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Drive-By Truckers 09/30/06
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary [16 bit] DPA 4022 > SD 722 (Nick Gregory) 
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Drive By Truckers
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Asheville, NC
September 30, 2006

Taper: Nick Gregory ([email protected])

Source: DPA 4022s -> Sound Devices [email protected]/96

Location: Row K Seats 7-10, 7' high, DFC, ORTF

Conversion: SD722 -> CD Wave (tracking) ->
Wavelab (resampling, dither, joining split tracks)

Disc One
1)  Intro
2)  Zip City
3)  Feb. 14
4)  The Day John Henry Died
5)  Puttin' People on the Moon
6)  Space City
7)  The Living Bubba
8)  Goddamn Lonely Love
9)  Lookout Mountain
10) Marry Me
11) Dead Drunk and Naked ->
12) Guitar Man Upstairs
13) Easy on Yourself
14) Aftermath USA
15) Gravity's Gone
16) Tails Facing Up

Disc Two
1)  Never Gonna Change
2)  18 Wheels of Love
3)  One of These Days
4)  Sinkhole
5)  Moonlight Mile
6)  Let There Be Rock
7)  Decoration Day
8)  Ronnie and Neil
9)  Women Without Whiskey
10) A World of Hurt
11) Buttholeville
12) People Who Died


- A 24/96 copy exists in FLAC format.

compiled 10/1/06

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ed5f546f7ce72f8e6361b8980db22f97 *dbt2006-09-30d01t01.flac
da7ec69041c7cb7fc141919d1d6843e7 *dbt2006-09-30d01t02.flac
122d6da3daaac748b0fef5c21a4745de *dbt2006-09-30d01t03.flac
5eaf1f212c9c40632bfa82fb7a970d57 *dbt2006-09-30d01t04.flac
fc106d1f14eda3d71aefa1e4e07d2f81 *dbt2006-09-30d01t05.flac
355b4a702579323516c52176cb7e2180 *dbt2006-09-30d01t06.flac
0e59f2300bc8a3a4588b75cf1deb0000 *dbt2006-09-30d01t07.flac
585bee9fd149664359d21722dbf07600 *dbt2006-09-30d01t08.flac
ed51025a98013d8b8920cd819c2a7719 *dbt2006-09-30d01t09.flac
122d59578525cf093e100994c264bb9f *dbt2006-09-30d01t10.flac
87412069e3ae8e28753c04dbb45db061 *dbt2006-09-30d01t11.flac
c2abdea33557877995d439aad4c121be *dbt2006-09-30d01t12.flac
fabebdb64072f2d72c0019450a870a93 *dbt2006-09-30d01t13.flac
dfd44c3227b3a17a4f21dda3e8e714fd *dbt2006-09-30d01t14.flac
3495aca235b6742bd8b0a4292439e921 *dbt2006-09-30d01t15.flac
56b7b1635525de7c83fda2c6b77cf283 *dbt2006-09-30d01t16.flac
1a9d26bd0e2e7a661b4d4c1005fad6fd *dbt2006-09-30d02t01.flac
a02bce560b8ed04557c82af99f3f3b2e *dbt2006-09-30d02t02.flac
91c0b4b9c061d62b5bd8567e219a6952 *dbt2006-09-30d02t03.flac
3f25dc7e91fa3b99457572b07629fec0 *dbt2006-09-30d02t04.flac
cb319dd84f9de8c24a22b54e9bc44e13 *dbt2006-09-30d02t05.flac
bc08618ecebaf5b3ac02888dac181850 *dbt2006-09-30d02t06.flac
03803510135e4513a731ee8de7e1439a *dbt2006-09-30d02t07.flac
0cde136e3d2c97574773a4399a977ff2 *dbt2006-09-30d02t08.flac
d438392dbf53f66e7d2b0e0f4001001b *dbt2006-09-30d02t09.flac
8ee06b3e4cf5d32db669680d96411ebe *dbt2006-09-30d02t10.flac
e898ba439d7fcb73851b53d41df01e01 *dbt2006-09-30d02t11.flac
27fd9a863df68b656fbae7226a6daeb0 *dbt2006-09-30d02t12.flac

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