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Grateful Dead 06/27/69
Veterans Auditorium, Santa Rosa, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5 , orig-a6184-shn-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary SBD Reel > ? > cassette (Latvala) > CDR, transfer by David Finney; see info file for flaw notes 
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Grateful Dead
Veterans Auditorium
Santa Rosa, CA

SBD Reel > ? > cassette (Latvala) > CDR

Disc 1 - 29:12
Mama Tried
High Time
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Me and My Uncle
Casey Jones
Ode to a Hard Core Taper

Disc 2 - 63:20
Dire Wolf
Sittin' On Top Of The World
Big Boss Man
Dark Star >
St. Stephen/The Eleven
Green, Green Grass of Home
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

"From Good Ole San Francisco, the Good Ole Grateful Dead". This is a very
interesting tape, recorded as the band was moving from the Live/Dead sound
to the Workingman's Dead sound. Note the C&W twang in Bob Weir's voice and
the alternative arrangements in some familiar songs. According to Deadlists,
Jerry plays pedal steel guitar on "Slewfoot" , on "Dire Wolf" (Weir on
vocals!) and on "Green Grass". Deadlists also shows "The Eleven", but I've
also seen this called "William Tell Jam". In any case, I didn't separate it
out from "St. Stephen" with a track marker.

I digitized this from a cassette which, as represented to me, was made by
Dick Latvala.

Apparently, the original recording of "Slewfoot" had the levels set too high
for the first several seconds of the song. On the cassette, this portion
didn't appear to be saturated, but did have higher levels than the rest of
the tape. This portion was captured separately from the rest of the tape,
then spliced together later. This explains the distorted sound at the
beginning even though the average level is the same throughout. The rest of
the song is in pretty good shape, but the subsequent songs sound much

There is some tape noise in "Dire Wolf", which is sung by Bob Weir. "Baby
Blue" has an internal cut, plus it is clipped at the end.

There is plenty of room at the end of disc 1 for filler. I used the
circulating 1-20-68 fragment, but there was insufficient space on this SHN
disc to include it.

"Ode to a Hard Core Taper" is approx. 3 minutes of 'tween song stuff, none
of which is very interesting. It ends with the first few seconds of "Dire
Wolf" to make reconnection easier, if you are so inclined.

[email protected]
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cedabf639cfb70db0fdae433c85ac220 *gd6-27-69d1t01.shn
b55e9add888067c6c6dd595879c841b3 *gd6-27-69d1t02.shn
6f990a4ae9748646f6bcc1194a1238a8 *gd6-27-69d1t03.shn
889b2fa61988d15935acd43776ad6e54 *gd6-27-69d1t04.shn
10b0180d3033b81566bd76a3d101ae3b *gd6-27-69d1t05.shn
10912895d00a8cce704de127f82afe72 *gd6-27-69d1t06.shn
98a4c35ba3281ca7f19508867b5a6f29 *gd6-27-69d1t07.shn
36ef053b3a9b1051af9df25c9f8c2888 *gd6-27-69D2T01.shn
50d96115d68be304622eddd57e06650b *gd6-27-69D2T02.shn
3f8766798f14a53ce442b76866eda549 *gd6-27-69D2T03.shn
dfdf0c2fcc1b90127b14e860500ab2d2 *gd6-27-69D2T04.shn
f870889526b20b4628d3fd3f94e582e6 *gd6-27-69D2T05.shn
91c0a09c47e99c40a1393a8fd0dba79a *gd6-27-69D2T06.shn
67dcf410b01dd71d54911acd05e9b0a2 *gd6-27-69D2T07.shn
2819a2bc243237f8020482990e88f457 [shntool] gd6-27-69d1t01.shn
84d9b110a345c34fabaafdcf31308ae4 [shntool] gd6-27-69d1t02.shn
3951145a8758b9ea5f1d77209690bd72 [shntool] gd6-27-69d1t03.shn
a9e0847a58e1c5258e959b7a91851d85 [shntool] gd6-27-69d1t04.shn
2d46772b00ce5e884732d1feb4d5e482 [shntool] gd6-27-69d1t05.shn
4ad302e79ef2f6830d70fb09b8abd54f [shntool] gd6-27-69d1t06.shn
21e34cf3cb9dfede826b114fe004155b [shntool] gd6-27-69d1t07.shn
27fdf24b77a57967d2a68b549d9604cb [shntool] gd6-27-69D2T01.shn
2952f6eb96e1ae4e87db52aff34a6cf6 [shntool] gd6-27-69D2T02.shn
061d006861120b40febf328fc55822cc [shntool] gd6-27-69D2T03.shn
8422c107be203dca696ecfa8315c0855 [shntool] gd6-27-69D2T04.shn
187ae492cefc973a8f1a202e26e6a9ca [shntool] gd6-27-69D2T05.shn
3279f9368e3ede22646c808c2796c383 [shntool] gd6-27-69D2T06.shn
3c9ef2e9657d41136ed963f736a60aeb [shntool] gd6-27-69D2T07.shn
9847eb80ca5ee985902bf2f965775f36 *gd69-06-27d1t01.shn
a2788442ba4cb92a25827f9d35e4c42c *gd69-06-27d1t02.shn
75cb612ff76acc1774cbcbad9db1af95 *gd69-06-27d1t03.shn
6a5637c1c6552c73936342a05681f0d4 *gd69-06-27d1t04.shn
891bd5df02453d362ac7b2a5172451b4 *gd69-06-27d1t05.shn
62746be8f68baca69f5df8bed8cf8da9 *gd69-06-27d1t06.shn
80155ebf7c702e73eec2d72821479f17 *gd69-06-27d1t07.shn
1d6c54900f110835911c4ee319de4663 *gd69-06-27d2t01.shn
39f5d62af2783f792a49d915c61b43f6 *gd69-06-27d2t02.shn
2d4519e136f0a255287355421eff846e *gd69-06-27d2t03.shn
bd34065fb340d92340dc0430bcabb51d *gd69-06-27d2t04.shn
de978c1628cad2fe89f3d0fa19de175d *gd69-06-27d2t05.shn
91117da9540b228a19587df090f80059 *gd69-06-27d2t06.shn
23d95ef7d73f2c1335c158cde8c4608f *gd69-06-27d2t07.shn

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06/20/2003 wigglysway This is Vintage Dead. A MUST HAVE, imo.