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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/13/98
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary B&K 4011> V2> P1; via Ross Carlson to furthurnet 
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MMW 10-13-98
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium,
Ashville NC

Source: B&K 4011>V2>P1


Disc One:
1. We're So Happy
2. We're So Happy cont'd
3. "Chris & Tam" > Bass Solo,
4. Partido Alto * > illyB/Logic > Drum Solo > Open Improv *
5. Start/Stop * >
6. Start/Stop cont'd * >
7. Sugarcraft * >
8. Shuck it Up,
9. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho,

Disc Two:
1. Everyday People,
2. C-Jam Blues > *
3. Wiggly's Way *
4. Open Improv * >
5. Chubb Sub *
...(YES the crowd wants MORE!)
6. Spy Kiss > *
7. Combustication *
8. Just Like I Pictured It

* part of set two w/ DJ Logic
Show Checksums
d69cfe0e05eced7b5410876285464f6f *mmw1998-10-13d101.shn
5349dcccfab1c93b869441c51f779f6d *mmw1998-10-13d102.shn
aaa295b071aa4f0db0870bcdd191721e *mmw1998-10-13d103.shn
5788c0e5c89a0a1a767e3275110a5e9f *mmw1998-10-13d104.shn
7e3ff00b63d001dcdc8ce2d6459c0f84 *mmw1998-10-13d105.shn
d047a5e821430919c0e9944d80e60109 *mmw1998-10-13d106.shn
922a3fb226957ff0358a72414e8d6c81 *mmw1998-10-13d107.shn
55a2378bf75e053003e4496c96d93d03 *mmw1998-10-13d108.shn
6f5c6e58c8ba65da6526f14ca0547b11 *mmw1998-10-13d109.shn
f67f3e144e657e4fdbbebef563f46587 *mmw1998-10-13d201.shn
2d20893f3d101b147e6c57408cb240e8 *mmw1998-10-13d202.shn
576511f9c06b6895af0e3aacb34e5b35 *mmw1998-10-13d203.shn
c91bb849788d07a829b48653c2e25dfa *mmw1998-10-13d204.shn
6c9908b45457e03a3e67aa55e0e3cb03 *mmw1998-10-13d205.shn
de9d3274357a160527195e24ca554c73 *mmw1998-10-13d206.shn
6f9b3a1d4198c7292d24b3b85f89e7e4 *mmw1998-10-13d207.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; Source: B&K... (3)
Date User Comment
03/06/2002 Bryan Blair Got this seed from Furthurnet... md5's for this show reveal 9 tracks for d1 and 7 tracks for d2 (as opposed to the 8 for d1 and 8 for d2 that the setlist says). Also on my version of this show, track 9 of d1 is cut a little after the 3 minute mark. Anyone who got this from Furthur notice this?
03/06/2002 Diana Hamilton So what's the by-ear tracklist breakdown? I can correct the txt here to match the md5s, but not without further data. Thanks!
11/12/2004 duggy To hopefully clarify any confusion:

The text file that's been circulating is mislabelled. There are 9 tracks on disc #1 and 7 tracks on disc #2 and they all verify against the database md5s as well as those circulating with my source.

Here's an updated text file/setlist:


Disc One:
1. Improv
2. > We're So Happy
3. "Chris & Tam" > Bass Solo
4. Partido Alto > Drum Solo >
5. Start/Stop >
6. Start/Stop (ending) >
7. Sugarcraft >
8. Shuck it Up
9. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho (cuts)

Disc Two:
1. Everyday People
2. C-Jam Blues > *
3. Wiggly's Way
4. Open >
5. Chubb Sub
...(YES the crowd wants MORE!)

6. Spy Kiss* >
7. Just Like I Pictured It

* part of set w/ Logic

Note: d1t06 was labelled as Nocturne, but is just the ending of Start/Stop

If anyone has a copy without the Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho cutting, that'd be great. The cut is part of this source and the track verifies with the md5.
09/20/2008 duggy Made some minor setlist updates. Corrected the tracking listed to reflect my comment above, although I did not note the show starts with Improv, since it's really just We're So Happy getting started.