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Phish 02/05/93
Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5-sbefix , shn-md5-original , st5-original
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary FOB Scheops CMC5/mk4; DA-20 > Delta Dio 2496 > Soundforge 4.5 (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > SHN; DAT provided by Ben Mohr; Transferred by Brandon Johnston; 
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Roseland Ballroom
New York, NY

Source: FOB Scheops CMC54
Transfer: DA-20 > Delta Dio 2496 > Soundforge 4.5 (48>44.1 resampling on highest accuracy setting)>> CDWAV > SHN

DAT provided by Ben Mohr
Transferred by Brandon Johnston

Disc I:
Set I:
2.Guelah Papyrus
4.Split Open and Melt
6.Punch You in the Eye
7.I Didn't Know
8.Poor Heart
10.David Bowie

Disc II:
Set II:
1.The Curtain
3.The Horse->
4.Silent in the Morning
5.Paul and Silas
6.It's Ice
7.You Enjoy Myself

Disc III:
1.HYHU-> Love You-> HYHU
2.The Squirming Coil
3.Tweezer Reprise
4.crowd noise
5.E: Amazing Grace
6.Loving Cup

Note: Sparkle is omitted from most setlists but it is included above.

Sector Boundry Errors fixed by Mike Danifo (12-12-03)
Show Checksums
ca46cefdfb383a78c65386c420fdd823 *ph93-02-05s1t01.shn
57e090bbc771edf5e474d13cebdef534 *ph93-02-05s1t02.shn
0339dc8d82015d5bcaea4e7fd5e72005 *ph93-02-05s1t03.shn
f146832c08e8001cf6c003bc654bd10e *ph93-02-05s1t04.shn
0d40643f8a88ea04efc036e38f9d5165 *ph93-02-05s1t05.shn
08ce78a9743545d3feb65fe22f98c607 *ph93-02-05s1t06.shn
be784565e27f258987a97af46a41f225 *ph93-02-05s1t07.shn
120480de6232af867252cb8a45095ba0 *ph93-02-05s1t08.shn
43d12e63c652a2f6ff3a25a55e526fc2 *ph93-02-05s1t09.shn
2408cab68a29fbebacc4fc7e2b0fe650 *ph93-02-05s1t10-fixed.shn
0283cbe1932017811b7b589459287aa3 *ph93-02-05s2t01-fixed.shn
48a01ebf856d9cb931b010a789cffe7f *ph93-02-05s2t02-fixed.shn
921d4719121f8a28d88504af5f9a97cd *ph93-02-05s2t03-fixed.shn
99e6071ad5d7c9b0c9531bdec14b6489 *ph93-02-05s2t04-fixed.shn
6726a387ad80831914cd0bfc024a41cb *ph93-02-05s2t05-fixed.shn
c6d538755d4fa4830df91b957393a9da *ph93-02-05s2t06-fixed.shn
58fbd84aabcaf8d1a0cde1160be20b60 *ph93-02-05s2t07-fixed.shn
4ba8205aeacf22f11416f7ce24d51d85 *ph93-02-05s2t08-fixed.shn
7b9bc3dc7fd4471a4fba01befd961cb7 *ph93-02-05s2t09-fixed.shn
147f15b3a5b331d707476b7096ab7111 *ph93-02-05s2t10-fixed.shn
502ea830f6462a4a045d44a38f4900bc *ph93-02-05s2t11-fixed.shn
3b6c7a1b0c2ff2127d44619f1a81f86f *ph93-02-05s2t12-fixed.shn
f0ae28bbfe105753460b386f90e663f9 *ph93-02-05s2t13-fixed.shn
379ced8fcab32774930af021fc868e79 *ph93-02-05s1t10.shn
57e090bbc771edf5e474d13cebdef534 *ph93-02-05s1t02.shn
0339dc8d82015d5bcaea4e7fd5e72005 *ph93-02-05s1t03.shn
f146832c08e8001cf6c003bc654bd10e *ph93-02-05s1t04.shn
0d40643f8a88ea04efc036e38f9d5165 *ph93-02-05s1t05.shn
08ce78a9743545d3feb65fe22f98c607 *ph93-02-05s1t06.shn
be784565e27f258987a97af46a41f225 *ph93-02-05s1t07.shn
120480de6232af867252cb8a45095ba0 *ph93-02-05s1t08.shn
43d12e63c652a2f6ff3a25a55e526fc2 *ph93-02-05s1t09.shn
ca46cefdfb383a78c65386c420fdd823 *ph93-02-05s1t01.shn
7ca74f258684d0dd0fd69968bcff6ae5 *ph93-02-05s2t07.shn
0a5b4b64d59d609bde25a37013a458ec *ph93-02-05s2t02.shn
9317169f7c64ae213f07e88dc0ef869c *ph93-02-05s2t03.shn
dcddc707eea346aece93c1590f81544c *ph93-02-05s2t04.shn
e79ad72cd0edcb08a3798c3d5184ac38 *ph93-02-05s2t05.shn
04a206d680a2f24435b09b6914315156 *ph93-02-05s2t06.shn
f051ab4269eae120aa7f29d35966946a *ph93-02-05s2t01.shn
057bfc1b340f7f11166d449c96cdba7b *ph93-02-05s2t13.shn
537e2e66249d6bf5cfda83181e13c58d *ph93-02-05s2t09.shn
42f714168da7614f41c7f1d1bede4407 *ph93-02-05s2t10.shn
