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Medeski Martin & Wood 10/21/01
Promowest Pavillion, Columbus, OH
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary Neumann TLM 170r (hypercards)>V2>AD2K>DA-P1; via Ross Carlson to furthurnet 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
Promowest Pavillion, Columbus OH
October 21, 2001
Source: Neumann TLM 170r (hypercards)>V2>AD2K>DA-P1

Set One/Disc One
1- The Dropper >
2- Angel Race >
3- Shacklyn Knights >
4- Drums
5- Hey Hee Hi Ho >
6- Just Like I Pictured It
7- Big Time >
8- New Slow Tune
9- Blue Pepper

Set Two/Disc Two
1- Coconut Boogaloo >
2- Dracula >
3- Partido Alto >
4- We Are Rolling >
6- Wiggly?s Way
7- Bass Solo >
8- Swamp Road
9- Crosstown Traffic
10- Night Marchers
Show Checksums
9af52801f4e910aebc3856b22207f312 *mmw2001-10-21d101.shn
e3cf25102cdb160e0d5d0674d856364a *mmw2001-10-21d102.shn
167aea5800d1a1e1690b075bb02f500d *mmw2001-10-21d103.shn
ec332b0d3d5460b6e8c48e3a87e882d6 *mmw2001-10-21d104.shn
6d08da0b54640f9db133ee4e1b979cd4 *mmw2001-10-21d105.shn
226db8dc197170abd9b12b97a0c29744 *mmw2001-10-21d106.shn
b4d8c3af32c18f11d802ce3dc5694d58 *mmw2001-10-21d107.shn
e0cfde812321c38fa47b80babac85bc6 *mmw2001-10-21d108.shn
8dd2e19be9f4b764f606b6b2346e408b *mmw2001-10-21d109.shn
f0cbee63b4d9cdd0ef83c56c0f9ce606 *mmw2001-10-21d201.shn
384c6d8d947e16b1dfea4222a2673ade *mmw2001-10-21d202.shn
2a64b5faed0a8dc8854fc73544accd2e *mmw2001-10-21d203.shn
b42b0762d87cd49cb7277971732ff91e *mmw2001-10-21d204.shn
b416e31c329b621a3fe172664836c5f0 *mmw2001-10-21d205.shn
7fcde5b3e26f7bed1a4c83b46f64ece3 *mmw2001-10-21d206.shn
499fed08fdbf96f3b7a156d7d559a71d *mmw2001-10-21d207.shn
f4aaf1cc19d090846fbab34bde72ddbe *mmw2001-10-21d208.shn
1d93aa7d8d7213bf98b8b28e5d95242d *mmw2001-10-21d209.shn
8054ad2d6878d5b289647a7d394e508b *mmw2001-10-21d210.shn
eaddad96e929c2fa18526ce8e8778259 *mmw2001-10-21d211.shn
1b11590eb266c486bea583003781cd04 *mmw2001-10-21d212.shn

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