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Garcia 05/20/84
The Country Club, Reseda, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums ffp , md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary JGB: 2 Nak CM 300s w/CP-1 caps (no guns) > Sony D-5 > DAT > HHB 830 CD Recorder (Stand Alone) > ? > FLAC. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club
May 20 1984

2 Nak CM 300s w/cp-1 caps (no guns) > Sony D-5 > DAT > HHB 830 CD Recorder (Stand Alone) > ? > FLAC.

Disc 1:
Love in the Afternoon
Rhapsody In Red
Run for The Roses

Disc 2:
Mission In The Rain
Harder They Come
Midnight Moonlight
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disc 2 Track01 mission in the rain.flac:2a2ddd4abf8fddc2b81cb0120c846520
disc 2 Track02 harder they come.flac:6ab500e07ad4fcdb977dec875e16cfbd
disc 2 Track03 gomorrah.flac:416bf78ad6efd465cdbafff6cc4ca577
disc 2 Track04 midnight moonlight.flac:f90607d96cf1f6475f13dfab8e923f21
disc1 Track01 sugaree.flac:f43e356d54990be590ec9081d6d8ab3e
disc1 Track02 rhapsody in red.flac:839ad00cd4012216f377e07421e5677c
disc1 Track03 run for the roses.flac:ad9a1cdb1c1aaf6345aa942d19766e3d
disc1 Track04 deal.flac:ddc95e6443b31231e237d6f906f35f46
cef72b59c8b07b796805323e6437a23b *disc 2 Track01 mission in the rain.flac
49555272f35f452ec94c48ffe3ddbfd4 *disc 2 Track02 harder they come.flac
0105b65ee2f1fda4f8a7d3e46df52756 *disc 2 Track03 gomorrah.flac
a3d5bb76d3f54795eeda79187f77378a *disc 2 Track04 midnight moonlight.flac
74477df39043a3e2172aace412ef3686 *disc1 Track01 sugaree.flac
499de1536c8359405ba48617bed9b4d5 *disc1 Track02 rhapsody in red.flac
4c6ee1df8efe709d999fa3820574b1e8 *disc1 Track03 run for the roses.flac
f2e1ee3c90b44c053bce003a351851bf *disc1 Track04 deal.flac

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Date User Comment
11/08/2006 dscott This one circulates with a text file that omits Love In the Afternoon and claims a 25+ minute Sugaree. This is false, and the 26+ minute D1T1 track is actually the first 2 songs. That's what happens when people trade filesets instead of music...
06/17/2009 jermcc The text file now states the Love in the Afternoon, but Sugaree and Love in the Afternoon are still in one track tagged as just Sugaree.

Both songs still smoke =-)