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Radiohead 06/26/06
Embarcadero Marina Park South, San Diego, CA
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Source Summary >Sony D-8 DAT recorder (44.1kHz) >Core Sound HEB (4060) >S/PDIF opical IN (PC) >Cool Edit Pro >CDWAVE >FLAC 
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Artist: Radiohead
Date: June 26th, 2006
Location: Bayside, San Diego
Taper: JB
e-mail: [email protected]
DC++ screenname: radiohead8989
date of seeding: August 13th, 2006
Source Info: >Sony D-8 DAT recorder (44.1kHz)
>Core Sound HEB (4060)
>S/PDIF opical IN (PC)
>Cool Edit Pro
additional info: Recorded From The Front On The Right Side Directly In Front Of The PA
running time: 1h:54m:33s
Setlist: 01 Intro
02 There There
03 2+2=5
04 15 Step
05 Morning Bell
06 Kid A
07 Arpeggi
08 Videotape
09 National Anthem
10 Nude
11 Down Is The New Up
12 Paranoid Android
13 All I Need
14 The Gloaming
15 You & Whose Army
16 Idioteque
17 Bangers n Mash
18 How To Disappear

19 House Of Cards
20 Street Spirit
21 Just
22 Everything In It's Right Place

23 Four Minute Warning
24 Lucky
I had a very hard time getting this show off the tape.  I had to fast forward and rewind over and over to finally get it off the tape little by little.  I think this is 100% error free.  Please let me know if you find any errors.
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F23BFFB616F8B88B6994BBBF30EF3F93 *01-Intro.flac
13485C265FA3AE7AF84C62C2A6B3668C *02-ThereThere.flac
234CF9A7D4397EAFDD073D5B53CDBC63 *03-2+2=5.flac
2B2BC3B17548580BFB012A8A0F5169B0 *04-15Step.flac
DFF6E9930152FF20A14EC853F6A06B1A *05-MorningBell.flac
0EE37E2A9FFEAB8F33B11853340E57C3 *06-KidA.flac
D24560E7B875C038AC8BF749EEC503EB *07-Arpeggi.flac
5BE6FBDE25AB0C77EB3DEF0401472E1B *08-Videotape.flac
89F80FC031D8059A0233BB73F3222585 *09-NationalAnthem.flac
80B2FBF91E9C42405611073BF6B96B2B *10-Nude.flac
87C29F4E2919425A4683EBEB688B3FA7 *11-DownIsTheNewUp.flac
D325428DBFE702411B8F29F327FD2F12 *12-Paranoid Android.flac
DF03DB90180DB5BA1265E9B86B90C180 *13-AllINeed.flac
C69EDA3477FA665F29DEC119FCB5CA33 *14-TheGloaming.flac
4216F48695BD1FB89239EB963640965A *15-You&WhoseArmy.flac
6E447A1D745187123FF7E7C4CD3C7EEB *16-Idioteque.flac
3F283A53A00ECBFD3E3BB81CEA3CE935 *17-BangernMash.flac
290685CC0A59A2F5D68BA292C75A7090 *18-HowToDisappear.flac
10A984EF6F30E8BEE383BC4ED4039640 *19-HouseOfCards.flac
2E9FA6ED40E84BD5FB1852C0843015FB *20-StreetSpirit.flac
894674BF79092827FE5230518FB003CF *21-Just.flac
FE128776632D51B7E59C8EA32D828880 *22-EIIRP.flac
3E409E7AB732F9BBE2D33C424625D948 *23-4MinuteWarning.flac
4728F84C016684CF8B3F26F5E99FDBD4 *24-Lucky.flac

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