1c0eeb7d176a3190312cd6736d5bf6d8 *ph93-02-05s2t11.shn
a91240188abef5ab0bd4428d14c4729f *ph93-02-05s2t12.shn
43477bc455cbbdbafbec418ca579e94b *ph93-02-05s2t08.shn
4a80e9d8d4881f47bc667fa0380ba8ef [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t01.shn
42d10883d78808e6e2535ecae02e4ef0 [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t02.shn
c69db9f60154de3e5e0ed7a81c44e3b0 [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t03.shn
0ede4cd24f64246a9582f32770d4301f [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t04.shn
f6eca494cb4865e9a99de826d98b07f2 [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t05.shn
acc7bc7f94bc1b282cead99c0554e85d [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t06.shn
035523e159e2699e2406f858b69ffe8b [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t07.shn
632686ad21b317c4173351535b7116be [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t08.shn
495871b734f891c8e6d7bbf1c21f8f95 [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t09.shn
ea0acffc2e1d87636fa08379efbbeeb6 [shntool] ph93-02-05s1t10.shn
187e4663be177343da778f7097ceb96f [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t01.shn
b1ad808a239789d1ad46a65694420191 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t02.shn
c103f206e356e550912744d919c8bc37 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t03.shn
05058166e7145ca5ff1c608b661d63a1 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t04.shn
4538ec8abf5d8cf918782346d78f0fc1 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t05.shn
ab21e23639758dd69794bdae3e8f5092 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t06.shn
e306c9ef3eb64b0c3ca0719960754b48 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t07.shn
69d67017be07eaee44f90df56260e384 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t08.shn
7db7862bc35980dcfd8734bba4fb26a2 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t09.shn
1b323f8573fdad8d71a30c0216194c15 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t10.shn
356cab3be7dba07a4c9a8424594a3eda [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t11.shn
2d79bd121f394fd55330c527e78cdc47 [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t12.shn
bfaf5377d4cc5033afd341f8eb8c68ed [shntool] ph93-02-05s2t13.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
(FOB) Schoeps mk4 > kc5 >... (0)
Date User Comment
03/17/2002 Mark Domyancich All SHNs and md5s are named incorrectly - instead of naming them ph93-02-05d1... they are labeled ph93-02-05s1... . Also the SHNs on the third disc are labeled as s(d)2t8 thru 13. So you'll need to rename the SHNs correctly and update the md5s to reflect that. As for the third disc just name them d3t whatever. Won't be difficult but it shouldn't have happened in the first place.
03/29/2002 Brandon Johnston I always name my tracks using the position of the song in the set rather than the disc. I have them organized in folders by disc. That way you can immediately see how the set is chopped up by disc. I don't really see the benefit of renaming them sorting them by disc rather then 'someone' said that is how it should be done. It's really not that different then how I'm doing it here. There are many examples of shns that are much farther away from this 'standard' then these are.
03/29/2002 Lucas Before anyone gets too caught up in naming conventions, let's not forget that Brandon took the time to convert the DAT to SHN. Even though I don't have these SHNs, thanks all the same for making them available (regardless of the naming used).
07/27/2016 kipmat Remarkably good AUD for a non-MSG NYC show, thank you Ben and Brandon!