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Grateful Dead 01/17/79
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT
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Source # 77208 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary flac16; SBD: MC > EQ > CDR > EAC > SHN > > FLAC patched w/ shn id 1220;; upgrade now in circulation.  
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Grateful Dead
January 17, 1979
Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT

SBD: MC > EQ > CDR > EAC > SHN > patched w/ SHN ID # 12200 > FLAC

Disc 1 (Set One)

1. Bobby Welcomes Jerry back
2. Shakedown
3. Me & My Uncle >
4. Big River
5. Peggy-O
7. Stagger Lee
8. Minglewood
9. B.E. Women
10. Heart Of Me
11. Miracle

Disc 2 (Set Two)

1. Scarlet>
2. Fire
3. Estimated>
4. Eyes >
5. Drums >
6. Space >

Disc 3 (Set Two Cont.)
1. NFA
2. Black Peter >
3. Around >
4. Good Lovin
5. Casey Jones

The Story of This Soundboard:

This SBD comes from Vince Perrotti who gave it to Peter Hedeman with following notes:  "This was my 18th birthday and a friend of mine was allowed to patch in. He gave me the boards on the 18th. It was a great show, especially for those of us who made the trip up on 11.25.78 when Jerry fell ill."  Vince also mentioned that "I noticed as time went by that no one had these boards.  I know January '79 boards are rare and I caught 8 shows that month and they were all smoking."  So, thanks, Vince!  


I have no idea what EQ was done to the master cassette source.

The beginning of Shakedown Street is marred by soundboard glitches and adjustments.  At about 45 seconds, it finally gave out until 1:25 or so.  The 0:40 gap was patched with Source # 12200.  Another gap of about 1.8 seconds a 10:33 was patched with the same source.

A tape flip 9:16 into Eyes of the World was also patched with about 20 seconds of Source #12200, and the audience provides the last minute or two of NFA through the end of the show.  Several other glitches were smoothed over, adjusted, repaired or finegaled.  You won't notice them.

The audience is just a hair slower than the SBD.  I didn't alter the tempo of either recording, however.  The difference is really not noticeable when strung together this way, although the patch in Eyes is not great, but that's really because the cassette tape wasn't moving steadily yet.

The checksums for the tracks on disc 3 do not match those for Source # 12200.  Patching track by track introduces SBE's, you know?


--mhg :: 09/05/06
Show Checksums
2ecc43ecc6b3ed67b4596cf9b74c4348 *gd1979-01-17d1t01.flac
1370b97417603f716de3d9cb09b08b37 *gd1979-01-17d1t02.flac
9e436040cd84f92e28d7337c9f21732a *gd1979-01-17d1t03.flac
de488e3c78ccb9ca7d372eeb30f703df *gd1979-01-17d1t04.flac
aebee6be11563abfd6d966679e9b5f7e *gd1979-01-17d1t05.flac
ecc67c2bc1d9254005bbdafdacef3014 *gd1979-01-17d1t06.flac
380a396f96977446bbc96dae8c1b3ec3 *gd1979-01-17d1t07.flac
c72f048e537f6d7229bc9bf58d08947a *gd1979-01-17d1t08.flac
f0c2fed940ec4a28da2b67fb25c49bb1 *gd1979-01-17d1t09.flac
9c60209b05b63a3f0e14c7bc855a47d1 *gd1979-01-17d1t10.flac
fa305d127d10f61f8389965c3287ff40 *gd1979-01-17d1t11.flac
00329634827bdc082be33e70e30bb277 *gd1979-01-17d2t01.flac
c1f14d3c3e430b5be597eb9a51dbbee0 *gd1979-01-17d2t02.flac
1e83d2c6292983c99e4e93e5045e64ac *gd1979-01-17d2t03.flac
2345440fd84f2c4a9bf729bb6dadeaa0 *gd1979-01-17d2t04.flac
77926f3d254013f549a24bd142e58990 *gd1979-01-17d2t05.flac
b7277326ca90241841247aece52e7f45 *gd1979-01-17d2t06.flac
b5cf2bfec0288582bee2beb48faaeafb *gd1979-01-17d3t01.flac
ba2807606741c736c4b21ca37381c794 *gd1979-01-17d3t02.flac
da0fad29251bf28df139f6f1c8a1fbc4 *gd1979-01-17d3t03.flac
f4efab8c2c286ddd4b24d405d0f09f9b *gd1979-01-17d3t04.flac
911c4a016e7365664df33e5d0d028b26 *gd1979-01-17d3t05.flac

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Date User Comment
09/06/2006 skbarchives Is there any chance of getting this without the EQ'ing??
12/09/2006 charlie miller This is actually a 3rd gen sbd. Read Vince's comments from LMA:

Reviewer: Vince325 - 5 out of 5 stars - May 1, 2005
Subject: Happy Birthday

When Jerry's illness cancelled this show in Nov 78, I couldn't believe the make up date. It was my 18th Birthday! What a fuckin asskickin show! Wanted Scarlet-Fire all the way up to New Haven and sure enough, got one! Every minute of this show was a great time. Maybe turning 18 at a Dead show makes it just a little "better"! I have 3rd Gen Boards of this show and would love to upload. They are a few glitches, but it's a solid recording. I got it as a gift about 2 weeks after the show.
09/25/2007 cool_breeze Disc two contains two versions of EOTW and no Drumz track. Since the second EOTW (d2t05) is twenty seconds longer than the first (d2t04), I assume the second EOTW is the patched version mentioned in the text file. In any event, Drumz is nowhere to be found -- Space follows the second EOTW.

For those of you keeping score at home, disc two is actually tracked like this:

d2t01 Scarlet Begonias >
d2t02 Fire On The Mountain
d2t03 Estimated Prophet >
d2t04 Eyes Of The World (original?)
d2t05 Eyes Of The World (patched?)
d2t06 Space >