST250 (ambisonic) >
Modified Sony D10 pro2 >
DAT > Tascam CDR 700

CD 1
Set 1
1.Cold Rain & Snow,
2.Picasso Moon,
3.Lazy River Road,
4.El Paso,
5.If The Shoe Fits,
6.Ramble on Rose,
7.When I Paint My Masterpiece,
8.Loose Lucy,
9.Promised Land

CD 2
Set 2
2.China Cat Sunflower->
3.I Know You Rider,
4.Samba In The Rain,
5.Estimated Prophet->
6.Crazy Fingers->

CD 3
Set 2 cont.
2.The Last Time->
3.Stella Blue->
4.One More Saturday Night
5.E Liberty

Known flaws:
-drop out in the tunning of d2t1
-brief diginoise/drop in d1t6 at 3:40 and 4:43

A nice audience recording

Shn Conversion done on 2/07/02 by Tim Wiley [email protected]
I used EAC in secure mode all tracks 100% quality
Via mkwact to shn

special thanks to Rob Conroy for the source and the cds
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1dc3fda2b992f0a73dde80c5ee3439e1 [shntool] gd94-07-16d1t1.shn
e5ea0b982f5c302f841b18e5bba1805f [shntool] gd94-07-16d1t2.shn
0a5f6be8fe970f9c8a1c629d622046b0 [shntool] gd94-07-16d1t3.shn
a6ffaf73d27e69d02e4a5028d68ea714 [shntool] gd94-07-16d1t4.shn
e48ee4a6292a332967c519fceebdeb75 [shntool] gd94-07-16d1t5.shn
743e44784a329bdcd5aae3d22b40788f [shntool] gd94-07-16d1t6.shn
4490dae09289508dbd0f31301e446924 [shntool] gd94-07-16d1t7.shn
05f3255f6ee531a4d6ccaa55fd83a036 [shntool] gd94-07-16d1t8.shn
1c3f2edee657225345142c46916a2984 [shntool] gd94-07-16d1t9.shn
6b5b02bd1e3041bccfd28aff5b68a2e4 [shntool] gd94-07-16d2t1.shn
673246238c8a2d62e2107215be361bf1 [shntool] gd94-07-16d2t2.shn
1f9fceb757db4352cdd8bee72deee8be [shntool] gd94-07-16d2t3.shn
e555853e133113757fd01b2628c4687d [shntool] gd94-07-16d2t4.shn
f77ac49d0be3bde765b521162f8f3db4 [shntool] gd94-07-16d2t5.shn
f995ca98f6c853198ae634d2b6062f88 [shntool] gd94-07-16d2t6.shn
46f66bc9e496f7e0f90755e55e6066a0 [shntool] gd94-07-16d2t7.shn
a8d2a7811b2bad314ffd6e114b97bf16 [shntool] gd94-07-16d3t1.shn
2ab6e737fe4da8f88b265c48ce4e7f57 [shntool] gd94-07-16d3t2.shn
d74e4788b5ae55590d09e58fafda7299 [shntool] gd94-07-16d3t3.shn
62f294dbf1ab93bc86ec9e25eecb50cd [shntool] gd94-07-16d3t4.shn
deb8289984ce5e337adda50dc5f218a2 [shntool] gd94-07-16d3t5.shn
c896cf25e2dd882c9d9b6ae552fbc4f1 *gd94-07-16d1t1.shn
672ac201a29f369e3a1512846f430a62 *gd94-07-16d1t2.shn
d70371a2b1e464fc68ff74ff15203a73 *gd94-07-16d1t3.shn
6681a830882dae1fbe5d676bf7709b9b *gd94-07-16d1t4.shn
af4b6f13c28ada769d86a1bd98626453 *gd94-07-16d1t5.shn
c30c5f8ef9dab11da3268d8cadaab06a *gd94-07-16d1t7.shn
4348771ebba6d5ce4b9a703e450ef576 *gd94-07-16d1t8.shn
5c948fa1b146e56a00dacd11c0afb4cf *gd94-07-16d1t9.shn
08d4783b320d03af5b322bc2c55d562f *gd94-07-16d1t6.shn
4c92fe18bf631f329941680931629ad1 *gd94-07-16d2t1.shn
3f264c4d609bdb1f04da759dc80048f7 *gd94-07-16d2t2.shn
cc8a2e3900dee7b941a59cf56a62d059 *gd94-07-16d2t3.shn
247011b7cca34dfcae3a9d7b03dfd725 *gd94-07-16d2t4.shn
bdbaaf82dde393a14fb1ca0d51b65cf2 *gd94-07-16d2t5.shn
232eb820f5dcbcfaa3857590b1a2fc23 *gd94-07-16d2t6.shn
61281f9d7e1e446481b31df86c6da98e *gd94-07-16d2t7.shn
3ff6c6987fa9650b798e76197615c5e4 *gd94-07-16d3t1.shn
fef8a8ca20587d5e7538f80504046de4 *gd94-07-16d3t2.shn
3fe89ff1174a8e9ff0f121cdfa295f5e *gd94-07-16d3t3.shn
34c402115b41ef75753fd1b217c4ac50 *gd94-07-16d3t4.shn
d436157c7464896d31bf32df32ccda03 *gd94-07-16d3t5.shn

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Date User Comment
02/08/2002 Tim Wiley I forgot to add that there is a drop out in the tunning of d2t1 sorry my mistake :(
02/22/2002 Brandon Johnston There is brief diginoise/drop in d1t6 at 3:40 and 4:43
02/22/2002 Diana Hamilton Thanks guys, I've modified the "no known" flaws line in the txt here to be a "known flaws" section.