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Grateful Dead 11/17/78
Rambler Room, Loyola College, Chicago, IL
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bob weir band
rambler room
centennial forum, loyola u.,chicago il
sbd > ?? > shn

1.whinin boy blues*
2.tom dooley
3.this time forever
4.deep elm#
5.kc moan
6.heavens door
7.big boy pete
9.dark hollow
10.oh boy

*jerry sits in whole show
#mickey sits in rest of show

the band:
bob weir-guitar, vocals
bobby cochran-guitar , vocals
rich carlos-bass
john maucer-drums
Show Checksums
9e65a1af5a51aa2bc3e86739208f052a *BobWeirBand11-17-78t01.shn
eacbec6d19452552e247c677373e3991 *BobWeirBand11-17-78t02.shn
4731d0f5afb637842bbe4e0ee92c1b40 *BobWeirBand11-17-78t03.shn
fb1a16b2243f298f6bd618dcd23c31b8 *BobWeirBand11-17-78t04.shn
af8586aca9996422b53a00bbeeb41be4 *BobWeirBand11-17-78t05.shn
81dc5009abade1bdf02aa8897e8304ae *BobWeirBand11-17-78t06.shn
840a023d6590ec43050aa88c32425b09 *BobWeirBand11-17-78t07.shn
d96dda6c4e5dc101c099633da4f7e32f *BobWeirBand11-17-78t08.shn
bd5d7358e98a02eb12835b5269727ad7 *BobWeirBand11-17-78t09.shn
12226959c6efc1c2f553738115331bc4 *BobWeirBand11-17-78t10.shn
ffd8961059ec5024f46979e1421f6fed [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t01.shn
c04c5eee228cfc6487b57f130b3b94a9 [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t02.shn
6ebbd0444a68afab48eaaf08b2a404ce [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t03.shn
0708d0ee55c62dab14b804e4f5cf0ce6 [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t04.shn
139ec45ffedd62567ab868b21203502d [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t05.shn
3bb221f5ccaff98d0a6b0e902afe3ab8 [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t06.shn
0617099294cc6ffb4e15fe1001dd6b23 [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t07.shn
74c33256cd644294ced231c83e099df6 [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t08.shn
e08090fde83e5108ea25c4dbf0530053 [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t09.shn
9fd487457da474b8ca405be4458a9a72 [shntool] BobWeirBand11-17-78t10.shn

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Date User Comment
05/08/2003 Chuck Frolio I believe the musicians listed here are incorrect. According to Deadbase, this was Wier, Garcia, Lesh and Hart.
05/16/2003 dms after a close listen, the lineup listed in the text file above is most definitely correct.
05/16/2003 Jim Van Houten Chuck is correct
05/17/2003 dms I stand corrected. After closer investigation, Rich Carlos left the Bob Weir Band prior to 11/1978.
02/19/2008 charlie miller This is the grateful dead without keith and donna. the info file is very wrong.