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Radiohead 06/30/01
Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA
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Source Summary in ear monitor 
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Santa Barbara County Bowl
Santa Barabara, CA
June 30, 2001

source : in ear monitor
taper  : benchboy
transfer : markp

Disc One:
01 Preparation (Quiet Before The Storm)
02 The National Anthem
03 Airbag
04 Morning Bell
05 Karma Police
06 Packt Like Sardines in a Crush Tin Box
07 Bulletproof
08 Talk Show Host
09 Climbing Up The Walls
10 No Surprises
11 Dollars & Cents
12 Street Spirit
13 I Might Be Wrong
14 Pyramid Song

Disc Two:
01 Paranoid Andriod
02 Idioteque
03 Everything In Its Right Place
04 crowd
05 True Love Waits
06 Lucky
07 Pearly
08 You & Whose Army?
09 How to Disapear Completely
10 Goodnight & crowd
Encore 2:
11 Cinnamon Girl
12 Fake Plastic Trees
13 crowd
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D2 Track05.flac:c7e0773aff1464b96f370f2300214ac4
D2 Track06.flac:95cc65ee9f731750e4585936a04e10a6
D2 Track07.flac:e14624ac56fd0adda04a95622655355c
D2 Track08.flac:bdf8a9b5cb221ebcab2e91b146c43811
D2 Track09.flac:3cc51e9d9261e91c2c6b60e1172ab045
D2 Track10.flac:97cf3268b55d4d4b14bec75c80e11c3b
D2 Track11.flac:7e0fad31025a722be270ab01959b90b5
D2 Track12.flac:a6040047c89781916c88463af378f1ab
D2 Track13.flac:f2e1d145e742e97db3522be4cc8d6c54
D1 Track02.flac:7999dc00bef7ba919f87bf884fc46cb4
D1 Track03.flac:6c0dea87c0ff5b47c2ee2734b505129e
D1 Track04.flac:6d4d2ade7f8d09c189584efd269c4360
D1 Track05.flac:8c061444c061ec9b9289acce19286f2c
D1 Track06.flac:4f21a2bb7fe622b783a0688e1a3be82f
D1 Track07.flac:df7254be2e0c77dcfcdc2f5a201178f9
D1 Track08.flac:ea6fa412f57905aa3efb83b7dc85a3b5
D1 Track09.flac:d0d7f87d709944591b929d38f1a79489
D1 Track10.flac:c554cfc3fefbf93c97cee86a350c5d66
D1 Track11.flac:3fa31500700ac850e207256245ebf9ab
D1 Track12.flac:cef0932a96d9828f56882a48fd852b37
D1 Track13.flac:9dda4b058440a794802d65b5645ef2a8
D1 Track14.flac:94d417dbb44f85bb7d75da8a4d91778c
D2 Track01.flac:f4eceaf9d050a8b5afc97ba2a506da9d
D2 Track02.flac:5ec6a40ddd42c192b4f23d2cb46fa2d5
D2 Track03.flac:7f378b02a70b134eb44b7eb249f5b361
D2 Track04.flac:95a8660cbf568ef99b79fe492c269e5e
D1 Track01.flac:d84bba05c613dc4cf7eb340ba321f8b5

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