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Medeski Martin & Wood 07/22/06
Field Stage, 10,000 Lakes Festival, Soo Pass Rch, Detroit Lak, MN
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Entered by duggy
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Source Summary flac16; Source: MBHO MBP 603a + KA100LK (Healy Method omni, stand at 10.5'^, FOB approx 50' from stage) > UA-5 (BM2p+ mod.) > [(coax > D7) and (optical > JB3 @ 44.1 khz)]; Taped by Dean Lambrecht 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Field Stage, 10,000 Lakes Festival - Soo Pass Ranch, Detroit Lakes, MN
July 22/2006 (Saturday)

Source:  MBHO MBP 603a + KA100LK (Healy Method omni, stand at 10.5'^, FOB approx 50' from stage) > UA-5 (BM2p+ mod.) > [(coax > D7) and (optical > JB3 @ 44.1 khz)].

Source Note:  The original recording suffers an unidentified problem with pops/cracks over -6dB.  The errors have been scrubbed by dpaulku and the "cleaned" version is represented here and will be the "document of record" for this source.
Recorded by Dean Lambrecht
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- One Set -
01.  [23:58] - Open Improv > Improv [@4:12] > Improv [@5:09] > Improv [@9:14] > Improv [@13:49] > Open Improv [@19:22] > Intro to [@21:47] >
02.  [19:48] - Hanuman > Drum Solo [@15:15] >
03.  [10:08] - Miles Behind# >
04.  [16:22] - What'd I Say# > Intro to# [@15:52] >
01.  [09:39] - Exploration# >
02.  [11:41] - Exploration (breakdown)# >
03.  [07:36] - Night Marchers#
04.  [01:29] - 'Crowd'
- Encore -
05.  [10:35] - New New Orleans

# with special guest Trey Anastasio

Thank you for auditing this recording.  Please contribute financially to Medeski Martin & Wood and the 10KLF as best you can by purchasing their official recordings and attending one of the best festivals you'll ever find:

Please DO NOT sell this recording.
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a3ee9ff353ff4d7f11e667049d521306 [shntool] MMW2006-07-22MBHOd1t01.flac
2b8362d343577a311c19dc7b35a2429b [shntool] MMW2006-07-22MBHOd1t02.flac
933a8efd2daa6dc3c4eace96faa75750 [shntool] MMW2006-07-22MBHOd1t03.flac
de7ecdcde2b2189564abddec7ca798ee [shntool] MMW2006-07-22MBHOd1t04.flac
62bcdecb6e59bb1fac87b40829039564 [shntool] MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t01.flac
41e6d99dd7654ed5731b7ed52799fb80 [shntool] MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t02.flac
d81130f9307f9aebb90e23a2ede3b058 [shntool] MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t03.flac
37060588fe45df806ec6b0a63ef1f1ec [shntool] MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t04.flac
7e985b1233cd410f2dc7b0b7cf8ac330 [shntool] MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t05.flac
97e410ad1be3aea69880ba2af6990f30 *MMW2006-07-22MBHOd1t01.flac
8256b6e334011387de425949bc3c4573 *MMW2006-07-22MBHOd1t02.flac
b9a2e424b7e36c43eeddac05f789f784 *MMW2006-07-22MBHOd1t03.flac
5da864b7a51e8fea0cd25370a80f8e2e *MMW2006-07-22MBHOd1t04.flac
6b6ce31a9e633b595a331a3fd613a229 *MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t01.flac
757709801ae487cad2fbac811544e9f3 *MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t02.flac
c4673331ebe64be1c83a742f83d07945 *MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t03.flac
8707a0ffca1ca8a4c0563e851c80feef *MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t04.flac
8cdef26ba86ca84108300c5b1598c867 *MMW2006-07-22MBHOd2t05.flac

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flac16; Source: OTS,... (4) flac24; Source: OTS,... (4)
Date User Comment
09/01/2006 mgoldey 7/22 is the correct date of this show. The .txt file is misdated.
09/01/2006 shackaholic Thanks. I've corrected the text file.
05/05/2007 duggy Added tracking/numbering for this source to the setlist above. And also these updates:
- changed temporary name "Bass Slide & Drone" to Hanuman
- changed Improv just before What'd I Say to actual name Miles Behind
05/19/2012 duggy Minor maintenance to setlist (updates, segues, typos, track times, etc.)

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