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Disco Biscuits 08/08/01
Boom Boom Room, San Francisco, CA
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Source # 7895 Other Sources
Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Schoeps MK4->KC-Y->VMS5U->DA-P1; Transfer: Tascam DA-20 mkII->DIO-2448->Samplitude 5.55->CDWav->MKW; Taped by Marc Federman; Transferred and Encoded by Jon Goldberg 
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The Disco Biscuits
August 8, 2001
The Boom Boom Room - San Francisco, CA
Unannounced show, presented by

Source: Schoeps MK4->KC-Y->VMS5U->DA-P1
Transfer: Tascam DA-20 mkII->DIO-2448->Samplitude 5.55->CDWav->MKW
Taped by Marc Federman  Transferred and Encoded by Jon Goldberg

Disc 1 1x80 (75:51)
Set I
1. 7-11 ->
2. Little Shimmy In A Conga Line# ->
3. Spacebirdmatingcall
4. Spy
5. Floodlights ->
6. 7-11

Disc 2 1x74 (61:32)
Set II
1. Svenghali
2. Banter
3. Astronaut*  
4. Basis For A Day ->
5. Confrontation# ->
6. Basis For A Day

Disc 3 1x74 (31:20)
Set II (con't.)
1. The Tunnel
2. Coat*
3. Bernstein And Chasnoff

* = First time played
# = Inverted version
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65fef91397e60e83ae988b8fa1524a2b *db01-08-08d1t02.shn
594d6f7677f7981f1dd929403be2ddf3 *db01-08-08d1t01.shn
c7c7f1a207d4e49c4bf567f59a152f96 *db01-08-08d1t03.shn
0ae8efdaf192fa55c0f71aeea211e574 *db01-08-08d1t04.shn
fceeca5cde38cc1cc74e060429798ffb *db01-08-08d1t05.shn
424a2e161a9225c76d61743268dc2751 *db01-08-08d1t06.shn
8d4b68048ceafc9ebaa773634a8c8e00 *db01-08-08d2t03.shn
2fde97670548a6547be0905f9b71fad8 *db01-08-08d2t02.shn
a1e78413def9f76296c6abedef8b1909 *db01-08-08d2t01.shn
98be6870529d9732d6cad79310540910 *db01-08-08d2t04.shn
5a9e9426d75e192eebbc81a2ec011e1b *db01-08-08d2t05.shn
1b278c753610227dd0f45b1a645a2728 *db01-08-08d2t06.shn
acedf75bdf571421dc17bfd409ef0439 *db01-08-08d3t02.shn
046ebacd539c7e1b84bc5670b3fdb9ab *db01-08-08d3t01.shn
bada55b8ea97176d9d3aeae226a6f0b1 *db01-08-08d3t03.shn

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