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Medeski Martin & Wood 07/01/06
Warsaw Summer Jazz Days 2006, Warsaw, Poland
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Entered by duggy
Checksums t-flac16-md5 , flac16-ffp , flac16-st5
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Source Summary flac16; Source: AUD > SP CMC-4 cardioids > battery box > Sony MZR-900 > digital transfer to wav > edits by Cool Edit > flac > track marking by CDWAVE; FLAC > FLACFrontend > WAVELAB 4.0 (tracking) > SHNTool (SBEs) > FLACFrontend Level 8; Retracked by dug; via DIME 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Warsaw Summer Jazz Days 2006 - Krolikarnia Park, Warsaw, Poland
July 1/2006 (Saturday)

Lineage: AUD > SP CMC-4 cardioids > battery box > Sony MZR-900 > digital transfer to wav > edits by Cool Edit > flac > track marking by CDWAVE

Tracked by dug 10/4/2006 :
FLAC > FLACFrontend > WAVELAB 4.0 (tracking) > SHNTool (SBEs) > FLACFrontend Level 8

01.  [11:27] - Queen Bee
02.  [05:40] - Cat Creeps >
03.  [03:00] - Open Improv >
04.  [09:23] - Toy Dancing >
05.  [12:47] - What'd I Say > Open Improv/Bass Solo [@11:19] >
06.  [08:06] - Dracula >
07.  [10:44] - New New Orleans
08.  [05:18] - New Planet (cuts)
09.  [06:00] - Shackman
10.  [01:00] - 'Crowd / Billy Speaks'
11.  [07:37] - End Of The World Party
12.  [01:15] - 'Billy Speaks/Crowd'
13.  [05:06] - I Wanna Ride You
14.  [00:52] - 'Billy Speaks/Crowd'

NOTE: For CD burning finish disc #1 with t08 and start disc #2 with t09.


Chris Wood - bass
John Medeski - keyboards
Billy Martin - drums, percussion


ORIGINAL NOTES FROM TAPER (still relevant, except for the tracking note as this version is tracked - dug)

Sound: quite good, typical open-air sound with occasional problems - see below


The recording is presented as two long audio files, the split between them corresponding to the disc change. As I am not familiar with the titles, I determined the track markers according my guesses, but I present the CUE lists as generated by CDWave rather than splitting the files, allowing users to revise the CUE files for themselves (please note that CUE files were generated from FLAC, and not from the WAV files!). Please feel free to upload revised CUE files and the setlist, to make some cool artwork for which you can use my photos and scan.

Timings: 66:24 and 21:50

Some photos made by me and a scan of the program booklet cover are included.

Known problems:

- there was a relatively strong wind during the show, which, unfortunately, caused low-frequency rumplings in the recording. I stood just next to the mixing board which was covered by a tent, providing a partial shield against the wind. Due to this, rumplings were usually present in one channel only. Here I used the "good" channel to replace the "windy" one. This of course ruined the stereo image but this is not a serious problem since there were no big stereo effects. In places where rumplings were present in both channels, I applied a low-cut filter which of course removed some of the bass content of the music itself. These wind-affected parts are typically maximum 10 s long.

- there were occasional short (tenths of a second) drop-outs. I removed them and seemlessly joined the two sections. However, these edits are audible.

- some seconds of music are lost because of disc change

- from time to time, I had to change my place because of people walking, speaking etc. This caused audible changes in the sonic image.

I am aware of the fact that this recording is not up to the standards the equipment would otherwise have allowed. I sincerely apologise for the problems. (In fact, I expected that, considering that MMW is a band with open taping policy, and there are some excellent tapers residing in Warsaw, someone will show up with a good recording. Apparently, the present one is the only one in Dime.) I also noticed the presence a professional camera from TV Polska. I don't know if the whole show was recorded but if so, it would be nice to have it here. :-)

Relevant links:

Recorded, edited and shared on DaD by eref2000. Please share freely, never buy or sell, do not encode to lossy formats, do not alter the sound without the taper's approval.

"Music belongs to everyone" - Kodály Zoltán, Hungarian composer and music pedagogue (1882-1967)

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4da718a856f19c0bb28b00aced170f29 *mmw2006-07-01t01.flac
12a2b987b167051807355cdd1d51c480 *mmw2006-07-01t02.flac
3a887df38d327d280cbf3946c3677217 *mmw2006-07-01t03.flac
35ead9e828b37541f221031b6f88202e *mmw2006-07-01t04.flac
816a69304f2c9941a94b13f5ae5a2187 *mmw2006-07-01t05.flac
40fda59b87db8ac37ecc418df55fbba7 *mmw2006-07-01t06.flac
5a4180452413e7a3c290452124b8c1f6 *mmw2006-07-01t07.flac
f42845a4d8e8d2921909174c29374603 *mmw2006-07-01t08.flac
d4c0f374853076bcca9a53d7b28616f4 *mmw2006-07-01t09.flac
b63c55d397380176391c7c545f8cbfc0 *mmw2006-07-01t10.flac
409679ec10c015b691444e0351ac5b8c *mmw2006-07-01t11.flac
7797baf6d19f6f926f0ef856764350a6 *mmw2006-07-01t12.flac
328965f41362d04378bed23f3ede9b7a *mmw2006-07-01t13.flac
dd19035e2bc1178754e2f3a2b3d43900 *mmw2006-07-01t14.flac
52020dbb8a23f6c440ccd8ea8e9c8aab [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t01.flac
2971b05d33ad08e3fdde813a5a85c619 [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t02.flac
76619a6e8ac28761aa719e0045b32e95 [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t03.flac
c8578103d031d5577ffed832949e58be [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t04.flac
57b70084d10baec2c1738e285baacd25 [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t05.flac
8294f7d42790692ff5474b84fdeac1cc [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t06.flac
452bc3e95f355379991889590364b749 [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t07.flac
2f36f9b216ec5ea942dbc5e18475fd29 [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t08.flac
0e894a2c2702e7b8744552ee4be14771 [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t09.flac
e48d7eb7b2a9b664e4920e4829945c56 [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t10.flac
6c8a5be5c97d07c4e8806d1d92b2c42f [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t11.flac
bfd0baf82867a91b673c66a2840cd26d [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t12.flac
e4987b6943d00c8818db1f751a445be5 [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t13.flac
ef3d15024c67e5f1ec4a5bb6b53a82fa [shntool] mmw2006-07-01t14.flac

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