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Disco Biscuits 04/09/99
The Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by Dave Cooke
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AKG C-1000's> Samson mixpad 4> D8 > Sony DTC-670> Audiophile 2496> Wavelab> CDWave> MKW> shn 
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The Disco Biscuits
The Trocadero Theatre
Philadelphia, PA

Source:    AKG C-1000's> Samson mixpad 4> D8
Transfer:  Sony DTC-670> Audiophile 2496> Wavelab> CDWave> MKW> shn

Taped, Transferred, and Remastered by Rich Steele


Disc 1
/Set 1/
01.  Run Like Hell ->
02.  Little Shimmy in a Conga Line*
03.  Bazaar Escape
04.  Voices Insane
05.  Basis for a Day ->
06.  The Theiving Magpie**

Disc 2
/Set II/
01.  Tuning
02.  The Very Moon ->
03.  Hot Air Balloon
04.  Banter
05.  Above the Waves ->
06.  Basis for a Day

Disc 3
01.  Banter
02.  M.E.M.P.H.I.S ->
03.  Above the Waves
04.  Crowd
05.  I-Man

*   Completes 4/8 version
**   First time played
Show Checksums
a29fa339443aa0fb543a2b48e8a9df0e *db1999-04-09RM_d1t02.shn
2fc3cee425bbb9103a5472f61a78b462 *db1999-04-09RM_d1t01.shn
6fa3d2cf51f8d333a90a464aa9389b88 *db1999-04-09RM_d1t03.shn
e9f9975dc35fcdbf2db94e86d6febfcf *db1999-04-09RM_d1t04.shn
50c62504883cc5e2dbf7d09ce69c2b98 *db1999-04-09RM_d1t05.shn
14913058e36b8aff8b11a5fa29172270 *db1999-04-09RM_d1t06.shn
583d6236ce56a3abafcf8c71dde0ffa5 *db1999-04-09RM_d2t02.shn
63a3a8b4f4c3802df31849f0865b9364 *db1999-04-09RM_d2t03.shn
83b4493dc83519223a1a8b34691bb587 *db1999-04-09RM_d2t04.shn
454ac4ca02e3c2f7089887a4828113d5 *db1999-04-09RM_d2t05.shn
50d47a209948d11ee3c0a5dc0613133f *db1999-04-09RM_d2t06.shn
5421bc3b6b8a758830e2eebc06132523 *db1999-04-09RM_d2t01.shn
54c9334e4d6f1f77effada1018df695a *db1999-04-09RM_d3t02.shn
5f09cca17319813b280b18d4c46018cb *db1999-04-09RM_d3t01.shn
0b5398f7cdd6beceec91ec7c16443ac1 *db1999-04-09RM_d3t03.shn
ba2e7a739c081ff74581f2601c65b0c1 *db1999-04-09RM_d3t04.shn
c651f66fa9107d349bc251b86decbf85 *db1999-04-09RM_d3t05.shn

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