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Phish 12/29/98
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
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Source # 75117 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Neumann TLM-170 > Apogee AD-1000 > DA-P1 > M1 @48kHz; DA-30 mkII > Digi002 > Pro Tools LE 6.4 (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > FLAC; Transferred by Dave Schall 
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Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

source: Neumann TLM-170s > Apogee AD-1000 > DA-P1 > M1 @48k

transfer: DA-30 mk II->Digi002 rack->Pro Tools LE 6.4
(fades, normalized to peak, resampled at Tweak Head-highest setting)>
CDwav->FLAC w/ md5summer checksums

transfer by Dave Schall 1/24/06

Disc 1
Set 1:
1.  Rock and Roll>
2.  Funky Bitch
3.  Punch You in the Eye
4.  Horn
5.  Ginseng Sullivan
6.  Split Open and Melt
7.  Brian and Robert
8.  Guyute
9.  My Soul
10. Freebird

Disc 2
Set 2:
1. Free >
2. Limb By Limb
3. Also Sprach Zarathustra*
4. Boogie On, Reggae Woman
5. You Enjoy Myself

Disc 3:
1.  E: Divided Sky

* - ambient intro jam and teases of Crosseyed and Painless
Show Checksums
ph1998-12-29d1t01- Rock n Roll.flac:d69f7de8c5efe26d914c50af3d9b46c4
ph1998-12-29d1t02- Funky Bitch.flac:373281e10b25aeb2bc5e5c21707471f0
ph1998-12-29d1t03- PYITE.flac:7ca866568f1e59dc8a40fd461c468498
ph1998-12-29d1t04- Horn.flac:59777ef2f41294b7185f3d068db546d1
ph1998-12-29d1t05- Ginseng Sullivan.flac:2fcd7765b12340847eb0f45b1b8a8d03
ph1998-12-29d1t06- Split Open and Melt.flac:8e1a712e658c02aa9cc5a4f0976ba3c4
ph1998-12-29d1t07- Brian and Robert.flac:f0cb37d0e1e6be759a3870262bd4eae1
ph1998-12-29d1t08- Guyute.flac:2168c36bedb48404cf6da4201f7b9016
ph1998-12-29d1t09- My Soul.flac:0200bb39a6b100185ce972cb436e27c5
ph1998-12-29d1t10- Freebird.flac:605247d9437ab00ca118721204487152
ph1998-12-29d2t01- Free.flac:988adf9c05a003a58066d8dd0bcb8f77
ph1998-12-29d2t02- Limb By Limb.flac:84c4fc5c2967841947f9092a644d3645
ph1998-12-29d2t03- Also Sprach Zarathustra.flac:c52f84a90de05c02b08281484a597b5d
ph1998-12-29d2t04- Boogie On Reggae Woman.flac:54e0cd61b5117986eaa3ecc7f9e6a86d
ph1998-12-29d2t05- You Enjoy Myself.flac:0ca9fe3bf200253466e1f5b4cb53cc01
ph1998-12-29d3t01- Divided Sky.flac:738e6913e84aa686335789f9ba31547e
2ea8c9075238c2eb991157e048b78631 *ph1998-12-29d1t01- Rock n Roll.flac
e59b866547491ba5fbffa2bdf2dd6c2f *ph1998-12-29d1t02- Funky Bitch.flac
0cb76fa1603b7afe1ddc74ba77079bf4 *ph1998-12-29d1t03- PYITE.flac
93e4f17e10e6787c7847605c076cf67a *ph1998-12-29d1t04- Horn.flac
d1328da657ff5f6720436d81e10b8603 *ph1998-12-29d1t05- Ginseng Sullivan.flac
2d6133681e14982bd6600abf7bf31dfc *ph1998-12-29d1t06- Split Open and Melt.flac
d776accea5e14ef18a27377f0d943c20 *ph1998-12-29d1t07- Brian and Robert.flac
3acdb029cbf9d9914599cb7d8b599620 *ph1998-12-29d1t08- Guyute.flac
5f9acecb5b3391f001e14b6b5b11f9d5 *ph1998-12-29d1t09- My Soul.flac
80f071fa502d7bf9a6f71921a3103878 *ph1998-12-29d1t10- Freebird.flac
f34017f0577f8e812573c1016a3453ed *ph1998-12-29d2t01- Free.flac
1c0f3c80214755a3cb6f9267612796ac *ph1998-12-29d2t02- Limb By Limb.flac
da30a415f8fa58b46823e08a2ea6cc73 *ph1998-12-29d2t03- Also Sprach Zarathustra.flac
8eb04fb859480bb9c6df3e2976f4e20f *ph1998-12-29d2t04- Boogie On Reggae Woman.flac
6e8d0ca98c129b0c26656171bec319e8 *ph1998-12-29d2t05- You Enjoy Myself.flac
d684b5129bc64821ff9bddf2b0ee9ca2 *ph1998-12-29d3t01- Divided Sky.flac

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