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Phish 11/20/98
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps M222/mk41 > N222 Preamp > HHB; DAT @48kHz > PC via Event Gina S/PDIF > Cool Edit Pro (48>44.1kHz) > CD; checksums added January 2018 from Daniel Pennington. 
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11/20/98 Hampton Coliseum - Hampton, Virginia

Source: Schoeps M222 Tubes + MK41 > N222 Preamp > HHB
DAT 48k> PC via Event Gina S/PDIF > 44.1 via Cool Edit Pro > CD

Disc 1 (Set I part 1)
1.  Rock 'n' Roll Part Two*
2.  Tube ->
3.  Quinn the Eskimo ->
4.  Funky Bitch
5.  Guelah Papyrus
6.  Rift
7.  Meat ->
8.  Stash
9.  Train Song

Disc 2 (Set I part 2)
1.  Possum
2.  Roggae
3.  Driver**
4.  Split Open and Melt

Philler: 7/10/98 (from Set II)
Schoeps CMC6/?? > Oade ?? > [email protected]
5.  Simple ->
6.  Weekapaug Groove

Disc 3 (Set II)
1.  Bathtub Gin^ ->
2.  Piper^^
3.  Axilla ->
4.  Roses are Free
5.  Farmhouse
6.  Hold Your Head Up >
7.  Gettin' Jiggy Wit It^^ >
8.  Hold Your Head Up
9.  Harry Hood >
10. Character Zero
11. Crowd Noise
12. Cavern+ (0:04)

*First time played (Gary Glitter cover); two minutes long; also teased on 12-31-94. **Acoustic. ^With "Rock and Roll" tease (chorus played, not obvious)
^^First time played (Will Smith cover from his album "Big Willie Style"; vocals by Fish, reading from cue cards and leading the crowd in arm waving;
with vacuum solo. +With Carl "Gears" Gerhard on trumpet.

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7d370bd518d14090b418079729cd5492 *ph11-20-98d1t01.shn
3bcf856dd3b8a26ea28b18d3a07155a6 *ph11-20-98d1t02.shn
f3892bc8c480b1c0ba267711152f25aa *ph11-20-98d1t03.shn
709695e87be7d80b80ac61f0cff950ca *ph11-20-98d1t04.shn
9fcb50dcf7de7742f6ae8af5683f8f8a *ph11-20-98d1t05.shn
f8068e90f9921f30749a861a1b9a987c *ph11-20-98d1t06.shn
a62a14d3428b2499ed9f86edac3611bd *ph11-20-98d1t07.shn
42722614692c9dc4e251c1e9f68c35ca *ph11-20-98d1t08.shn
1e83f64d4685744d07f81abef2e73ebe *ph11-20-98d1t09.shn
3347b8d4657dbd9063295f1e53a90cb8 *ph11-20-98d2t01.shn
8d4ef581b16a1c4217a7addd0d14f5f6 *ph11-20-98d2t02.shn
00a858847c56f2d3ed941f23caf3497b *ph11-20-98d2t03.shn
df2a9016b5aa7bda6ace3f0f8c9922e5 *ph11-20-98d2t04.shn
c2d4dfb78837aa365d448d4b7f883ef2 *ph11-20-98d3t01.shn
3127b6506a49cf8872d30a15022dc6e8 *ph11-20-98d3t02.shn
9f45b025bd8558b02cdd984be131ebfb *ph11-20-98d3t03.shn
74130c7f5e8facf87fc6a8e36debc321 *ph11-20-98d3t04.shn
a21d5fc07e7254abdd55436b65d8b4ad *ph11-20-98d3t05.shn
2569411e803761a1b893bf50bc549900 *ph11-20-98d3t06.shn
02fc0b7980c222565da9b0a384cb6510 *ph11-20-98d3t07.shn
1c642ab4fb07e909f5ce911ca651204e *ph11-20-98d3t08.shn
07f00b4789328407d9d9b460ead43853 *ph11-20-98d3t09.shn
dd88cf4cfa3519ac7c794c2edf8f01ae *ph11-20-98d3t10.shn
4c10bc9a03e8db9a7bc467f7b78c6750 *ph11-20-98d3t11.shn
9bb5b9b71c371d8f36b7685a37b7bf25 *ph11-20-98d3t12.shn
28c547695c5f2c33a18e29f51eec7a2a [shntool] ph11-20-98d1t01.shn
104bd427c690a778ff17d36f0391fdc5 [shntool] ph11-20-98d1t02.shn
b8e7e7c501338c0d8a3bd22f0101441b [shntool] ph11-20-98d1t03.shn
bc86f6622210778513935411e3087c69 [shntool] ph11-20-98d1t04.shn
cd00f794d668ec9b726ec857e58cd6e2 [shntool] ph11-20-98d1t05.shn
5571040ed1adcbfa83853eeb843ce7ca [shntool] ph11-20-98d1t06.shn
3c34f858c66e8592c50e76249bc2443a [shntool] ph11-20-98d1t07.shn
8e27a22182fc68953aa4149f9c057e34 [shntool] ph11-20-98d1t08.shn
c7088ab8a8a925440ba5be289872b164 [shntool] ph11-20-98d1t09.shn
af77b08db676934b917846cd896b25e7 [shntool] ph11-20-98d2t01.shn
f4546cff63701350863d8d650b7c913a [shntool] ph11-20-98d2t02.shn
55a2dae9e7be2263d8b5eb841f4a3f7e [shntool] ph11-20-98d2t03.shn
7ca42bcb22e56f8fe9328e0d19422d7c [shntool] ph11-20-98d2t04.shn
73546227376863c354cce1cba039752a [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t01.shn
36c37cdf4184704eceb76a1efb0881e3 [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t02.shn
646fda74e136509b263a1dd1cbabf04e [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t03.shn
47e28e0382bd8ca880917dbcd9d7d593 [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t04.shn
a78dc9faafd6e344a53a3a537db55ca0 [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t05.shn
50c54ca38e891a8a98695ff89a44197f [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t06.shn
74802adeb4cbbe0deaa96f03596154fd [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t07.shn
053f564777ca157ab900d1774a153462 [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t08.shn
df06cbd3a454f01684c7ff3fa2562c85 [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t09.shn
ec89d42fbdb9b5672092a7485ba1c33e [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t10.shn
d08684a188707e557c46ebae42543ec2 [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t11.shn
52db443cb8c22b49fc4438df7cfe30af [shntool] ph11-20-98d3t12.shn

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