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Grateful Dead 11/23/79
Golden Hall, Community Concourse, San Diego, CA
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Source # 7861 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary SBD:MC>Cas>DAT>CD, patches from 3rd generation reel source 
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Golden Hall, San Diego, CA
SBD:MC>Cas>DAT>CD, patches from 3rd generation reel source

CD 1

1) Alabama Getaway  >
2) The Promised Land
3) They Love Each Other
4) Me & My Uncle  >
5) Big River
6) High Time
7) Minglewood Blues
                        { Beginning of Stagger Lee spliced in from reel }
8) Stagger Lee
9) Easy to Love You
10) Looks Like Rain  >
11) Deal    {  last 30 seconds spliced from Aud tape  }

CD 2

1)The Music Never Stopped  >
                     {Cut in Sugaree spliced in from reel. }
2) Sugaree
3) Estimated Prophet  >
4) Eyes of the World >
5) Drums  >

CD 3
1) Space>
2) Not Fade Away >
3) Black Peter >
4) Good Lovin'
5)  Crowd noise
6) U.S. Blues

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af2ccd7b3eb2a4d5661887fc91feae3a *gd791123-d1t01.shn
22870942c2660eae25850419ef3eff9c *gd791123-d1t02.shn
145fd8320cab7162e1a4eb776a981285 *gd791123-d1t03.shn
13d5afaf975736a2836d23273d4c27f7 *gd791123-d1t04.shn
75dd9f2a4d22f06d60a7ad76b487f08d *gd791123-d1t05.shn
ea3459cff076e4de1d253890c47793bf *gd791123-d1t06.shn
dfbe03f7f46f527273abb87b76f2b00d *gd791123-d1t07.shn
9fbcbe27cd7b45dffb7a6f35a9714bc5 *gd791123-d1t08.shn
c9efb5b954d097111ac2ca4a67ac7484 *gd791123-d1t09.shn
0127f470a1911d39d4a86f25f6d5f563 *gd791123-d1t10.shn
feff3200819af36d3f8ba5f4a9c5bff2 *gd791123-d1t11patched.shn
aa54ffe2223e5e53f866de58e5a3fb58 *gd791123-d2t01.shn
40298f089fbd5431ac1872e602e1ad1c *gd791123-d2t02.shn
d35b7322fa30c963a3dfca838bd23071 *gd791123-d2t03.shn
f5fb192db02bd129e63f248c08730cc1 *gd791123-d2t04.shn
9f2a070c07e55aec93a24022f4a85687 *gd791123-d2t05.shn
b717d302a3996241cd442acf748922c4 *gd791123-d3t01.shn
86c77d39bf0b8689296bc0429693223d *gd791123-d3t02.shn
9a1c430172fe061c21501943f19a5be2 *gd791123-d3t03.shn
25748efd64a12cbbfc895ba0731fda67 *gd791123-d3t04.shn
55c78299dcc598dc50ea96f4e333417a *gd791123-d3t05.shn
d43eabc86c3e17343a13207c3d76ff2f *gd791123-d3t06.shn
906366b937260cbfdb9a057ce37e84c8 [shntool] gd791123-d1t01.shn
382f64859a8ab96de6851ac744da3cec [shntool] gd791123-d1t02.shn
b69303ab890ed02c6f882ce8f923a0fb [shntool] gd791123-d1t03.shn
fc2d3113e1354c2c6b7516aa29998a4f [shntool] gd791123-d1t04.shn
c6b5f9921267f49c6ad3bdc8708c13e4 [shntool] gd791123-d1t05.shn
a1bc5dda03ef5804b73cac65acf4d907 [shntool] gd791123-d1t06.shn
dfecdf9a5846cc1ad34a7e02a9425497 [shntool] gd791123-d1t07.shn
8323fa1aa4c3d22b22581ee6b0d18eca [shntool] gd791123-d1t08.shn
01703f28f41b6a380bd6a65c7a49755b [shntool] gd791123-d1t09.shn
ca40f51977ea093d55ed1734b894d6ec [shntool] gd791123-d1t10.shn
91abf0e7da7b7fdf2c3ece566d858d41 [shntool] gd791123-d1t11patched.shn
070657296bd0980d00da4e9441752c05 [shntool] gd791123-d2t01.shn
4f24286b8d09c9d805a566b60178c61b [shntool] gd791123-d2t02.shn
6c7176cd3344943974256df4c4706619 [shntool] gd791123-d2t03.shn
9978bb922d2bc682bda56a670748f442 [shntool] gd791123-d2t04.shn
259770ca993448de242e4468bcec122a [shntool] gd791123-d2t05.shn
ee0be76e2c9d802b64a098437eb4425a [shntool] gd791123-d3t01.shn
9f8299ac871cf39fd93b99dd4d076ed3 [shntool] gd791123-d3t02.shn
f11a1e25992ca29db414bedb33c327fc [shntool] gd791123-d3t03.shn
cebd2be723d9f475dc73e745d4514d0e [shntool] gd791123-d3t04.shn
f23e298ec50f2d898b05ba327772acce [shntool] gd791123-d3t05.shn
3d11af4891a6d39002ded9065bbc9767 [shntool] gd791123-d3t06.shn

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Date User Comment
08/29/2003 Jools Elliott Just a "FYI".

I received this from David Hollister sometime I think in 2002. As usual David was kind enough to let me spread it around. This was initiallyy sent to Yubah's server and on out to the world!! Jools