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Allman Brothers Band 08/19/05
Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA
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Source Summary Nakamichi 700s-Sony PCM-M1-Soundforge (Normalized)-TRacks-CDWav-MKWAct 
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ABB, Montage Mountain
Scranton, PA

Nakamichi 700s-Sony PCM-M1-Soundforge (Normalized)-TRacks-CDWav-MKWAct

Recorded from about 20th row, FOB, left of center
Recorded and transferred by Jim Kelly

Note: I had a girl in front of me and 1 seat to the right who kept
standing on her seat, screaming and clapping. You can hear her from time
to time, particulcrly in the first half of the show. Also there was an open
area just in front to my left where a bunch of people congregated to stand
during the show, you can hear them talking periodically.
Overall, the recording came out fairly well despite this. The show was superb!
The show followed a great pre-show party hosted at Dave Ashton's farm. It was a
special day and night for many of the ABB faithful.

1. Mountain Jam  
2. Drums
3. Mountain Jam (cont)
4. Trouble No More  
5. Midnight Rider  
6. Rocking Horse  
7. Done Somebody Wrong  
8. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down  
9. Dimples  
with Jack Pearson, guitar & vocals
10. Key To The Highway  
with Jack Pearson, guitar

Disc 2
1. Good Morning Little School Girl  
with Jack Pearson, guitar
2. Stand Back  
3. Statesboro Blues  
4. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed  
5. Drums
6. Bass
7. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (end)
8. Crowd
9. One Way Out  
with Jack Pearson, guitar
10. (outro) Little Martha
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4ddd9294b3582525a9266edb60608a72 *ABB2005-08-19d2t5.shn
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796f0348891e083313e18322b344b798 *ABB2005-08-19d2t9.shn
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3e65af419f691b12e46b1ee2d5388652 *ABB2005-08-19d1t1.shn
33d2d7ff776403dfc896dde98467746f *ABB2005-08-19d1t2.shn
55c999822dd32fe4accdb73ef40e3b5c *ABB2005-08-19d1t3.shn
12275d6ed93b0ff9e010a16b2a4a07ad *ABB2005-08-19d1t4.shn
2bae36d07835fb50f208a19f4a25b713 *ABB2005-08-19d1t5.shn
fb359aa4fda411779324caef294f6a7b *ABB2005-08-19d1t6.shn
32a31e9c97bfcc5589c641ba7aa1cf4a *ABB2005-08-19d1t7.shn
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